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Bigger Leaner Stronger Summary

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The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body

Even though your parents couldn’t care less about them, nowadays, exercising and dieting are multi-billion-dollar industries. 

Whether it’s personal trainers or gym memberships, fitness videos or bodybuilding magazines, weightlifting gears or diet supplements—most of the people you know have probably spent at least a hundred dollars during the last month only.

And probably you are not the exception.

There’s one problem with the market, though. In order to go on making money, the people who sell you stuff that makes them rich are intrinsically motivated not to help you. Because if they do—i.e., if some of their “get fitter” programs actually work—then everybody is just going to stop paying them.

This is what Michael Matthews, the author of Bigger Leaner Stronger (as well as its female version, Thinner Leaner Stronger), noticed early on in his bodybuilding career. “Every time you buy one of the big bodybuilding magazines,” he writes now, “you’re paying to be lied to.”

Bigger Leaner Stronger Summary

How does he know that?

Because he tried everything and, after nothing worked, he tried reading books written by scientists. And he found out something that not many people in the industry would like to share with you.

“The real science of getting into incredible shape is very simple,” Matthews says at the beginning of Bigger Leaner Stronger,much simpler than the fitness industry wants us to believe. It flies in the face of much  stuff we see on TV, Instagram, and YouTube and read in books, articles, and magazines.”

It is this simple science that his books are all about. And we have the best bits from the one that made him a superstar. A Few Don’ts to Kick Things Off Just like in Thinner Leaner Stronger, Michael Matthews starts by sharing some scientific definitions of the most important terms (energy, muscle, tissue, fat, diet…), and busting some myths you probably believe in. As far as Matthews is concerned, getting the perfect body is something achievable (science says so), and something which doesn’t ask from you those many sacrifices or a six-hour-a-day workout regime.

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