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Become a Better You Summary

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Become a Better You Summary7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day

You are God’s child, and you are here for a reason: to be happy and fulfilled.

Learn how to become a better version of yourself by reading our summary of “7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day”.

About Joel Osteen

Joel OsteenJoel Osteen is an author and a pastor of the Lakewood Church in Texas.

“Become a Better You Summary”

You are a miracle.

You can be whoever you want to be, and live the life of your dreams.

The only thing that is keeping you back is yourself and your mind.

When you understand that you are posing your own limits, you can go as high as your dreams go.

While you are chasing your dreams, follow the following seven principles:

  • “Keep Pressing Forward”

Do not become a part of the mediocre crowd. Do not settle for your reality, believing you can do nothing to change and improve it.

Just learn to trust God’s plan for your life.

You are His child, and you are not here on this planet to feel unhappy.

Also, stop letting past mistakes influence your plans and dreams. You have no influence over the past, so accept that and move on to creating a better future for yourself.

Change your mindset and shape your thoughts with positivity. Greet yourself with wonderful words, and bless everything around you.

Accept yourself fully and realize that no one is, or can be perfect.

Resist the negativity that surrounds you, be it other people, or your own thoughts. Stop spending time with people who reinforce the negative beliefs you already have.

Instead, develop better relationships that show trust, respect, and support.

Love. Show love every day.

This takes us to the next point: form habits that support your better lifestyle. Every behavior in life is a result of a habit, so to change your choices, you have first to know why you make them.

After you acknowledge the negative patterns, change them with a better, healthier version.

Remember that you have the power over your life and that your happiness is your choice only.

Choose well.

Key Lessons from “Become a Better You”

1.      The Six Key Lessons to a Better Life
2.      Practice Acceptance
3.      Work on Creating a Healthy Inner Life

The Six Key Lessons to a Better Life

    • “Keep Pressing Forward”
    • “Be Positive Toward Yourself”
    • “Develop Better Relationships”
    • “Form Better Habits”
    • “Embrace the Place Where You Are”
    • “Develop Your Inner Life”
  • “Stay Passionate about Life”

Practice Acceptance

Make peace with the place you are at at the moment and all the traits that you may consider negative about yourself. Acknowledging the “negatives” is the only way you can transform them into “positives.”

Acceptance lowers your resistance and reinforces your trust in God’s plan.

Remember that the plan for your life must be glorious – since you are His child, and you are born out of His love.

Work on Creating a Healthy Inner Life

You are what you believe you are.

So, make sure your beliefs do not keep you back.

Develop your attitude and your thoughts. Stay passionate about your life.

Keep the passion alive even in bad times. You can do this by practicing faith.

Practicing faith does not mean that you only believe that good things are coming, but also planning for them to happen, and allowing them to enter your life.

Be your own best friend.

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“Become a Better You” Quotes

Dream big dreams! Don’t focus on where you are today; keep a positive vision and see yourself accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your destiny. Click To Tweet It’s hard to go around complaining when you are constantly thinking about how good God has been to you. Click To Tweet You are not meant to live a miserable and unfulfilled life. Click To Tweet I believe that we create much of our own unhappiness and frustration by constantly resisting and fighting against situations and circumstances occurring in our lives. Click To Tweet Take the pressure off yourself and start believing that God is in control of your life. Click To Tweet

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