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Simpleology Summary

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Simpleology SummaryThe Simple Science of Getting What You Want

You can get everything you want in life. “Simpleology” teaches you how.

About Mark Joyner

Mark JoynerMark Joyner is a best-selling author and an e-commerce pioneer.

“Simpleology Summary”

What can you do so you can get whatever you want from life?

Well, to start with KNOW what you want.

In other words, set your goals, and develop a series of steps to achieving them. Be persistent, and always take action.

Many humans are stuck in the “daydreaming” phase, never getting to the point when they actually do something to reach their dreams.

Do not be one of them. Actively pursue whatever it is you want in your life.

One of the steps you need to take is to filter the information you feed yourself. Make sure that the data you use to comprehend the world that surrounds you and make choices are solid.

Be objective and use your brain instead of your emotions.

Do not let the garbage you gathered in your brain from your past affect your future.

You may, just like many other people have a mental model that is based on beliefs which are reinforced by false information.

If that is the case, your actions and attitudes will never bring you closer to your desired goals. Instead, your brain and mental model work against you.

Carefully examine the mental model that is active right now, and decide if the data it uses to continue existing is correct.

You will probably find many pieces of hunches and imagination which will be opposite of what you want to believe in. In such a case, get rid of them and replace them with thoughts that help you and work for you.

This does not mean that you need to change your mental model completely.

It just means that you need to evaluate which parts work well for you and which don’t and allow yourself to discard the latter.

Key Lessons from “Simpleology”

1.      “Utilitarian Model Flexibility” (UMF) Characteristics
2.      “Rules for Applying Utilitarian Model Flexibility to Your Daily Life”
3.      “The Five Laws of Simpleology”

“Utilitarian Model Flexibility” (UMF) Characteristics

    • “Utilitarian”: your plans and ideas should be in line with your purpose
    • “Model”: your thoughts should serve your mental model.
  • “Flexibility”: they should be flexible and adaptable in the face of new information.

“Rules for Applying Utilitarian Model Flexibility to Your Daily Life”

    • “Thoughts are not things; thoughts are models.”
    • You can select your mental model
    • “These models can be used as tools (either for or against you)”
    • “Utility is the measure of a tool’s value.”
    • “Utility is not the same thing as truth.”
    • “No model is absolute.”
    • “No two people share the same model.”
    • “Models are not mutually exclusive.”
  • “Models do not have to be accepted in whole.”

“The Five Laws of Simpleology”

    • “The law of straight lines.”
    • “The law of clear vision.”
    • “The law of focused attention.”
    • “The law of focused energy.”
  • “The inescapability of action/reaction.”

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“Simpleology” Quotes

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