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Medical Medium Thyroid Healing Summary

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Medical Medium Thyroid Healing PDF Summary

The Truth Behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr

Do you have – or know someone who has – thyroid issues?

Are you willing to try alternative methods to fix them?

Then, Medical Medium Thyroid Healing is the book for you.

Who Should Read “Medical Medium Thyroid Healing”? And Why?

We’ve already summarized quite a few popular medical books on our site, some of which we had no option but to label as “unscientific;” well, this one falls under the same category.

Apparently, there are testimonials from people who say that the methods in this book have helped them, but, as always, we are skeptical.

So, read this book only if you have thyroid issues and want to try alternative methods; otherwise, trust your doctor.

About Anthony William

Anthony William

Anthony William Coviello is a self-proclaimed medical medium.

Even though he doesn’t have a medical license, he offers medical and health advice to people based on information he allegedly receives from a spirit from the future.

He made his name as a “trusted expert” for Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP website, through which he gained an almost cult-like following: at the moment, he has about 1.5 million followers on Instagram and twice that on Facebook.

He has authored five books so far: Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods, Medical Medium Thyroid Healing, Medical Medium Liver Rescue, and Medical Medium Celery Juice.

Find out more at https://www.medicalmedium.com/

“Medical Medium Thyroid Healing PDF Summary”

Anthony William, the Medical Medium

“What will you find in this jewel of a book?” asks Prudence Hall, M.D., in the first sentence of the “Foreword” to Medical Medium Thyroid Healing

And she instantly gives a straightforward answer: “A fascinating and innovative approach to thyroid disease.”

How could it not be?

For one, the author of the book is a self-proclaimed medical medium!

And that means exactly what you’d think it means: when he was just four years old, Anthony William was visited by the “Spirit of the Most High, God’s expression of compassion.”

To the surprise and shock of his parents, he revealed to him that his symptomless grandmother is suffering from lung cancer, which medical studies later confirmed.

Ever since then, this Spirit speaks into William’s ears as if one would speak to a friend, filling him in on the symptoms of everyone around him.

Plus, according to William, this Spirit has taught him from an early age to see physical scans of people, “like supercharged MRI scans that reveal all blockages, illnesses, infections, trouble areas, and past problems.”

In other words, he’s both Dr. House from the future and that guy from that Black Mirror episode: he sees you, and he knows what you’re up against.

His job?

To tell you the truth where science can’t.

“To go with the facts and figures about thyroid illness in the pages to come,” he writes, “you won’t find citations or mentions of scientific studies that have spawned from unproductive sources. You don’t need to worry that this information will be proven wrong or superseded, as you do with other health books, because all of the health information I share here comes from a pure, untampered with, advanced, clean source – a higher source: the Spirit of Compassion. There’s nothing more healing than compassion.

The Great Mistakes: What Your Thyroid Issues Are Not

According to Anthony William, “science and the thyroid remain very distant from each other in this day and age.”

The thyroid is still a medical mystery. The scientific studies about this gland are vague, and they lack conclusive answers about the cause of thyroid illness. Unlike many other areas of science, which are strongly founded in weights and measures, scientific thinking about the thyroid is still all theoretical – and today’s theories hold very little truth, which is why so many people are still dealing with thyroid illness. Scientific understanding and the thyroid don’t have a lot in common yet; they’re distinctly divided.

And this division is best-evidenced in the lack of a unifying explanation of people’s thyroid issues; William considers all of the nine currently accepted as “possible causes” for thyroid-related diseases as myths.

However, be aware that William doesn’t really have counter-arguments in more than one of the below cases; he thinks he knows better than all of these medical scientists because he converses with a Spirit from the future who has revealed to him that none of these theories are correct.

And you can either believe him or not: his claims are unfalsifiable and would hardly survive more than a second in the mind of the skeptic.

Great Mistake 1: Autoimmune Confusion

According to William, the very idea of autoimmune diseases (aka “a condition arising from an abnormal immune response to a normal body part”) is preposterous.

How can the body attack itself? – William shrieks in disgust.

The very word “autoimmune,” writes William, is “a misnomer that means we can’t even talk about the truth of autoimmune disease without perpetuating the misunderstanding.”

“A more fitting term,” he goes on, “would be viral-immune, because the immune system is going after invaders.”

In other words, even though there are at least 80 types of known autoimmune diseases, William firmly believes that our bodies never attack themselves; they solely go after pathogens.

The reason why doctors believe in autoimmune diseases is because “frustrated with not having an explanation for why conditions such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, lupus, RA, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, and MS were leaving people ailing or even crippled,” the doctors from the 1950s invented the idea of the body attacking itself.

