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The Dragonfly Effect Summary

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The Dragonfly Effect SummaryQuick, Effective, and Powerful Ways To Use Social Media to Drive Social Change

Dragonflies can move in any direction when they put all of their four wings to work.

Don’t you want to be able to achieve “The Dragonfly Effect” as well? Well, authors Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith say that you can.

About Jennifer Aaker, Andy Smith and Carlye Adler

Jennifer AakerJennifer Aaker teaches at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

Andy Smith is an author, startup advisor and marketing specialist.

Carlye Adler is a writer and a journalist whose articles have appeared in various magazines.

“The Dragonfly Effect Summary”

Dragonflies are the only insects on this planet that can move in any direction they want when their four wings work together.

This information helps you understand the analogy behind the Dragonfly Model which was created to help you create social change by using the power of social media.

Now, you may already know about the “ripple effect,” which is an economic model that explains how when a person spends money, he increases others’ incomes, which means that they become able to spend more as well.

The same concept can be applied to social action, and that is the basis of the Dragonfly Model.

The model has four wings.

“Wing 1 – Focus”:

  • “Humanistic”: know your audience and don’t just act on your own judgment and assumptions.
  • Actionable”: plan your small, short-term steps that lead you to your bigger vision.
  • Testable”: measure your progress and base your following steps on the results you are getting.
  • “Clarity”: clear goals enable success.
  • “Happiness”: choose objectives that matter, both to your company and to your target audience.

“Wing 2 – Grab Attention”:

Now, this step is not easy, especially not in today’s information-crowded world.

People shield themselves from unwanted information by creating mental filters. So, the only way you can get someone to listen to you is to form an emotional bond with them.

Also, be original, and try to stand out from the crowd by delivering what people do not expect.

“Wing 3 – Engage”:

    • “Tell a story.”
    • “Empathize”
    • “Be authentic.”
  • “Match the media.”

And finally, after you have created your three wings, it is time you put all the wings to work. So the final piece of the Dragonfly puzzle is “Wing 4 – Take Action”. Make sure you do this by following the four principles: “easy, fun, tailored and open.”

Key Lessons from “The Dragonfly Effect”

1.      What is “The Dragonfly Effect”?
2.      The Four Wings of the Dragonfly Model
3.      When the Dragonfly Flies

What is “The Dragonfly Effect”?

“The Dragonfly Effect is the elegance and efficacy of people who, through the passionate pursuit of their goals, discover that they can make a positive impact disproportionate to their resources.”

The Four Wings of the Dragonfly Model

“Focus” – Set an objective which you want to achieve.

“Grab attention” – Show what you are doing.

“Engage” – Create an emotional connection.

“Take action” – Be a role model and inspire others.

When the Dragonfly Flies

As social media becomes more influential, the line between for-profit and nonprofit areas is getting hazy. This means that social good no longer needs to be introduced to an established organization. Today, even individuals can be powerful advocates of change.

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“The Dragonfly Effect” Quotes

If you’re not truly moved by the story you’re telling, no one else will be either. Click To Tweet Striking the right balance between visionary and realistic goals is key to maintaining focus. Click To Tweet Big revolutions start with simple ideas and ordinary people. Click To Tweet Being authentic is as simple as being open, clear and genuine. Click To Tweet No person is too high on the social, economic or political scale to approach for your cause. Click To Tweet

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