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Das Kapital PDF Summary

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Das Kapital PDF SummaryCritique of Political Economy

They don’t even bother translating the title to make it sound scarier, ha?

Das Kapital” – you have to agree – sounds way more frightening than “Capital,” and “Karl Marx” is a more intimidating author than “Marx and Engels” (the latter sounds as if a corporation, doesn’t it?)

The question is: why should one be afraid of a book?

And, much more importantly, who?

Who Should Read “Das Kapital”? And Why?

Ever since its publication, “Das Kapital” has enjoyed an utterly paradoxical reputation.

On the one hand, there are millions of people who swear by it and consider it more important than “The Bible.” To this group of people, almost every word Marx wrote here is sacred, and his analysis of capitalism isn’t a philosophical, but a scientific one.

In other words, “Das Kapital” states something which is as true as Newton’s laws on gravity, and unless you want to fall down your window experimenting, it’s a good idea that you become familiar with them the easier way.

In this case, Marx’s predictions will inevitably come true, so reading “Das Kapital” is like reading Nostradamus’ “The Prophecies.”

On the other hand, there are probably just as many detractors, who (though usually haven’t read “Das Kapital” or anything Marx ever wrote) point to the fall of communism as real-life evidence that Marx’s philosophy doesn’t work and is inherently flawed.

To this group of people, Marx’s “Das Kapital” had a chance to change the world; and it did – only for the worse.

The much worse.

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