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The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need Summary

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The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need Summary“Repress Your Anger, Think Negatively, Be a Good Blamer, and Throttle Your Inner Child”

Be skeptical, think about other people and forget about yourself for a while, grow up and stop complaining all the time.

Does that sound like something you can do and follow?

We hope so!

Who Should Read “The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need”? And Why?

Self-help genre is experiencing its ups and downs just like anything else.

You should accept that life isn’t always fair, look at depression and sorrow as natural sensations, don’t take them too personally.

Trying hard is not the remedy either, trust your intuition, make peace with yourself and start living the moment.

With all these facts and info in mind, we assure you that “The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need” is suited for everyone.

About Dr. Paul Pearsall

Dr. Paul PearsallDr. Paul Pearsall is a neuropsychologist born in 1942 and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Pearsall’s had only one mission in life, which is conveyed in the summary below.

His words touched so many lives as a result of his humble approach towards other people.

He believed that the written word is easily shared and much more beneficial than the theories on TV which contradict each other. A true professional with carefully chosen words on every subject, which deservedly had all the respect from the community.

All his life he spoke widely on psychological issues and how to treat them.

“The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need Summary”

Who and what you take yourself to be?

If you think you’re worthless, a change in attitude is needed. Many people suffer from low self-esteem, it is not a kind of sickness that can be treated with medicaments, this issue has to be approached correctly to deal with it once and for all.

A lot of people these days say are comfortable with expressing love. It doesn’t matter if that someone is close to you (like family members) or not, you should seriously ask yourself – Can a person love others before it loves itself?

What outcomes can guilt and worry produce, are they beneficial?

Many people have read an abundance of books, and according to them, these book advocate for the same well-known goals. If you are one of them, perhaps a new direction will come in handy.

A new idea or method called “contrarian consciousness” will certainly generate some enthusiasm among all of us.

Freudian views from the 19th century are still capable of shaping psychology’s norms and principles.

The population is witnessing plenty of self-help books which are not useful considering their shallow ideas on the harmful and powerful influence over the children. The adult’s behavior is often discussed, and the reactions it provokes.

Regardless of how logical it may sound to you, the topic must be informative and life-altering in order to transform depressed people into passionate individuals.

In general, the self-help genre experienced a boom in the 21st century. The Westerners became more and more interested in eastern wisdom and its effects.

For the time being, academic psychologists focus more on how to narrow pathological subjects, while regular citizens learn more from TV hosts and other gurus. Not every advice you see out there is suitable for you, each one of us is a unique individual so, not everyone’s aid is welcome.

Beware, be smart and on full alert if you are keen to understand the self-help industry and its secrets entirely.

Are you feeling fat and unhappy? Desperate for experiencing love? The irony lies in 20,000 plus self-help books available worldwide, and yet; people are overweighted and depressed and suicidal urges happen more often.

Paul Pearsall, a neuropsychologist by profession, exposes the false promises of the self-help books. He disagrees with the theory of illumination and advises you to treat them skeptically, by being mindfully aware of what counsel fits you the most.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to restrain people, so surely, this will not be your “last self-help book you’ll ever read.”It will force you to make that final step towards self-satisfaction and aid you earn to respect by developing a new inner perspective on “self-helpism.”

To successfully transform a person’s mindset you must have seen the whole journey, understand its obstacles and answer its mysteries.

It is true that every living thing deserves happiness and peace, but the process to that point can be challenging. Stop wasting your energy on trying to balance everything. It’s an impossible task for anyone; you will just end up feeling depressed and stressed out.

Seize the moment, be grateful for every opportunity that emerges. Quit worrying about the future and stop living in the past. Well-lived present defines your future, act accordingly and live authentically to get there.

Key Lessons from “The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need”

1.      Illness is sometimes good
2.      Analyze the situation, think smart
3.      Think twice before falling in love

Illness is sometimes good

Beneath the ice of influence, there is an entirely wrong idea about healthiness.

For the vast majority of people, the absence of sickness is equal to health. Some health issues are badly needed for a person not able to get across emotional obstacles.

Analyze the situation, think smart

Not every self-help advice which sounds logical – fits you or your present situation. Rushing will not do you any good, avoid making quick conclusions. Be skeptical and analyze things; don’t get amazed by methods that seem intuitively perfect.

Think twice before falling in love

“If you think you’ve desperately fallen in love with someone, wake up immediately.” More than half of worldly marriages end in painful divorce and a lot of paperwork. Self-help books have its part in today’s society.

This statistic must open your eyes, and make you try sticking to yourself and then looking after other. You won’t have much time to spend with your family or partner, but it will give you self-satisfaction. Nevertheless, love is the main reason for people falling into depression.

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The Last Self-Help Book You’ll Ever Need” Quotes

The idea that a free-roaming, self-indulgent inner child is the ultimate (human) state...will lead to a world populated only by...prepubescents never quite able to ’find themselves. Click To Tweet The elevation of children to the...focus of family life...can put enormous pressure on them by making it appear that their success dictates the happiness of...the entire family. Click To Tweet A family is...the center of care (so families are) a wonderfully frustrating and demanding challenge. Click To Tweet Enduring love requires that both partners be willing to blind themselves to the annoying flaws and failings we all bring to our relationships. Click To Tweet When work is healthy, we feel alive, alert and energized because we have worked well; when it is unhealthy, we are exhausted and distracted when it is finished. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

These books can throw off balance even the most self-aware persons. They all encourage an inner transformation, but the methods are unique, so Paul Pearsall express his perspective on the present situation by evaluating the challenges and giving a valuable piece of advice – on how to overcome them.

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