Under the Dome PDF Summary

Under the Dome PDF The master of horror is back!

And this time he’s here with an SF masterpiece!

A harrowing and powerful parable-like mystery!

Care to join us?

Because we’re going “Under the Dome”!

Who Should Read “Under the Dome”? And Why?

Even though many of Stephen King’s books combine elements of SF, fantasy and horror, “Under the Dome” is one of the books which has the least of the latter two.

So, it should mostly attract the attention of those who like Stephen King predominantly as an SF author. Especially those who have enjoyed “The Stand,” since this is another one of King’s “breakdown of society” stories.

In addition, “Under the Dome” may be an interesting read for anyone who likes to see King a little bit more engaged into politics: some of it is a not-so-covert commentary on the political situation in the United States under Bush, and, somewhat prophetically, under Trump as well!

Stephen KingStephen King Biography

Stephen King is one of the most popular American writers, the author of about seventy books which have sold more than 350 million copies, making him one of the best-selling fiction authors in history.

Widely considered “The King of Horror,” King has authored some of the most famous works in the genre, such as “The Shining,” “Carrie,” “Misery” “It,” “Cujo” – and many more.

He is also an acclaimed SF author, having penned some classics in this genre as well – such as “The Stand” and “Under the Dome” – and a widely admired fantasy writer, famous for his critically acclaimed “The Dark Tower” series of books.

He has also written a few non-fiction works as well, such as “Danse Macabre” and “On Writing.”

Many of King’s books have been adapted for television or the cinema.

Under the Dome” was turned into a three-seasons’ 39-episodes’ long CBS-produced TV show, one of the network’s greatest hits.


On Saturday, October 21, sixteen minutes before noon, an invisible barrier of unknown origin abruptly separates the fictional Maine town of Chester’s Mill from the outside world.

The very appearance of the barrier kills many people, while others remain trapped inside.

Former Army lieutenant Dale “Barbie” Barbara is one of the latter.

The irony is: he felt trapped inside Chester’s Mill even before the appearance of the barrier, which, in time, everybody starts calling the Dome.

In fact, at the moment the Dome emerged, Dale was attempting to flee the town, courtesy of a confrontation he had had with James “Junior” Rennie, the son of the most influential man in Chester’s Mill, the manipulative, Cheneyesque car/meth dealer James “Big Jim” Rennie.

Now, before the Dome, Big Jim served as the Second Selectman of Chester’s Mill.

However, the only inhabitant of the town who outranks him, Andy Sanders, is basically his puppet, and his only real opposition, police chief Howard “Duke” Perkins, dies soon after the appearance of the Dome as his pacemaker explodes once he gets too close to the barrier.

This means that as of October 21, Big Jim is the de facto leader of Chester’s Mill, which is good news for everybody but the good guys.

Big Jim quickly appoints his simple-minded friend Peter Randolph as the chief of police and expands the ranks of the police force with some dubious candidates.

Among them, his son Junior, who, unbeknownst to him, has actually grown to become a murderer, having killed two girls – Dodee Sanders, Andy’s daughter, and Angie McCain, the town’s flirt – possibly due to the migraine-fueled sociopathic mental state his debilitating (and undiagnosed) brain tumor has put him.

So, he doesn’t seem interested in putting an end to his murder spree, because, well, you know what they say:

Murder is like potato chips: you can’t stop with just one.

Fortunately, the U.S. government has no intention of letting Big Jim run the show, so, via Julia Shumway – a tough, cynical woman, the Republican editor of the local newspaper, “The Democrat” – Colonel James O. Cox contacts Dale Barbara with a simple message: find the power source of the Dome.

Via a Presidential order, Dave is brevetted to the rank of Colonel and is presented with a decree granting him authority over the township.

Needless to say, this doesn’t go well with Big Jim and Junior and results in a power struggle, which leads to Barbie being framed for four murders.

He is accused of slaughtering the two girls killed by Junior, as well as Reverend Lester Coggins and Brenda Perkins, Duke’s widow, both of whom are actually murdered by Big Jim: the former for having second thoughts about assisting Big Jim run his meth ring, and the latter for discovering a file on her husband’s computer detailing Big Jim’s money laundering schemes.

