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Making It All Work Summary

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Making It All Work SummaryWinning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life

Sometimes life has its bad moments; a perfect organizational system will quickly ease off the heavy load and help you grow.

In such regards, we start this journey and offer some key elements for “Making it All Work” flawlessly.”

Who Should Read “Making It All Work”? And Why?

Especially young adults, students, and other unemployed people must learn to appreciate their time, by making a better-organized plan of activities. As you underline your perspective, analyze every possible commitment in your short or long-term inventory and see if anything requires extra attention.

Review the updates once again, whenever is necessary repeat the process to align it with the present reality.

About David Allen

David AllenDavid Allen is an American-born writer, productivity consultant, and a historian. He was born on December 28, 1945, in Shreveport, Louisiana – the U.S.

From the University of Berkley, David received his college degree while studying American history.

Despite working numerous different jobs, he is best known as the founder of “Getting Things Done” time management. David Allen is also the founder of “David Allen Company” – a coaching firm which relies on the previously mentioned GTD methodology.

“Making It All Work Summary”

To live productively, you must know how to separate core from secondary activities. Even if you have millions of obligations (guided by some deadlines), the important thing is to spot up those begging for attention and focus on them.

It is never easy to let those secondary mind-disturbing concepts and focus on one idea, but that is exactly what you should do if you want to be a part of the self-reliant inner machinery.

Ask yourself – Do I live the life of my dreams?

Nobody wants to be robbed of freedom! Stress, anxiety, and depression are not indicators of happiness nor success. The number of things which are “living” in your mind can cause unproductivity and inefficiency – making it almost impossible to promote yourself.

(GTD) Short for “The Getting Things Done system” provides you with the tools necessary to get in tune with your inner-self and avoid any distractions. This organizational approach has a unique way of operating under the guidance of self-awareness.

First, you must understand what bothers you, (or what disturbs your peace) and afterward, you should implement the solutions in the right system.

Does it sound feasible?

To process them effectively, regardless of your expertise each individual is in a desperate need of a trustworthy system. Remain cold-blooded during the process, because all of the must-do activities will be lined up neatly.

The GTD has its own foundation of basic principles. One of them refers to the problematic on how to organize your complete inventory of obligations and why you should regulate this systematically. Thereafter, a person will be able to apply trusted choices and engage the “productivity button” at any time.”

Using the GTD approach correctly will provide you with an “elevator” capable of lifting you to the top on a personal and professional level.

Getting Things Done (GTD) a bestseller written by David Allen has taught its readers to shift their focus. This simple advice has brought lots of benefits regarding self-control, determination, and perspective.”

Even if you struggle to reorganize your inventory of commitments, by following this method, you’ll be able to confront stress at work and get rid of the endless worrying habit that has become your life-companion.

The chaotic to-do list is the cause of low self-esteem and constant lack of energy. This constructive self-management behavior frees your mind from bondage and enables you to experience a true life-fulfillment.

David Allen has a vision from which he plans to enforce an ultra-powerful system with lots of useful features for employees in corporations and other small enterprises.

His writing style indicates the significance of having a well-designed daily plan of activities. The to-do list must be organized to suit your schedule. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to enjoy this life and all the things it carries. A majority of time, people feel like paying more than they earn – in terms of freedom, happiness, and ultimately creativity.

The GTD method known for its international fame still suffers restrictions on bringing the users to the next level.

In the first two chapters, the author rehashes a lot of original work, where David Allen practically tries to sell the system. Nevertheless, even the people who are not familiar with the benefits of the GTD organization system can find this book amusing too.

Key Lessons from “Making It All Work”

1.      Implement the two key elements
2.      Take hold of the capturing process
3.      Divide the process

Implement the two key elements

According to a research conducted by the author – a person needs only two key organizational elements to reach a stage where all works.

The first thing as you probably guessed is self-control, and the second is having a clear vision or perspective.

Be certain that a person with control and vision will become a winner at the end of the day.

Take hold of the capturing process

Thoughts can drive people crazy; they always remind us of the things we must do. The question is – Are they really so important?

First of all, for something to grab your attention, you must feed it with belief.

The capturing process, by all means, is crucial to trap those activities worthy of your time. Very soon you’ll realize that not all of them are so in need of your effort.

Divide the process

Once you’ve picked the essential items, dedicate yourself to less important tasks which float in your head.

Start seeing the big picture and transform your mindset. For instance, take a project and separate influential from insignificant activities and come to a definite conclusion.

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“Making It All Work” Quotes

You can only feel good about what you’re not doing when you know what you’re not doing. Click To Tweet Control without perspective is micromanagement, and perspective without control is crazy-making. Click To Tweet No matter how elegant, sophisticated and intelligent your thinking, your vision, and your focus, they must translate into physical action or they’re ultimately vacuous. Click To Tweet There is no freedom without discipline, no vision without a form, no structure without a function. Click To Tweet Your mind will remind you of all kinds of things when you can do nothing about them, and merely thinking about your concerns does not at all equate to making any progress on them. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

It is not so much about the type of job; David doesn’t provide its readers with a job-seeking plan, it is more like a job-living plan. If you are eager to learn the value of systematically organized commitments – “Making It All Work” is the perfect book for you.

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