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Category: Politics & Society

Biased PDF Summary

Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes What We See, Think, and Do Racism is still a serious problem in the United States – even in the 21st century. The problem, it seems, is the way our human nature evolved.  As […]

Fear PDF Summary

Trump in the White House More than four decades ago, Bob Woodward, perhaps America’s greatest investigative journalist, almost singlehandedly took down one president. Now, he seems to be back for another. Join us as we take a look with him […]

Just Mercy PDF Summary

A Story of Justice and Redemption In a March 2012 TED Talk, Bryan Stevenson—USA’s Mandela—reminded the world that, instead of believing everything is right with the world, it needed to talk about injustice and start doing something about it.  In […]