Barbie is put to jail, but, while he’s there – using a Geiger Counter – Julia and some other townspeople loyal to him manage to locate the source of the barrier inside an abandoned farm.

Soon, incised by the sheer number of restrictions and the extent of police brutality, the adds few members and breaks into the prison, freeing Barbie and killing Junior just seconds before the latter kills the former.

The rebels – 28 in number – flee to the abandoned farm where they soon conclude that the barrier-generating device is extraterrestrial in origin.

And – even more frightening – that it’s actually run by juvenile “leatherheads” as some cruel form of SF entertainment:

God turned out to be a bunch of bad little kids playing interstellar Xbox. Isn’t that funny?

Under the Dome Epilogue

Back in Chester’s Mill, Big Jim sends Peter Randolph and some guys from the police force to take back control of his meth operations from Phil “Chef” Bushey, who is hoarding about four hundred tanks of propane in the meth production facility.

The ensuing gunfight results in a frightening explosion, which incinerates more than a thousand of Chester Mill’s residents, leaving the remaining 300 fighting for breath in the toxic environment.

Among these 300 are Big Jim and his personal bodyguard, his dead son’s friend, Carter Thibodeau. The two fight each other for oxygen, and Big Jim disembowels Carter before dying himself due to the toxic air.

People start asphyxiating on the abandoned farm as well, leaving Barbie and Julia no option but to beg their extraterrestrial captors for pity.

Finally, Julia reaches out to a female “leatherhead,” who, freed from the peer pressure, eventually is convinced by her pleas to let her and the other 25 survivors go.

The Dome vanishes.

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“Under the Dome PDF Quotes”

She's got the soul of a poet and the emotional makeup of a junkyard dog. Click To Tweet

If you don't control your temper, your temper will control you. Click To Tweet

If you can't laugh when things go bad – laugh and put on a little carnival – then you're either dead or wishing you were. Click To Tweet

An idea is like a cold germ: sooner or later someone always catches it. Click To Tweet

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Lee Child – the author of the “Jack Reacher” novel series – limited himself to seven monosyllabic words to describe “Under the Dome”: “the best yet from the best ever.”

We feel that he’s exaggerating a bit – what about “It,” “The Shining” or “The Stand,” Lee? – but we emphasize the “a bit” part: “Under the Dome” is “staggeringly addictive,” difficult-to-put-down which lives up to the expectations.

And, considering that Stephen King is the author, we don’t need to tell you that these are extremely high.

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Misery PDF Summary – Stephen King

Misery PDF It’s not that easy being a famous author.

Most fans are great, you know, but the crazed ones – not so much.

Join us in reading “Misery,” the book which added the suffix “-atic” to the noun “fan” and gave the word “obsession” a completely new meaning.

Also, the only Oscar-winning adaptation of a Stephen King novel.

Who Should Read “Misery”? And Why?

Whether you like horror novels or horror movies, Stephen King is certainly one of the first names your pantheon of idols was adorned with.

If that hasn’t happened still – then, what are you waiting for?

We’re talking about “The King of Horror” here!

“Misery” is the first of King’s fifteen (!) works decorated with a Bram Stoker Award and one of the foremost classics from his early – if you ask us, “golden” – period.

So, it’s a good place to start getting familiarized with King as any other!

Stephen KingStephen King Biography

Stephen King is a tremendously popular American writer, the author of about seventy books mostly in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres.

Among them classics such as “The Shining,” “The Stand,” “Cujo,” “It,” “Needful Things,” “The Green Mile,” “Bag of Bones,” and many more – in addition to his critically acclaimed “The Dark Tower” series of books and some widely quoted non-fiction works such as “On Writing.”

Many of King’s books have been adapted for the cinema. Filmed in 1990, “Misery” won Kathy Bates an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role of Annie Wilkes.

King’s books have sold more than 350 million copies, making him one of the best-selling fiction authors in history.


