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On Immunity Summary

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On Immunity Summary

MicroSummary: In “On Immunity: An Inoculation,” Eula Biss separates the facts from the fiction and makes a great case for the benefits of vaccination, while giving a thorough explanation for the reasons behind the anti-vaccination movement as well.

An Inoculation

So, you’re a new parent and you’re wondering if you should take your child to the vaccination center? Too many conflicting opinions and advices?

Eula Biss is here to clear things up.

And we have the summary of her fairly popular book, “On Immunity.”

Who Should Read “On Immunity”? And Why?

The anti-vaccination movement seems to be growing. And doctors and scientists are constantly warning that this may lead to serious consequences. Want to know who’s right? Then “On Immunity” is the right book for you. Even better: want to solve your dilemma of whether you should vaccinate your child. Read on, contrast and compare.

About Eula Biss

Eula BissEula Biss is an American non-fiction writer and editor at Essay Press. A Guggenheim Fellow, she currently teaches at Northwestern University.

She has authored three books. “On Immunity” is her most recent one. Before that, she has also written “The Balloonists,” and “Notes from No Man’s Land.”

“On Immunity Summary”

If you have watched “Troy,” you are probably already familiar with the story of Achilles.

If not – here’s a quick recap:

Achilles was the foremost Greek hero and the central character of the Trojan War. He, too, was someone’s son. And that someone was a goddess named Thetis, who didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that her son was only half a god.

So, she decided to make him immortal!

She dipped him into the waters of the underworld river Styx and asked the god of fire to make him an impenetrable shield.

Neither worked: Achilles was killed when Paris shot him in the heel. It was the only vulnerable place in Achilles whole body, because Thetis held him by his heels when dipping him in the waters of Styx! Now go back to the image of this book’s cover above.

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