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The Goldfinch PDF Summary

There are very few modern books loved by the public and critics alike. The Goldfinch is one of them: it spent over thirty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and still won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in […]

The Hot Zone PDF Summary

A Terrifying True Story Interested in a Dr.-House-like type of medical mystery based on true events? How about if its main protagonist is the Ebola virus? Well, then it’s time to join Richard Preston and the heroes of his story […]

Fear PDF Summary

Trump in the White House More than four decades ago, Bob Woodward, perhaps America’s greatest investigative journalist, almost singlehandedly took down one president. Now, he seems to be back for another. Join us as we take a look with him […]

Just Mercy PDF Summary

A Story of Justice and Redemption In a March 2012 TED Talk, Bryan Stevenson—USA’s Mandela—reminded the world that, instead of believing everything is right with the world, it needed to talk about injustice and start doing something about it.  In […]