Paul Sheldon is a bestselling novelist, most famous as the author of a series of Victorian romance novels featuring the character of Misery Chastain.

After finishing the manuscript of the unrelated “Fast Cars,” his newest crime novel, at the Hotel Boulderado in Colorado, rather than going home to New York City, Paul has the sudden (alcohol-fueled) urge to drive to Los Angeles.

However, a snowstorm hits, and Sheldon crashes into a snowbank.

Annie Wilkes, a former nurse, rescues Paul from the car wreck and, even though both of Paul’s legs are broken, she takes him to her home instead of to a hospital.


Because, you see, Annie Wilkes is not just anyone.

She is Paul Sheldon’s number one fan.

However, she’s also not that into violence and profanity which means that she doesn’t like the manuscript of “Fast Cars” at all.

Her anger results, first, in Annie spilling Paul’s soup and then blaming the misfortune on his writing. This, in turn, leads to her punishing Paul by making him wash down the stain with soap water and by subsequently withholding his medications.

In a nutshell, Annie is kind of mad.

Metaphorically, she’s also mad about Misery Chastain and is currently in the process of reading “Misery’s Child,” the last book of Paul Sheldon’s Misery series.

And when we say “the last,” we do mean “the last”: attempting to reestablish himself as a more serious, mainstream writer (hence “Fast Cars”), Paul Sheldon has killed Misery off at the end of “Misery’s Child.”

Needless to say, this does not go down well with Annie.

She rages at Paul for doing such a thing to the poor Misery Chastain and leaves him alone in her house without water, food, or painkillers for over two days!

By the time Annie returns, Paul is all but dead.

And she returns with a typewriter and an offer: either he will burn the manuscript of “Fast Cars” and write a new novel bringing Misery back from the dead, or he will have to share his character’s destiny in a much more literal manner.

Fully convinced that Annie is capable of killing him – we don’t blame you, Paul! – Sheldon starts writing.

After a while, using Annie’s absence (from time to time, she is away on some errands), Paul manages to gather the strength to sneak out of his room.

He repeats this on several occasions.

After finding out that the phone is dead, he steals a knife from the kitchen, and, while returning back to his room, happens upon a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings detailing Annie’s life.

And, boy, is it a scary scrapbook!

Paul Sheldon deduces that Annie is, most probably, a serial killer with 39 dead people to her name, including several babies at a Boulder hospital, something for which she had been charged and acquitted.

In terms of Paul’s subsequent destiny, the last magazine clipping is even scarier: Annie Wilkes is listed as a missing person, which means nobody knows where she – and, consequently, he – is.

Paul thinks that he has masked well his excursions from his room, but after a while, Annie reveals to him that she knows all about them.

The punishment?

Too scary to tell.

Which doesn’t mean that you’ll ever forget the bowdlerized movie version of it:

After some time, Paul complains to Annie that his typewriter is missing a letter.

The result of the complaint?

Pauls’ hand ends up missing a thumb, sliced off with an electric knife!

Eventually, a Colorado state trooper arrives at Annie’s house looking for Paul. Annie, of course, denies having ever seen him, but Paul sees this as his chance for escape, so he alerts the trooper by throwing an ashtray through the window of his room.

Bad move for both of them:

Annie stabs the trooper with a wooden cross and comes back to the room with an intention to kill Paul and then commit suicide to avoid persecution.

The only way for Paul to get out of this is by promising Annie that he’ll finish “Misery’s Return” as soon as possible.

After some time, Paul does exactly that.

So, he calls Annie to his room, fully aware that – with the police on her trail and her sought-after novel completed – there’s nothing which should stop her from killing him.

Paul talks Annie into giving him a cigarette, persuading her that lighting one is a ritual he practices after each finished book.

However, having soaked the manuscript of “Misery’s Return” (we soon find out that it’s actually a decoy) in some smuggled charcoal lighter, Paul uses the match to light the novel on fire in front of Annie’s eyes.

As she tries to put out the flames (which spread to her clothing), Paul hits her with the typewriter.

