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Everyday Use PDF Summary

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Everyday Use PDFFor today’s summary/lesson, we would like to ask you one very serious and overly complex question. Namely, how do you fight a centuries-long past of brainwashing without loudly rebelling in the present?

Alice Walker asks the same question in her celebrated short story “Everyday Use.”

Who Should Read “Everyday Use”? And Why?

During the past fifty years or so, many governments have tried giving minorities their rights back.

However, as Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” teaches, things are not as simple as “we’re all equal from now on – so let’s act like that.”

Because… what about the past?

What about all those years when we were not so equal and when some suffered so much that their grandchildren still feel the pain as if their own?

You can’t say that it’s fair play if the referees are finally unbiased, when the other team got all the calls for three and a half quarters and is leading by a hundred points!

And it’s even worse – the very game we’re playing is suited only to the qualities of the other team.

You don’t understand what we’re saying?

Read “Everyday Use.”

Or simply – read ahead.

Alice Walker Biography

Alice WalkerAlice Walker is an American novelist and poet, one of the preeminent writers in modern American literature. She is also an outspoken feminist, even coining the term “womanist” to launch a black/colored feminist movement worldwide.

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