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Category: Politics & Society

The Human Swarm PDF Summary

How Our Societies Arise, Thrive, and Fall Wonder what ants and sperm whales can teach you about the future of the United States? Tropical biologist and ant expert Mark W. Moffett is your guy for questions such as this. The […]

The Moment of Lift PDF Summary

How Empowering Women Changes the World If the subtitle isn’t a giveaway, The Moment of Lift is primarily a book directed at women and policy-makers. Who Should Read “The Moment of Lift”? And Why? Women should read it to understand […]

amusing ourselves to death summary

Amusing Ourselves to Death Summary

Quick Summary: “Amusing Ourselves to Death” explores whether Aldous Huxley’s fictional and dystopian vision of the future described in “Brave New World” hasn’t already turned into the reality of our TV-dominated and image-centered present. Spoiler alert: it has, and reality […]

Licensed to Lie PDF Summary

Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice Justice is blind. Unfortunately – most of the time, it is to the truth. And Sidney Powell uncovers why – because the guys entrusted with it are: Licensed to Lie. Who Should Read […]