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The Magic of Believing Summary

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The Magic of Believing SummaryThe Science of Setting Your Goal and Then Reaching It

Underachievers, complainers, and mediocre mindsets have a habit of blaming others for their failures.

This book teaches you that regardless of the circumstances, all the power in the world lies in your hands.

About Claude M. Bristol

Claude M. Bristol was a journalist, author and a motivational adviser who fought in WW1.

He died in 1951 – Portland, Oregon.

“The Magic of Believing Summary”

Claude M. Bristol argues that being successful is a matter of dedication, belief, and character. As evidence, “The Magic of Believing” presents stories from renowned personalities who throughout the history used the same elementary force to achieve their goals.

The unvarnished stories represent the embodiment of real courage, which is also the most crucial asset in being victorious. The only thing separating you from your desired outcome is a blurry line – which illustrates your hesitation and fear.

Your yearnings must be complementary to your eagerness. Being a believer requires more than just writing your goals on a piece of paper. It depends upon something way more profound, such as mentality and mind support.

Subconsciously you can either destroy or motivate yourself. Within there is a strength to endure even the most unbearable suffering. With the aid of several timeless methods, you can test your perseverance to succeed. Don’t feel sorry for yourself; push yourself to the limit and see whether you’ve got what it takes to become a winner.

Our thoughts evidently shape our mental environment. Sometimes the mindset can even distort reality, adjusting it to fit its stigma. Difference between success and failure is best described in preparations. Define your goals, divide them into steps and follow them thoroughly.

Stay focused while you are at it, never lose hope and remain sober.

As we said, there are numerous indications which confirm that knowledge, fame, power, happiness, and success all derive from the same source – the subconscious mind. We are all equal in such regards, using visualization can help you achieve anything, from being invited to a cup of coffee to becoming a millionaire.

Simple rules to follow:

    • External influences must not compromise the beliefs and plan you have for yourself.
    • “Never lose hope” is perhaps the greatest mentality anyone could embrace.
    • Success is merely the end result of having a positive mindset.
    • The power of visualization and repetition are key to success and living the life of your dreams.
    • Take one step at a time, don’t go for the unrealistic, build your path to glory.
  • Enjoy life as it is!

Key Lessons from “The Magic of Believing

1.      Choose the right friends
2.      The mirror-effect can help you succeed
3.      Don’t be stubborn

Choose the right friends

Having a positive group of friends only improves your chances of fulfilling your goals. It’s only natural to avoid contact with self-centered individuals and whiners.

Learn from their behavior, adopt their mindset and enjoy your life.

The mirror-effect can help you succeed

It may seem a little crazy, but what do you have to lose? – Develop a daily routine to stand in front of a mirror – looking yourself directly into the eyes for at least 5 minutes. This is a powerful technique for boosting your self-esteem.

Don’t be stubborn

Many people ignore signs of help and go on their own. Being open to various suggestions speaks about your intelligence and capacity to triumph.

Aspirations and preparations must be integrated for a single purpose – achieving the ultimate success.

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“The Magic of Believing” Quotes

Strange as it may sound, we usually get what we anticipate. Click To Tweet No mind ever receives the truth until it is prepared to receive it. Click To Tweet You are the product of your own thoughts. What you believe yourself to be, you are. Click To Tweet How many times have you heard it said, ‘Just believe you can do it and you can?’ Whatever the task, if begun with the belief that you can do it, it will be done perfectly. Click To Tweet Repetition is the fundamental rhythm of all progress, the cadence of the universe. Click To Tweet

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