A struggle ensues, during which Annie trips and hits her head on the mantelpiece.

However, she is not dead yet and manages to all but strangle Paul before temporarily collapsing from her injuries, giving Paul just enough time to crawl out of his room and lock the bolt installed by Annie. Fearing that she’s still alive, he heads for the bathroom where he locks himself, swallows some painkillers, and falls asleep against the door.

By the time he awakes, the police have arrived, and Paul soon finds out that Annie somehow lived long enough to escape from his room by crawling through the window.

She died while trying to get a chainsaw from the barn to kill him.

He was mere seconds away from being brutally murdered.

Misery Epilogue

Paul returns to New York and submits “Misery’s Return” to his publisher.

The book turns out to be his greatest bestseller.

His publisher tells him that an even bigger might be a non-fiction book documenting his experience with his “number one fan.”

However, Paul is unable to write that – or any other book.

He suffers from painkiller withdrawal and is often awakened by nightmares featuring Annie.

The writer’s block even causes him to become an alcoholic.

Until one day he happens upon a child pushing a shopping cart; inside it: a cage; inside the cage: a skunk.

For some reason, this stirs something inside Paul Sheldon, and he starts typing a new novel:

The kid heard a sound in the back of the building and although the thought of rats crossed his mind, he turned the corner anyway — it was too early to go home because school didn’t let out for another hour and a half and he had gone truant at lunch.

What he saw crouched back against the wall in a dusty shaft of sunlight was not a rat but a great big black cat with the bushiest tail he had ever seen.

Overwhelmed with conflicting emotions, he starts weeping.

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“Misery PDF Quotes”

A little talent is a nice thing to have if you want to be a writer, but the only real requirement is the ability to remember the story of every scar. Art consists of the persistence of memory. Click To Tweet

I am your number one fan. Click To Tweet

There may be fairies, there may be elves, but God helps those who help themselves. Click To Tweet

When you own a piano, it's harder to think about moving. Click To Tweet

He lay back, put his arm over his eyes, and tried to hold onto the anger, because the anger made him feel brave. A brave man could think. A coward couldn't. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“Misery” is a “dazzlingly well-written” page-turner, a horror classic of the highest order, both suspenseful and “nerve-jangling” in addition to entertaining and poignant.

One of King’s best.

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The Stand PDF Summary

The Stand PDFWe all know that Stephen King can be a bit on the controversies side, and that’s why we indulge in his work.

Once more, he managed to twist our perception by presenting the big picture, which we must interpret.

Many experts debate the ambiguous nature of this novel, and we refrain from any comments and leave the judgment to you.

Who Should Read “The Stand”? And Why?

Novels like these, make you question the entire existence not just some superficial aspects of foreign affairs. We as a society must rise to the occasion and prevent the ignorant leaders from destroying our homes.

The Stand” in reality signifies the battle we as a group must face, in order to preserve something far greater than personal interests and agenda.

Take notes!

Stephen King Biography

Stephen KingStephen King is an American born novelist, whose work has been subjected to both criticism and praise all around the world.

She is married to Tabitha King – also a novelist and an activist.


The Stand by Stephen King is an original novel that is composed of part futuristic and part post-apocalyptic storyline. The society is literally on the verge of collapse due to the release of biological substances that contaminate the community.

The weapon annihilates a significant chunk of the population, because of influenza contained in the virus. Although the book showcases some unpleasant turn of events, the growing popularity stands to reason why there were several releases with some modifications to the book regarding the dates.

The author mainly wanted to express the danger of developing weapons of mass destructions that both the Eastern and Western Hemisphere are producing. Depending on the version of the book, the story period ranges from 1980 to 1995, but in all honesty, the date doesn’t entirely reflect any drastic changes.

The First Section

Stephen structures the book so that each of the three sections has a different story to tell. Let’s dive right into the first one. Well, it takes place from 16th of June to 4th of July, in a US Army base, where the virus is released by mistake.

