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Ship of Fools Summary

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Ship of Fools PDF SummaryHow a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution

The US has been experiencing some internal shifts in the past few years that come with a series of legal and practical ramifications.

Regardless of how progressive this may seem on the outside, on the inside, America is crumbling.

Is there a stop to this madness, and when will America put an end to the radical, social engineering programs?

Let’s see what Tucker Carlson has to say about it!

Who Should Read “Ship of Fools”? And Why?

Well, even the name Tucker Carlson for a lot of Americans is self-explanatory. As a host of the noteworthy right-leaning news site in America – Fox News, his words are disturbing for the people on the other side of the fence.

In a free democratic country, where free speech should be celebrated – Tucker feels like censorship and idiotic policies are America’s biggest bottleneck.

A country brimming with opportunities and progression faces its biggest political crisis in recent history. To that extent, we feel that “Ship of Fools” deserves a place on your bookshelf, regardless of your political ideas.

Tucker CarlsonAbout Tucker Carlson

It may sound like a boxing intro, but Tucker Carlson needs no introduction anywhere in modern-day America. He is an American conservative, reporter, host, and author born on May 16th, 1969.

Tucker has written columns for The Weekly Standard, Esquire, The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine, and more.

“Ship of Fools PDF Summary”

In the aftermath of the #MeToo, BLM and other leftist movements, conservative values have been put under severe scrutiny and testing.

It’s a foolish transition that is underpinned by the Democratic Party agenda and the mainstream Press.

Tucker Carlson starts by reminiscing about his life and childhood in the 70s in California where he was surrounded by left-leaning individuals. He recalls that the kids in his classroom smoked weed with their parents, and basically emulated the Hippie movement, which emerged a decade earlier.

Above all else, Tucker puts into the spotlight his first-grade teacher named Mrs. Raymond. He describes her as a hardcore liberal who would arrive late at school wearing Indian print skirts and sandals. Mrs. Raymond was never particularly interested in academia, as she mainly wanted to instill a sense of “righteousness” into the hearts of the students.

One day, she came into the classroom as inflamed as ever and turned off the lights. Tucker alongside the other kids, sat down in darkness and said nothing. After a while, Mrs. Raymond started shedding tears in despair of not being able to subdue the injustice prevailing in the world.

If you take a critical view of the whole situation, you’ll notice that the world is not just, and never shall be. Despite the accuracy of this premise, Conservatives opt to live by this principle of inequity, whilst Democrats make a fuss over everything.

Almost half-a-century later, Tucker faces the same old hypocritical thesis put forward by Democrats and Liberals alike.

Another example of the ill-defined conceptual indoctrination by the Left is the Tech-Boom in the 90s. When Google, Apple, Microsoft soared and scaled their influence, nobody really cared about the people who would eventually lose their jobs due to technology.

The same thing happened with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg knew from the beginning that Facebook is an addictive platform operating through an advanced algorithm that “steals,” stores, and reverses data through social interactions and then sells that information to businesses.

If you question Facebook’s interests in protecting your data, you might think again because Mark Zuckerberg avowed that his mission is to create an open world.

It’s also important to mention that in the 2016 Presidential Election, almost all of the Tech-Giants voiced their support for Hillary and labelled Trump as anti-progressive.

Importation or Deportation? And the Consequences of War

If you are a liberal and if the name Cesar Chavez rings any bells, brace yourself for a big shock. The renowned labor leader and civil rights activist who is regarded as a hero of the pro-immigration and liberal elite never supported illegal resettlement.

At pro-immigration rallies, you’ll often see people shouting the slogan “Yes, we can” that even Obama used in his presidential campaign. Let’s do a quick throwback to get the big picture!

When the Government enacted the Bracero Program in the 60s, according to which Growers were allowed to hire season workers from Mexico, Chavez organized a protest. He even referred to the illegals as “wetbacks.”

They agreed to work for much lower wages and basically this illegal stream of labor embezzled the job opportunities for American-born citizens. The Union, led by Chavez intercepted most of the illegal crossers when the US Administration failed to secure the border, and they often beat them with barb wire, and God knows what else.

Mexican officials knew of the strategy but were paid to keep their mouths shut.

Bill Clinton at one point, during his presidential tenure, even declared that Americans have every right to be concerned about illegal migration. Twenty years later, Hillary Clinton endorsed a radical Democratic shift with regards to illegal migration and demanded mitigating measures.

She contended that the American policy on migration is somewhat racist and that the law-enforcement system can easily deal with the difficulties that may ensue in the aftermath of the open-border policy.

The Democratic rhetoric was met with skepticism even amongst groups that strongly supported the Democrats.

The Conservatives on the other end, implied that If people with a shady background set foot on US soil, it will only incite criminal behavior and threaten the safety of law-abiding citizens.

It was a public backlash that eventually cost Hillary the elections and made Trump the 45th President of the United States.

However, the Democrats believed that a sudden veer in political approach would earn them the votes of the so-called Non-White Americans or minorities. And they were right but at what cost? – It was all just a political bluff that acted as an extended hand of the Democrats.

For ordinary, law-abiding Americans it was crystal clear that neither Republicans or Democrats in Congress care about the territorial integrity of the USA.