The body never attacks itself; it solely goes after pathogens. Antibodies are signs that there’s a virus (or other antigen) in the body that the immune system is putting all its energy into fighting off. This process of a pathogen invading cells creates the inflammation. Your body works to fight off that pathogen. One day, medical science will take into account that by the time a virus has started to cause chronic illness in a patient, it has usually burrowed so deep into that person’s organs that the virus doesn’t show up on traditional blood tests—so it appears to be a bodily malfunction. Hopefully on the sooner side, though most likely far down the road, new tests will develop to find the virus where it’s hiding.

Great Mistake 2: Mystery Illness Misconception

According to William, “there are a minimum of 5,000 health issues that are still a mystery to medical science today.”

And one of the greatest mysteries of the medical sciences: chronic illnesses.

In other words, even though the doctors are “some of the smartest, most honest people around,” they are working within a “broken system” which teaches them to not be puzzled by many diseases which, in truth, are unexplained and still bewildering.

However, “acting as though migraines, depression, Lyme disease, RA, fatigue, Candida, hot flashes, heart palpitations, diabetes, and so many other problems aren’t baffling to experts is like ignoring the iceberg that the Titanic’s about to strike.”

“This holds true for all the Great Mistakes,” William makes a self-referential point; “pretending they aren’t there doesn’t make them less of a hazard.”

Great Mistake 3: Labels as Answers

You know how uncomfortable you feel when you’re in a relationship with someone, but all you can put as your Facebook status is “it’s complicated”?

Well, the same holds true for doctors – or for any other human profession, for that matter!

In other words, we don’t want to deal with the unexplained or the inexplicable; so, we usually put labels and feel a lot more comfortable afterward.

However, if you have ever watched Dr. House, we’re pretty sure that by now you know for a fact that putting a wrong label over something is much more dangerous than not putting any label.

Unfortunately – we can’t stress this enough – most doctors are working within a system which forces them to put labels even when they are not so sure.

Great Mistake 4: Inflammation as Cause

“Inflammation” is another label, and one of those which get thrown around just too liberally for William’s taste.

“You see inflammation deemed to be the cause of everything from cancer to obesity to heart disease, and it’s a huge topic in thyroid illness and autoimmune disease,” writes William.

And true, almost everywhere you turn, foods and supplements are being advertised as anti-inflammatory and many popular books advice against eating some foods because they are inherently inflammatory.

The problem?

Gluten, grains, wheat, etc. cause problems in some people, but not in others.

The reason?

According to William, that only the first group of people is susceptible is because they harbor in their bodies viruses which feed on the grains and fungi, resulting in inflammation.

Once again, inflammation is a label which hides the real cause: viruses.

Great Mistake 5: Metabolism Myth

You’ve heard this so many times: someone can’t lose weight, and someone else blames it on their slow metabolism; someone else is in tiptop shape, and a third person says that it’s all because of his/her fast, healthy metabolism.

News flash: metabolism is just another label which actually hides the real problems.

Metabolism isn’t “the driving force of mystery weight issues,” and neither is responsible for many autoimmune diseases.

However, it’s a word that’s been just too accepted to be easily dismissed.

It should be, says William.

Great Mistake 6: Gene Blame Game

Science (and Steven Pinker) would beg to differ, but Anthony William thinks that “we can’t be fooled into thinking genes mean everything:”

Whether your challenge is hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Graves’, thyroid nodules, cysts, tumors, or another chronic issue, know that your condition is not a judgment on your family line, or who you are as a person, nor is it a prison sentence. Genetics can play a role in illness. However, in the case of autoimmune and other chronic disorders, genes are merely a fraction of a single puzzle piece. There are so many reasons that people get sick that aren’t gene-related on any level.

Great Mistake 7: Ignoring the Unforgiving Four

William calls the Unforgiving Four “the four outside factors that are the real problems behind chronic and mystery illness,” and considers it a Big Mistake on our part to ignore them.

The Unforgiving Four are the viral explosion, radiation, DDT, and toxic heavy metals.

Even though William ascribes only about 5% of thyroid issues to the last three (see below), we kind of agree with the essence of this one.

Neither of these should be ignored; and, as far as we know, nobody has ignored either of these Four Unforgiving Outside Factors for at least half a century.

Great Mistake 8: It’s All in Your Head

“I hope to God that this becomes a mistake of the past soon,” writes Anthony William in relation to Great Mistake #8, i.e., “It’s All in Your Head.”

And he’s right yet again: not very few doctors, after being unable to find any symptoms or reach conclusive results via science-backed tests, start convincing their patients that “it’s all in their heads.”

The truth is, as developed science is, sometimes it just doesn’t have the answers or the tests to discover the real problems.

And, as most psychologists and philosophers would tell you, “reports about sensations and feelings are incorrigible.”

Great Mistake 9: You Created Your Illness

“You created your illness,” writes Anthony William, “is a new, hip, repackaged version of ‘It’s all in your head.’”

It’s as unscientific as saying that you can heal yourself through the power of your mind; because, after all, if you can create a disease by merely thinking too forcefully that you have it, then why shouldn’t you be able to heal it through the very same method?

