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The Creature from Jekyll Island Summary

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The Creature from Jekyll Island PDFA Second Look at the Federal Reserve

The world is full of secrets. And some people out there are fairly sure that they have encountered upon some of them. G. Edward Griffin is one of them.

And “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” which suggests ulterior motives behind the creation of the Federal Reserve System, is his most widely-accepted conspiracy theory.

About G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward GriffinG. Edward Griffin is an American conspiracy theorist, associated by many with the far-right U.S. conservatives.

He has written several books on topics ranging from cancer and AIDS denial to communist and United Nations conspiracies.

His most famous book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” is currently in its 5th edition.

“The Creature from Jekyll Island PDF Summary”

As far as you know, the Federal Reserve System, i.e., USA’s central banking system, was created few days before the end of 1913.

Its aim was to establish a central regulatory body of the American monetary system, so as to lighten the effects of possible financial crises.

And, in fact, one of them had happened just six years before that; if anything, the Panic of 1907 demonstrated that individuals had far more control on the money flow in U.S. than the state government.

So, the Fed was formed to change that.

But, now, that’s only the official version of the story.

Marketed as “the most important book on world affairs you will ever read,” “The Creature from Jekyll Island” attempts to demonstrate that there’s another side to it.

In other words: that the Federal Reserve is not so much a 1913 alleviator of future financial crises, but a secret 1910 monstrous “creature” devised to fashion them.

Of course, the meeting, held at J. P. Morgan’s private resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia, was attended by the most powerful men and bankers in the world.

Their idea behind the Fed was very simple: to create something which will be able to print money out of thin air and which will allow bankers to come on top every time.

So, they did. And that’s how fiat money was born.

In the opinion of G. Edward Griffin, fiat money is the main problem with the modern economy. Because this is not something which has an intrinsic value.

This is money which a government declares to have a certain value and which can be used to cause inflation.

And, yes – real-life crises, such as the Financial Depression of 1929.

Which was created by the central bankers of the U.S. and Great Britain, but not before an advice or two for the richest investors to sell their shareholdings?

The only solution:

Kill the Federal Reserve!

And fiat money.

Key Lessons from “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

1.      The Federal Reserve Was Created at a Secret Meeting
2.      Economies Crash Because of Fiat Money
3.      The Fed Works for a Socialist Future: An Apology for the Free Market

The Federal Reserve Was Created at a Secret Meeting

The main idea behind “The Creature from Jekyll Island” is a fairly simple one: the Federal Reserve is a serious problem for the wellbeing of the American citizens.

It was created at a secret meeting on Jekyll Island in 1910 by the richest people of that age.

And its only objective is to keep the money away from the normal people and in the richest pockets for all times.

Economies Crash Because of Fiat Money

Economies before 1913 were stable. However, after their control was centralized, financial crises started occurring out of nowhere.

The problem, in Griffin’s opinion, is fiat money, i.e., symbols of exchange which have no intrinsic value.

The Fed Works for a Socialist Future: An Apology for the Free Market

The objective of this is a socialist future. In the worst possible sense.

So, we need to stand up for the free capital market before it’s too late and we lose our freedom! Because, our freedom is already hijacked by the people who control our money.

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“The Creature from Jekyll Island Quotes”

The Federal Reserve is one of the most dangerous creatures ever to stalk our land. Click To Tweet The new business model for America is clearly recognizable. Its dominant feature is the merger of government, real estate and commerce into a single structure, tightly controlled at the top. Click To Tweet The much-heralded demise of communism in the Soviet bloc is a mixture of fact and fantasy. Click To Tweet America’s bloodiest and most devastating war was fought, not over the issue of freedom versus slavery, but because of clashing economic interests. Click To Tweet The Federal Reserve System is merely a cartel with a government façade. Click To Tweet

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