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Tag: Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility PDF Summary

Boy, how much they adored alliteration an age ago! And though Dickens might have had a great run from “Pickwick Papers” through “Nicholas Nickleby” to “A Christmas Carol,” we kind of feel that Jane Austen really mastered the art of […]

Mansfield Park PDF Summary

You know what they say: Everybody dies in Shakespeare; and everybody gets married in Jane Austen. “Mansfield Park” is not an exception. Though it is (a bit) different. Some say: more profound. Others: more simplistic. All: most controversial. See why. Who […]

Pride and Prejudice PDF Summary

First encounters are not enough. First impressions are often wrong. Read about the characters of this book in the following text, and join them on their journey as they realize the complexity of human nature, and the many faces of […]