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Delivering Happiness Summary

In ‘Delivering Happiness‘, Tony Hsieh tells the story of his company, Zappos, and demonstrates how long-term thinking and pursuing his passions generate not only profits but also a happy life for its employees, clients and himself. In this book, Tony describes an approach to creating a corporate culture focused on making people around him happy and thereby increasing their happiness.

To build a great company, it is essential to find out what you love to do. This microbook is recommended for anyone interested in conducting a successful business and learning how a company focused on extraordinary customer service, employee happiness, and profitability can coexist. Let’s go?

Discovering What You Love To Do

In both life and business, you will inevitably come up against success and failure. But what matters is finding out the thing for which you are genuinely in love. Understanding your passion is important because it simplifies all the decisions you have to make. That allows you to always have a definite goal in mind.

Delivering Happiness Summary

For example, let’s say you are an entrepreneur who has been offered an excellent opportunity to sell your business. If you know you’re passionate about your business and love the satisfaction it gives you, the decision to decline offers is easy.

A passion for what you do is more important than making lots of money doing things that you hate. That is why, first of all, you must decide if you will meet the challenge of stopping focusing on just the money and start pursuing your passion.

One way to find it is to venture into many different things to see what works. At the very least, these experiments will show you what you do not want to do. The more things you eliminate from your list, the more you will know about yourself and the easier it will be to find your real passion. The closer you get to find it, the less likely you are to go after wrong dreams.

For Tony Hsieh, you should stop worrying about the traditional networking concept. In a sense he uses, networking occurs when you just seek to meet more people pursuing business goals only. However, just meeting people is not enough. You need to grow and diversify your network of genuine friendships and deep relationships, where the relationship itself is win-win for both parties. The more you can diversify your friendships, the more likely it is that you will achieve more prosperity and prosperous business opportunities in the future. That is a long-term challenge. You do not know what the fruit will reap, but the certainty is that they will magically appear in 2 to 3 years. Beware of Speed! Take it easy: Rapid growth can kill your company’s culture if the wrong people come in. Stay with employees who share your dream and seek true happiness, aligned with your business vision.

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