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The In-Between Summary

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The In-Between SummaryEmbracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing

Our strivings and plans must not overshadow the importance of being here and now.

If your mind is elsewhere, you’ll never be able to enjoy the actual situation, which unfolds with each breath.

In this short preview, we give you the most exciting stories that shaped Jeff’s life.

Who Should Read “The In-Between”? And Why?

The yearnings and urges never seem to ease off, always in pursuance of the next victim. Our mind is fully concentrated on employed methods to reach these self-imposed scenarios.

The In-Between” is a practical and insightful book that teaches individuals to abandon their shallowness and accept the moment. As such it’s highly recommended to all people out there.

About Jeff Goins

Jeff GoinsJeff Goins is hailed as an author, blogger, and story-teller. He was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1982 and wrote several books including “The Art of Work.”

“The In-Between Summary”

When Jeff became a father, he immediately felt the burden of every moment. The quote: “Children grow too fast” converted into an omnipresent reality, and such occurrences forced him to concentrate on the present moment.

This mindset was practically initiated one night when Jeff was trying to put his son back to sleep.  

When Jeff realized it’s no use, he took the boy downstairs in the living room to have some fun. He accepted the situation that he would not be getting too much sleep, and as a result, his son was happy, smiling and saying new words.

The fact that he got rid of all the expectations and the urge to control his son contributed to peacefulness and inner satisfaction.

This gesture brought mutual respect and emotional closeness on a “parent and child” wavelength. “Not forcing anyone into anything” carved a new mentality that he embraced on all levels.

One thing that cannot go unremembered and unlisted is his rock-band tour throughout North America and Taiwan.

Jeff was setting up for the big stage, and with high hopes and plans, he embarked on a tour – dreaming of celebrity status and rock & roll life.

The reality was quite different, and the band often went on 12-hour van rides all over the country, just to play in front of a small crowd (consisting of no more than 50 people).

Once, they ended up having a meal at a pastor’s house. This moment struck down Jeff like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky, indicating that he’s missing on everything that’s going around him.

The idea of rock stardom made him forget about the value of friendship and kindness.

Another life-altering event that Jeff recalls is his adventure in Spain.

During his college days, he spent a semester in Seville as an exchange student. As a restless young adult, Jeff was eager to expand his collection of stories, therefore going out almost each and every night was a priority.   

One night, he stayed up past midnight with the local host to watch TV. Although he didn’t understand the Spanish TV-Show due to the language barrier, he suddenly burst into laughter alongside other people.

This moment lasted for hours, and Jeff learned the value of little things.

After the exciting time-spent in Seville, Jeff was on his way to return to Illinois. All the scenery and boredom while living in his parents’ house made him think that going there would be meaningless.

It was merely an obligation, an act of respect rather than something he had intended to do.

While being on a train, the guy sitting next to him said – It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Jeff was shocked “What is so fascinating about corn-fields? – The man expressed his gratitude for going home, to his wife’s grave and daughter and taught him to respect the ones around him.

Jeff was a church member, supported by his wife, they both attended ceremonies and gatherings. At one point, Lois (Jeff’s wife) started to feel weak, and her body was showing signs of severe illness.

When it became apparent that she has only a couple of months left to live, Jeff decided to spend quality time with his wife to the very end.

Lois loved fishing, and Jeff drove 700 Miles to Virginia Beach only for the sake of his wife. He stopped at a gas station to full up the tank of his RV.

One random guy said to him: Wow! I bet it costs a lot of money to fill up that big thing, especially in this economy!

Jeff paid no attention to neither the economy nor his budget. The only thing he wanted to do is to be with his wife in a place, where she would feel comfortable.

Key Lessons from “The In-Between

1.      Be grateful, respect the moment
2.      Don’t be overwhelmed by negativity
3.      Don’t wait for something to get better

Be grateful, respect the moment

We cannot emphasize enough; how crucial it is to be able to understand the value of presence. Nothing is better than being pleased with what you have.

Share this gratitude and make sure that your methods match your behavior.

Don’t be overwhelmed by negativity

It’s quite often that we came under the influence of negative thoughts, and unfortunate events. Don’t be surprised to hear that almost the entire world suffers from the same agony.

You are now left with a choice, to find the good in any situation, or continues whining. Remember: There is always the second-half of every story.

Don’t wait for something to get better

In truth, we have a habit of thinking that “Now” is never good enough. It’s much more economical and prosperous to live in the future, but is it worth it?

Absolutely not, and the sooner you get the big picture, the better!!

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“The In-Between” Quotes

The big moments are the tiny moments. The breakthroughs are often silent, and they happen in the most unassuming places. Click To Tweet The good life comes like most good things—unexpectedly—in moments that are fading away faster than we realize. These are the moments that take our time but don’t demand our attention. When we miss them, they’re gone. In those times… Click To Tweet Our journey is full of rest stops- park benches and airport terminals- that signal the arrival of things we anticipate. Sometimes, they´re worth the wait; other times, the glory doesn’t shine quite like wed hope. Regardless, we need to… Click To Tweet And as we embrace the wait , we learn to appreciate the delays and postponements that teach us some things in life are worth waiting for. Click To Tweet But many of us fail to recognize that the best moments are the ones happening right now. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Short anecdotes, stories, and fables represent an easy-digestible form of writing.

The author goes straight to the point, without any hesitation and that’s the beauty of it. With the assistance of a story-telling manner, you’ll absorb the ideas and apply the strategies.

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