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The Art of Nonconformity Summary

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The Art of Nonconformity SummarySet Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World

The world can be yours – you just have to gather enough courage to grab it.

Who Should Read “The Art of Nonconformity” and Why?

You are the one that is in charge of your present and future. So, start acting like it.

The best way to play the game of life is to set your own rules and walk your own path. Be authentic and use your unique set of skills to leave a mark on this world.

We recommend “The Art of Nonconformity” for all people who are not afraid to take the alternate path to fulfilling their dreams.

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Chris GuillebeauChris Guillebeau is a bestselling author, a regular contributor to Business Week, CNN.com, and the Huffington Post, and an expert on international travel and creative self-employment.

He recently managed to accomplish his dream of visiting every country on the planet.

“The Art of Nonconformity Summary”

We all would like living a fulfilling life (or so we say).

However, we often stay at the point of wishing for changes and dreaming of a better reality, without ever getting close to accomplishing it.

We are too reluctant to make changes, or even worse, we get lost not knowing what we want from life and what is our purpose.

Without knowing what are the things you want you cannot accomplish anything by average, or below average results: having a mediocre life in which you are just doing what is done by everyone else, without ever questioning its purpose.

Do you really want to spend your best years working behind a desk for 40 hours a week, trying to earn money for your mortgage which you will finally pay off in 20-30 years?

It does not sound that attractive doesn’t it?

Then, why do so many people end up living that way?

Because most people want to play it safe – to walk the road they already know the end of.

However, that will drain the excitement of your life.

That is why we urge you to decide what you want from your life, without following what has always been done in your environment.

Do not worry; it is entirely normal to fear the unknown and to be afraid of change.

But, without making a change or taking a leap forward, you will always hear your inner voice asking if the mundane every day are all there is to life.

So, face that fear, and beat it!

To do so, you must first acknowledge its existence and to understand its roots.

After you do that, mentally prepare yourself. You can do this by either by thinking about the worse possible scenarios or by connecting your achievements to “carrots” or rewards.

Fear is always the strongest before you hit the wall of change, trying to push you back to your comfort zone.

Once you get past that point, you will feel liberated and empowered, as well as strong enough to challenge yourself and achieve greatness.

Of course, it is not your inner limits that are the only ones that keep you from achieving extraordinary results.

There are also external factors which imprison you in your comfort zone as well.

Such are the gatekeepers, who are authority figures that limit your choices.

They will show you the number of choices you have, creating an illusion of freedom, while at the same time keeping you away from what really matters and is valuable to you.

It is true that gatekeepers are powerful and have high authority, but if you feel that such restrictions make you unhappy, you can challenge them.

First, you need to understand them and study if the rules they impose are truly democratic.

Next, you can change the rules of the game by looking for alternative approaches.

To do all of this you will also have to create your “army” which will help you achieve your goals.

Your army is the people that your success depends upon, such as fans, customers, or patrons.

To find and recruit your army, you need to look at things from their perspective and find a way to satisfy their needs through what you are doing.

In other words, you need to help your army, for it to assist you in return.

Lastly, apart from finding a way to make a living by following your passion, you need also to become a conscious spender.

Do not spend your money without a clear purpose. Happiness and money are not correlated as you may think.

Instead, what you do with the money makes you happy or not.

So, realize what your values are, and create your budget according to that.

You can always find money, as well as time, for the things you always wanted to do.

All it requires is some time management and life planning.

Key Lessons from “The Art of Nonconformity”

1.      The Best Job Security You Have Are Your Skills and Competence
2.      Challenge the Gatekeepers
3.      Leave a Mark Behind

The Best Job Security You Have Are Your Skills and Competence

Job security does not depend on external factors like the company you work in, but on the competencies and skills, you have that keep you competitive on the market.

Do not put your career and security in other people’s hands – it is not theirs to handle.

Challenge the Gatekeepers

Some authorities will give you a set of choices and create the illusion that you are free but actually limit your path.

These authorities are called gatekeepers.

However, even though gatekeepers have a lot of power, you can always challenge them or change the rules of the game you play.

Leave a Mark Behind

People do not live forever, but what they do just might.

The secret to leading a fulfilling life is to use your skills and talents for doing work that matters and leaves an impact on the world.

So, find what you can contribute to, and do it.

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“The Art of Nonconformity” Quotes

Unreasonable, unrealistic, and impractical are all words used to marginalize a person or idea that fails to conform with conventionally expected standards. Click To Tweet When we really get serious about our insecurities, we usually find that three specific fears emerge: the fear of failure, the fear of success, and the fear of change. Click To Tweet What if you save for 40 years, putting off all kinds of opportunities, then get hit by a bus the day before retirement? Better to plan for the future while also living in the present. Click To Tweet People say that what we’re seeking is a meaning for life,” he began before clarifying, “I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. What we seek is an experience of being alive. Click To Tweet The concept of deferred gratification, or sacrificing now to save for the future, can be helpful in setting aside money in a retirement account for old age. It can also serve as an effective rationalization for life avoidance. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

“The Art of Nonconformity” is one of those books suitable for everyone. It is highly motivational and shows you how you can master the art of nonconformity in any area of your life, regardless of your life choices and personal background.

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