Once again, William is more than right.

The True Cause of Thyroid Issues

According to Anthony William – and, as the subtitle suggests, this is the main idea of this book – the true cause of all thyroid problems is a virus, more specifically, the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).

William calls the EBV the “thyroid virus” for the simple reason that he believes it is responsible for 95% of all thyroid problems.

“The other 5 percent of thyroid problems,” he writes, “come from radiation exposure due to chest, dental, and other X-rays; CT scans; food and water supply contamination; plane travel; cell phones; inheritance of our parents’ and grandparents’ exposure; and the continuous atmospheric radiation fallout from past nuclear disasters.”

According to William, the EBV has four stages, and medical communities know only about two of them: the baby stage (when the virus is dormant or quietly replicating), and the war stage (when the EBV evolves into mononucleosis and some minor diseases).

However, it is the third stage, aka “the thyroid stage” which is really the problem and the phase in which the virus evolves into most of the diseases which are stated in the subtitle of William’s book.

Stage four is “the mystery illness stage,” aka “the one that results the most in sufferers feeling or being told that they are crazy, lazy, liars, and/or delusional.”

In other words, almost everything from fatigue and despondency to Hashimoto’s and Graves’ to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and multiple sclerosis (MS) to ADHD and depersonalization is caused by the EBV attacking your thyroid (or other organs) at a different stage of development.

The problem is, stage three and stage four are undetectable by current testing methods, so doctors and people think that it’s autoimmune or mysterious diseases they’re dealing with.

William’s Spirit says: no, God, please, no!

It’s EBV.

Key Lessons from “Medical Medium Thyroid Healing”

1.      Thyroid Myths: The Great Mistakes in Your Way
2.      The Real, True Cause of Thyroid-Related Diseases
3.      Resurrect Your Thyroid: Foods, Herbs, Supplements, and Sleep

Thyroid Myths: The Great Mistakes in Your Way

Despite his sincere admiration for medical scientists, medical medium Anthony William claims that they’ve gotten everything wrong as far as thyroid-related diseases are concerned.

And he dedicates the second part of his book to debunking the many (in his opinion) myths surrounding these diseases, calling them the great mistakes of medical science.

#1. Autoimmune Confusion
#2. Mystery Illness Misconception
#3. Labels as Answers
#4. Inflammation as Cause
#5. Metabolism Myth
#6. Gene Blame Game
#7. Ignoring the Unforgiving Four
#8. It’s All in Your Head
#9. You Created Your Illness

According to Anthony William, neither of these is the true explanation behind your thyroid issues.

The Real, True Cause of Thyroid-Related Diseases

In other words, regardless of whether you’re suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, hyper- or hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, endometriosis, or even thyroid cancer, it all boils down to a single cause: the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)

According to Anthony William, even though scientists believe that the EBV has only two stages, there are actually four, the second of which is mononucleosis and the third one the thyroid stage; William calls the fourth one mystery illness stage, and he may be one of the very few who knows anything about that since, in his words, “many people never reach this stage.”

Resurrect Your Thyroid: Foods and Supplements

In Thyroid Healing, William goes into great detail about what foods to include and what foods to avoid if you want to heal your thyroid.

The trick (of course) is to not give the EBV anything it wants and to include in your daily intake the foods and supplements that could kill it.

And, apparently, the EBV really likes eggs, cheese, and gluten; and it really hates artichokes. Other foods which starve EBV include apples, avocados, bananas, coconuts, dates, figs, garlic, ginger, lemons, mangoes, nuts, oranges, etc. etc.

As far as supplements are concerned, among many other things, use vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin C, and spirulina (for some reason, preferably from Hawaii).

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“Medical Medium Thyroid Healing Quotes”

We wish each other ‘sweet dreams,’ when really, we should wish each other ‘healing dreams.’ Click To Tweet You did not create your illness. You did not attract or manifest it. You did not imagine it. You’re not sick because you’re crazy, lazy, weak-willed, defective, or bored. Click To Tweet The autoimmune theory is becoming a monster tsunami, or a blizzard blinding everyone to the truth. It’s the train barreling down the tracks at a dangerous speed, out of control. Click To Tweet At Stage Four of EBV, viral neurotoxins flood the body’s bloodstream and travel to the brain, where they short out neurotransmitters. Click To Tweet We can’t be fooled into thinking genes mean everything. They don’t determine our entire lives. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

To our eyes, Medical Medium Thyroid Healing does not seem like a science-based or science-backed book – regardless of whether we’re talking about present-day or future-day science.

In other words, you’d be best off not even reading it, let alone actually using its advice; as Jennifer Gunter says, the minimum is that you’d waste money, “but there is great potential for harm with many of the therapies that are recommended and delays in diagnosis.”

The final verdict: skip this one.

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