The infection is also known under the name of Project Blue. Upon releasing the virus, Charles Campion is forced to flee with his wife and child and drive to Texas. The army tries to locate him, because of the severity of the situation, and all infected must be held into quarantine.

His whereabouts don’t remain a secret for an extended period, and the army manages to find him! He is notified about the virus, and they express grave concerns that if he continues roaming around the country, he’ll infect others.

Nonetheless, the army fails to put him into quarantine in time, and he spreads the disease before passing away. The epidemic spreads like crazy, and a staggering 99.4% of the population dies within the next couple of days.

Society cracks, panic runs rampant everywhere, and the martial law collapse under pressure as well. King successfully managed to give a rundown on this process, and how it affects the community. People die from two things: Violence and Project Blue – it seems like there’s no stopping anything.

The Second Section

The second part crops up from July 5 to September 6 and tells a story about a 108-year-old woman Abagail Freemantle. “Mother Abagail,” as other members of the group frequently call her, is a spiritual leader or a guru whose efforts lead the other individuals to Colorado, where they try to begin from scratch once more.

They name this area – the New Society or The Free Zone. Nonetheless, Mother Abigail is challenged by her greatest adversary Randall Flagg. Flagg does believe that ends justify the means, and he utilizes torture and suffering to keep his subjects loyal to him.

Same as any other dictator, he is paranoid and uses his supernatural abilities to keep things under his control by enforcing strict rules. He takes charge in taking over Las Vegas, to rebuild the city and form an army.

Mother Abigail dreads Flagg’s intentions, and prior to leaving on a spiritual quest, she sends spies into the newly formed territory. Flagg on the other end, plants a bomb in the Free Zone, trying to annihilate the rest of the “non-obedient” citizens.

Although Abagail Freemantle returns just in time to save them from the explosion, few of them, die!

The Third Section

The final part of the novel takes place from September 7 to January 10 and explains the rising tensions between the Free Zone and Las Vegas army group. Mother Abigail dispatches her loyal members to face Flagg’s people.

In the meantime, Abigail dies, and the rest of the group must confront Flagg single-handedly. On the way over to Vegas, Stu (one of the members of Free Zone) breaks his leg, and the others are compelled to embark on this dangerous journey without him.

She couldn’t be on his wavelength all the time. That’s all. When you could recognize that and deal with it, you were on your way to an adult relationship.

Flagg’s loyal admirers arrest Glen, Brentner, and Underwood. Glen is executed instantaneously because of his stubbornness and unwillingness to submit to Flagg’s sovereign rule. The other two, are about to be killed.

At the heat of the moment, Trashcan Man arrives, carrying a nuclear warhead. Flagg accidentally detonates the bomb, killing every soul in Las Vegas and razing the city to the ground.

In the meantime, Frances Goldsmith is worried about the birth of her baby. If the newborn catches the Superflu, that will signal the end of humanity and everything will be lost. Stu returns to Free Zone, helped by the only spy who survived the blast.

The baby Peter successfully manages to resist the devastating effects of Superfly. Frances and Stu wonder whether new civilization will rise from the ashes, and are the humans capable of creating a conscious society.

Love didn’t grow very well in a place where there was only fear

The Stand Epilogue

Not every edition of the novel has the same epilogue. For instance, in the early editions, Randall Flagg is dead after the explosion, but in some later version, he miraculously managed to survive the detonation.

Although presumed dead by the Free Zone members, he finds himself stranded on a deserted island, suffering from amnesia.

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“The Stand PDF Quotes”

That wasn't any act of God. That was an act of pure human fuckery. Click To Tweet No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side. Click To Tweet People who try hard to do the right thing always seem mad. Click To Tweet The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want for anything. He makes me lie down in the green pastures. He greases up my head with oil. He gives me kung-fu in the face of my enemies. Click To Tweet He smiles a lot. But I think there might be worms inside him making him smile. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Do we dare to add any remarks to this masterpiece? Absolutely not, because it would be profoundly ignorant of us to question Stephen King’s way of expression.

We were thrilled and sucked into the storyline from the very beginning! Therefore we give the green-light and hope for the best.

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