They would rather pour money into third-world countries to keep immigrants “away” than acting in favor of the American public. At the height of the problem, Paul Ryan was designated as the Speaker of the House and whose job was to transform President Trump’s words into actions.

He professed his love for Republican ideals and tried to portray himself as a real supporter of Donald Trump’s policies. The reality, however, was quite different. Under George W. Bush, Ryan exerted himself in silencing the pro-immigration flowery language, but behind closed doors, he advocated for open borders.

Since the shaming defeat in Vietnam, the US has been dragged into various conflicts all around the globe, acting as the World’s policeman. Max Boot is Tucker’s first target and promoter of meaningless wars who throughout his career has been described as an expert on foreign policy.

After the 9/11 attacks, the American public awaited a response from the Bush Administration. Boot openly declared war on Afghanistan and then Iraq and called upon American troops to be assertive in their implementation of international law.

He vouched for overthrowing the political regimes in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, and institute a pro-American government in these countries. He also reflected on the possibility of modernizing Saudi Arabia.

In one of his columns, he openly challenges Russia and suggests that the Russian Federation should be expelled from the global financial system, without giving thought to a potential conflict. He even advocated for scaling up the delivery of weapons to Ukrainians.

Those who disagree with his irrational policies were marked as Putin’s puppets or something equally demeaning.  

Many Americans don’t believe that the war in Vietnam had any real purpose and it was basically a proxy war. Whether America held the moral ground or not, remains a mystery and Tucker reflects on that in this book.

Jimmy Carter won the Presidential Elections in 1977, and he quickly became renowned for his antiwar campaign. It was a refreshing start, as he pledged to keep American troops out of the face of trouble.

Carter’s pacifism was tightly linked to his distrust in American military potential as he refused to fight potentially “oppressive” wars that don’t justify the atrocities.

To some degree, his attitude toward foreign intervention remained unclear.

Carter even bragged about America’s democratic and peaceful means as the pillar of modern resolution. As it turns out, the antiwar rhetoric had seen its ups and downs both on the left and right, during and after the Cold-war era.

Liberals were loud in opposing wars, but not all of them. They didn’t want to engage in battles where they couldn’t impose their will, but silently endorsed conflicts which suited their agenda.

As an illustration, liberals lashed out at Nixon’s administration, when US troops received the go-ahead to bomb Cambodia. However, they refrained themselves from any reaction when North Vietnam invaded the South.

They criticized American military presence in Italy but didn’t make any fuss regarding the communist invasion of Eastern Europe.

Throughout history, Liberals struggled to maintain a set of arguments that will serve as a backbone of their political message.

The rise of identity politics

Identity politics is a handy way to transform a modern country into a segregated community. It is designed to help one political establishment paint a picture of how a certain group should respond to given allegations and policies.

It is an organized attack on the white working-class whose standard of living declines with each passing generation. The white-male privilege myth has also been debunked on numerous occasions, but the idea of white heterosexual oppressor remains the favorite rhetoric of the left.

Even though data shows that whites have a significantly higher suicide rate, and attack people from other communities at a lower rate than Blacks or Hispanics.

Nothing stops those who want to portray the working-class family man as a perpetrator of all sorts of crimes and oppressor in its genes.

The left rarely mentions the single-motherhood prevailing in the black community. They almost never reflect on the absence of fathers and the consequences of it.

But ask yourself this – If a country previously segregated should enforce tribalism and identity politics? By all means, that would be like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. A progressive society should deemphasize racial differences and put unity at the very core of social progress.

However, the left mainly wants to know how they can control a certain group and live by those rules. Intolerance, wars, enslavement happened on all four parts of the world, Africans were no better than the rest.

There’s no race in crime and history is anything but pretty. If we want to sum up the identity politics introduced and promoted by the left – we must use one word, dehumanization.

With that being said, the situation is escalating on campus as well. Students are massively brainwashed and indoctrinated to adopt similar beliefs and treat biological facts with suspicion and disgust.

Tucker Carlson notes:

The solution to the crisis is simpler: attend to the population.
Think about what they want.
If they start dying younger or killing themselves in large numbers, figure out why.
Care about them.
If the majority is worried about something, listen. Give them back some of their power.

Key Lessons from “Ship of Fools”

1.      Let logic prevail over emotion
2.      Make your own decisions
3.      Get out of the mob

Let logic prevail over emotion

We often times hear that the left is too busy playing with emotions that they forgot about a simple thing known as – fact.

Refrain yourself from making assumptions and double check everything that is served by the mainstream media.

Make your own decisions

As a sequel to the previous assertion, many people these days just follow the behavior of their social group.

They are easily manipulated and triggered. Try not to become one of them, and fight to preserve your unique perspective.

Get out of the mob

Many philosophers and renowned reformists have always referred to the crowd as an inept decision-making body which doesn’t wield any legitimate power.

In all honesty, many of us, try to blend into a social group without taking into account the consequences of such actions.

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“Ship of Fools Quotes”

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Our Critical Review

Your political and personal views are your business, and you should never allow being manipulated. To that extent, we believe that Tucker lifts the veil on many policies that hamper the growth of certain communities.

The book clearly falls under the “factful” category and gives a realistic overview of the US and its policies.

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