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Lolita PDF Summary

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Lolita PDFSometimes we tend to judge too quickly. Not listening to the whole story, stands to reason why we mustn’t form an opinion about something.

Through this very odd, but highly entertaining novel, you’ll learn the new meaning of the term – emotional pain.

Stay with us.

Who Should Read “Lolita”? And Why?

Indeed, Lolita may cause disturbance and judgment among more conservative communities. The plot is controversial, and it requires a dose of openness to digest its message.

That being said, we advise you to read this amazing novel if you have the guts to cope with the alarming reality of life.

Vladimir Nabokov Biography

Vladimir Nabokov was a great novelist of Russian-American origins. He achieved international recognition after deciding to dedicate himself to writing American prose.

His work has been widely criticized, but regardless of critical remarks, his efforts will be etched into the hearts of future generations.


The storyline of this fictional novel is really something special. It is looked through the prism of Ray; Lolita is something similar to a confession. It all starts when a lawyer sends a manuscript named Lolita (Confession of a White Widowed Male) to Ray.

The author is somehow disguised and used a pseudonym to remain mysterious and hidden from unwanted attention. Eventually, Humbert Humbert (the writer) died upon trial in his jail cell.

Despite all the hypocrisy and wrongdoings, Ray shows admiration and support for H.H. He believes that the author’s ideas and narration are unique and special. Moreover, he adds that the novel can change the lives of everyone suffering from psychological diseases and help parents with the upbringing.

Ray loves the manuscript, in which the author recalls some amazing childish moments and his first love Annabel. Sadly, Humbert never got the chance to experience this love because of Annabel’s premature death. It stills haunts Humbert and reminds him of how cruel life can be.

Humbert’s life takes an unexpected turn because of his decision to work various jobs in a mental institution instead of pursuing a career as an English teacher.

I am sufficiently proud of my knowing something to be modest about my not knowing all.

In the meantime, he gets married to an older woman, but the whole marriage thing doesn’t end too well. He is sexually obsessed with young women that remind him of Annabel.

After a while, Humbert arrives on the shores of the United States. He rents a room in a nearby area called New England Town from an older widow – Charlotte Haze. She has a twelve-year-old daughter Dolores (Lolita), and her innocent young appearance put Humbert under a spell.

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