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Global Content Marketing Summary

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Global Content Marketing SummaryHow to Create Great Content, Reach More Customers, and Build a Worldwide Marketing Strategy that Works

“Global Content Marketing” will help you understand how you should approach marketing in the digital age.

About Pam Didner

Pam DidnerPam Didner is an expert for global content marketing and a former Global Integrated Marketing Strategist for Intel.

“Global Content Marketing Summary”

You believe that your business offers a product that can appeal to customers all over the world?

That is great news!

Yes, but do you enhance your product’s success with good marketing? And, most importantly, is the content you are trying to market well?

For a business that moves past the local limits, you need a superior product and a solid global content marketing strategy.

That is right, just using the same content marketing which you used up until now will not work.

Why is that?

Well, different markets consist of different people with different backgrounds and interests, which means that culture, religion, values and so on are variables you have to consider.

Nowadays we live in a digital age which we witness changing every part of everyday life.

Smart marketers keep track of the changes and adopt appropriate, matching strategies to the transformation of the environment.

What does that mean in today ’s context?

Today, content is produced on blogs and distributed via social media. So, an advertiser must use this knowledge to create a global marketing strategy, which the contemporary tools allow to be created.

Your audience can be the world.

Just think about it.

Whenever you face a problem, most possibly you first consult google to find the answer.

Various forums and websites provide readers with the solutions they need for different situations. Knowing this, readers use the Internet extensively.

Content marketing is just that: offering customers value as information, and later as goods and services they will make use of.

Of course, you cannot follow a specific form of content marketing that you see other brands follow.

Your approach to it has to match your target audience.

To do that – you have to first research the market, to understand what your customers need, and satisfy those needs.

Remember, market research has to tell you not only what the customers want, but the form in which they want their need satisfied as well.

For the steps of creating a global marketing strategy that resonates with customers, read “Global Content Marketing.”

Key Lessons from “Global Content Marketing”

1.      The Three As for Successful Teaming Up
2.      The Three Cs for Maintaining Healthy Relationships
3.       The Four Ps for Creating Content Marketing that Resonates with Your Customers

The Three As for Successful Teaming Up

    • Align your goals and define what you want to achieve.
    • Assemble your team.
  • Act

The Three Cs for Maintaining Healthy Relationships

    • Collaborate and agree on processes and plans
    • Communicate
  • Compromise when it is necessary

The Four Ps for Creating Content Marketing that Resonates with Your Customers

    • Plan your content strategy
    • Produce content following your strategy
    • Promote your content using various channels
  • Perfect your content strategy by encouraging feedback
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