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Hardcore Self Help Summary

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Hardcore Self Help Summary

F**K Anxiety

“Hardcore Self Help” is a guide that will help readers overcome anxiety and reach their peaceful place.

About Robert Duff, PhD

Robert Duff

Dr. Robert Duff is a writer, a psychologist, and a host of a mental health podcast on his website www.duffthepsych.com.

“Hardcore Self Help Summary”

Some people live their daily lives with anxiety as a deadly companion, which they wish to get rid of, but do not know how.

Some other people that experience difficulty breathing and heart palpitations, may not even be aware that their problems are caused by anxiety.

Anxiety is nowadays more widespread than ever, and it takes a variety of forms.

Every anxiety disorder has different symptoms, and some disorders are much more severe than others.

To determine the type of anxiety disorder applies to you, you need the help of a professional.

After you determine it, it is important to treat it, since otherwise it can get out of control and destroy your life.

Many people know the following scenario: it is night, they are lying in bed, ready to sleep, but they cannot shut down their thoughts.

In fact, many people are victims of such anxiety that can keep them awake at nights.

One common source of such conditions is catastrophizing which makes an otherwise normal and everyday situation spiral out of control in our mind.

This kind of anxiety is a result of strong feal and biological proneness to some symptoms, which combines can lead to a panic attack.

We also mentioned those people that are biologically prone to some symptoms, or panic attacks included.

These people’s brain switches into panic mode without a big external push.

What is the worst when it comes to panic attacks, is that they seem to come out of nowhere.

The randomness with which they happen can become an extra burden for people that suffer from them.

Worse then another attack is the fear of another attack, which increases both the anxiety and the chances to suffer from another attack immensely.

The episodes of panic are episodes in which you feel easy, short of breath and cold sweat.

Key Lessons from “Hardcore Self Help”

1.      Types of Anxiety Disorders
2.      The Way to Cure
3.      Practice Mindful Breathing

Types of Anxiety Disorders

    • Phobias
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Attacks

The Way to Cure

Even though panic disorders may look scary, there are ways you can work with yourself to reach a more peaceful mental place.

Of course, you might also need some professional help, as well as the support of your family, since anxiety cannot always be fought alone.

Practice Mindful Breathing

Breathing is a proven way that can help you relax.

Use the 4-4-4 method, and then change it with the 4-7-8 method.

Breathe in – hold your breath- breathe out.

Conscious breathing can give you control in events when you feel that control is not your option.

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“Hardcore Self Help” Quotes

This negative self-talk is something you probably aren't even aware of, but it eats away at you bit by bit and erodes that self-confidence you need to tackle your anxiety. Click To Tweet You need to set yourself up for success, too. You need to invest in yourself. You need to stop being a butthead and sabotaging yourself. Click To Tweet Another way you can be nicer to yourself is by replacing some of that asshole language that you use toward yourself in your head. Click To Tweet Whether your spirit weapon is a badass ninja katana or a freakin’ rocket launcher, I will help you wield its epic power and slay that little shit named anxiety for good. Click To Tweet Panic attacks and physical anxiety symptoms in general are scary as hell. Click To Tweet

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