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Lincoln on Leadership Summary

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Lincoln on Leadership SummaryExecutive Strategies for Tough Times

Lincoln is known to have been a great leader.

There are principles he followed during his lifetime.

Hop in and find out more about that!

Who Should Read “Lincoln on Leadership”? And Why?

Leaders wanting to make themselves even more successful, by following Lincoln’s principles.

Anyone interested in Lincoln, and wanting to read something more about him.

Lovers of a good book.

About Donald T. Phillips

Donald T. PhillipsDonald T. Phillips is an author, who has been in the business world for years. He is also a Lincoln scholar.

“Lincoln on Leadership Summary”

You may not know the other leaders of the States, but we are sure that there is one person everyone knows.

You already guessed, right?

Yes, you are right, we are talking about Lincoln! One of the most important and famous historical figures in the history of the USA.

As he was interested in the ideology of America’s fathers since childhood, he wanted only the best for his people. So that’s exactly what he gave to them. He became one of the best presidents of the States in the history of humanity.

This man of the people never ceased to watch after them in the most difficult of times – the Civil War. He was always there for his nation, helping them to get through the tough period. Especially for the soldiers in the fields.

It was very easy to get in touch with him. Since what Lincoln really wanted was to be close to the people, being the curious man he was.

Lincoln was a decent man with a pure heart. He believed that whatever you do in life, you should do it with good intention, not with not with lies and treachery, because that way you can stand out from the group as an exceptional leader.

He believed in equality and wanted everyone to have a possibility to express themselves. According to him, you are a person before you are anything else, so you don’t have the right to disrespect the others. And people needed to work together so they can grow stronger as a unit – in order to defy mediocrity.

Now check this out!

One of the things he is most famous for is the liberation of the slaves. But that’s not all! Did you know that he also made the States bigger?

He never let anyone influence his decision even though allowed everyone to speak their mind and give their opinions. Besides, Lincoln wasn’t one of those who abandoned their promises. That’s why he never let the South win the war.

Lincoln believed that every rivalry could work out if you have someone to lead you through a conversation.

He was superior in a number of things: knowing that the best people were the ones who never ceased to gain new knowledge, not believing those who were never against him, not minding being pointed at – respecting all individuals.

For him, it was the nation that built the state, not the leader, so he never stopped giving his people credit for everything good that happened to all of them.

He had many talents. One of them was writing. That’s why he never needed anyone to write his statements. When Lincoln addressed the public, he was using the power of body language and his humor to entertain them.

A man who was always prepared, even when he didn’t have a written speech in front of him.

Anyway, his plan wasn’t to become this famous. All he ever wanted was to do everything in his power to make the USA a great place for living for his people. On the way to accomplish his goal, he left a massive mark in the history.

He will always be remembered as the perfect example of how a great president should act.

Key Lessons from “Lincoln on Leadership”

1.      Everyone’s opinion is relevant
2.      Give, and you will receive back
3.      Honesty matters

Everyone’s opinion is relevant

This man teaches you that no matter what your position in the society is, your opinion is important. It doesn’t mean that if you are a leader you are smarter, or you have better ideas than someone who is not. Sometimes some of the best advice may come from the most unexpected person.

This is the reason why he always looked for a public opinion.

Give, and you will receive back

Lincoln was a man that gave everything to his people. He was there when they needed him the most. Nonetheless, he didn’t think just about his nation. He also thought about those poor slaves whose rights were taken away, and he fought against it.

Doing all of this, people recognized the honest man in him and they were there for him too. They worked together for their country’s improvement. If you want to have a great country, you have to be a great leader. Don’t forget that it’s the people that make the leader great.

Honesty matters

In life, it is all about how true you are to yourself. Especially, if you wish to climb that mountain of success, and stay there. Don’t forget that people watch and people remember. They won’t let you fool them if your intentions are not honest.

Actually, at the end, everything is about you. How you would feel if your heart was impure and dishonest.

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“Lincoln on Leadership” Quotes

Perhaps true leadership is uncommon in today’s society because it’s not genuinely understood and has often been misinterpreted. Click To Tweet Why would today’s leaders be interested in Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style and philosophy? Because, by modern standards, Lincoln’s accomplishments would be regarded as no less than a miracle. Click To Tweet Simply spending time together and getting to know one’s subordinates can overcome mountains of personal differences and hard feelings. Click To Tweet He was naturally inquisitive and he learned rapidly, which led him to be extremely innovative. He is, in fact, the only U.S. president to hold a patent. Click To Tweet Lincoln realized that people were a major source of information and that to be a good leader, he had to stay close to them. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“Lincoln on Leadership” is an excellent read, but the author should have dived deeper into the concepts. In addition, it seems like this piece of work portrays Lincoln as a truly impeccable human being who could do no wrong.

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