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The Art of Influencing Anyone Summary

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The Art of Influencing Anyone SummaryIf you are ready for next step in making an impact on anyone, “The Art of Influencing” would do the job.

We briefly summarize the key assets for you to become the next decision-maker!

Who Should Read “The Art of Influencing Anyone”? And Why?

This book opposes one very common view, and promotes a brand-new one – when we are being persuaded by others, we subtly calculate how this will bring us something – does it serve our interest?

This book is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to see beyond the basic impulse of persuasion and influence others on a regular basis.

About Niall Cassidy

Despite being an author, Niall Cassidy is also known as an expert in sales. Currently, he is an eager learner of psychology and one of the top salespeople in an international bank. His best work so far is still the much talked about “The Art of Influencing Anyone.”

“The Art of Influencing Anyone Summary”

To influence someone doesn’t imply to make use or take advantage of somebody. Whether you are pursuing a new sales career, or you are adjusting your career arc to fit with your personal plans, Cassidy has the expertise to answer your prayers.  

Work on your communication skills with new mind-blowing techniques that will spread authority even when you are not in the room. Niall Cassidy indicates how to get the promotion you deserve or build strong interpersonal bonds with your relatives. It also covers some presentation methods for bringing to attention the features of your latest invention, or product.

In either case, “The Art of Influencing Anyone” will make sure that you’ll no longer trail behind with thrilling anecdotes like:

  • How to increase sales and profits by hiring actors;
  • Learn how to come up with lies if such a thing is required;
  • Become the next Fortune-Teller

Let’s get started with a painful story that we believe you’ve had the chance of experiencing it at least once until now: Your hard-working mentality remains unnoticed, and someone gets rewarded for your efforts?

Sounds familiar?

Leaders and managers are not as intuitive as they should be because this scenario occurs now more than ever. These so-called decision makers, turn a blind eye to what’s actually happening and make up their own story.

It can’t get more frustrating, or can it? Nevertheless, you’ll always come across biased conclusions, unsupported by facts, and actions – lacking logic. In reality, “authority” according to Cassidy is a luxury not everyone deserves to have.

Every once in a while, we make decisions at the expense of our prosperity – even peace, a bargain that we mustn’t practice. However, this typical out-of-box attitude is also practiced by the superiors, and it’s not as effective as one may have hopped.

Let’s cut to the chase, without hesitation:

Why the old, basic, and conventional persuasion method overshadows all others?

Probably, because we’ve are controllable. Although scientists cannot find common ground or laws that can support this claim, the outcome is more than evident. For instance, who will be the next project manager if the boss has to choose between, hard-working realist, or a sycophant – who neglects the actual situation and lives in its own little world – for personal benefits.

Despite lacking real managerial skills, the trophy goes to option number two.

Why? – stay with us:

Bosses hate to hear it can’t be done, or we need more time, funds, or we lack the quality to pull off such a huge deal. In either case, 9/10 times they will go for the enthusiastic dreamer, who will not be successful, but it will find a way to put the blame on others.  

“The Art of Influencing” with this example showcases how person’s traits can easily overpower any technical know-how or the sense of liability.

To drive this point further, we can recall the process of publishing an academic article. When someone sends a report of its findings, with a brief explanation of the objective or message being conveyed, the person (or team of researchers) must wait for a confirmation from the journal team before publication.

The process of selection unfolds in quite the same way as the previous example:

First, they analyze whether the article satisfies their criteria. Meanwhile, the journal also looks at the author’s name.

Do you want to hear a fun fact? – We sure do!!

On many occasions, these journals tend to publish utterly rubbish articles on the grounds of education. For instance, if you have a Ph.D., you’ll more likely find yourself on their “clipboard.”

Key Lessons from “The Art of Influencing Anyone”

1.      Humor covers the lack of knowledge
2.      Sometimes, it’s okay to twist reality
3.      Present the material in a more digestible manner

Humor covers the lack of knowledge

If you are giving a speech in front of students, and suddenly you feel like you are missing the words, behaving friendly and provide jokes for the audience to cover your “clumsiness.” Even though it seems silly, on numerous occasions, this technique was proven to be highly efficient.  

Sometimes, it’s okay to twist reality

Literally, it’s not good to lie, however, from time to time it’s unavoidable process. In order to spare some person’s feelings or get the upper hand, people use the benefits of coming up with a good excuse. If your lie is built on various info, and extensive “research” – you’ll increase the chances of getting the desired results.

Present the material in a more digestible manner

Before you present your facts, make sure that you have all the right tools. If you offer a pile of information, the people you are trying to persuade will run away from you. Categorize the info, so that they can quickly scan and comprehend the message.

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“The Art of Influencing Anyone” Quotes

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Our Critical Review

In our humble opinion, this book should definitely find itself on your bookshelf, mostly because there is not a single person that doesn’t require a little psychological education. Using these first-hand tips will grant you the advantage in various types of interactions.

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