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Color Blind or Color Brave? Summary

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Color Blind or Color Brave? SummaryRacism still exists, and there is no need to stay quiet about it.

About Mellody Hobson

Mellody Hobson is president of Ariel Investments and a regular financial contributor to CBS and ABC news.

“Color Blind or Color Brave? Summary”

Even though we live in an advanced society, it seems that race is still an uncomfortable topic for many people.

However, Mellody Hobson, in her TED talk “Color Blind or Color Brave?” argues the time has time to become “comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation about race.”

Ignoring an issue will never help to solve it. Instead, it can only make the things worse.

We have to be honest with ourselves that racial discrimination is a giant problem, that we can no longer stay quiet about.

Many people believe they are “color blind.”

However, such selective blindness which manifests as a conviction that it is a coincidence being surrounded by people who look the way they do is another way of ignoring the problem.

Real change can only come from confronting the issues head-on and working through the discomfort they cause until ultimately resolving them.

Hence, instead of “color blindness” we need to promote “color braveness,” and engagement in honest and meaningful dialogues about race and racial issues.

Talking openly about discrimination – and solving it, is not only moral, but it also is a competitive advantage.


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