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Intuition Summary

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Intuition Summary

Its Powers and Perils 

For years we’ve been told that the universal energy flow is nothing other than a myth. Nevertheless, now you have the chance to put your belief to the test, by trying to navigate the chakra points of Intuition.

This book summary merely represents a life-altering experience that can make you go beyond limits.

Who Should Read “Intuition”? And Why?

Being one with the unlimited cosmic power is a topic not relying on proof, as much as belief. Unlike placing confidence in scientific facts, people overall count on disciplines like metaphysics, astronomy to satisfy their hunger for new knowledge.

As such, it’s highly recommendable to all people due to its simplicity and approach to reach each and every heart, and make it melt in the eyes of truth.

About David G. Myers

David G. MyersDavid G. Myers was born on September 20th, 1942 in Washington D.C. Currently, he works as a professor at Hope College, located in Michigan. David obtained his B.A degree at Whitworth University in chemistry and wrote several books all linked to psychology.

“Intuition Summary”

Nowadays, an abundance of information doesn’t satisfy the appetite for knowledge. In other words, the number of executives who are willing to sacrifice some of their precious time, in order to expand their wisdom is getting reduced. It’s no secret that your time and energy are the only resources you can use at any time.

Why should you consider this?

In fact, such a mentality generates a smooth life-flow while integration with all other tasks or activities takes place. The way a person manages its to-do list, speaks a lot about whether he/she is more on the logical side, or he/she gives credence to intuition or the inner power.

Here’s the author’s logic:

David G. Myers advises that it’s also acceptable to pick up some stress-relieving exercises, which can spark that creative behavior, and reduce some of the thinking time, allowing each one to be more in the presence of its inner “Circle,” called by many – Intuition.

After all, it all comes down to whether you have the right skills for the task or not. In this case, the ability to grasp the theory depends on the personality and the understanding of the inner self. Gaining access to “intuition” also relies on the support of various elements and factors. This classic offers a set of tools, relatively new to the public, and lots of alternative notions which can take you to the next level.

What is crucial:

Your openness is considered to play a pivotal role in maintaining that visionary approach that can take you to the seeing, – intuition is not a thing, it’s something deeper and more profound. By all means, we recommend this book, to all hard-working individuals who can answer the demands of the new fast-flowing world.

The logical thinking can only give you a small portion of the entire kingdom – referring to the exploitation of your full potential. The out-of-box attitude adheres to patterns of a subtler nature. According to most people, this kind of skills or abilities is portrayed as the sixth sense.

Here’s the best part:

However, it’s nothing wrong with using intuition, or inner guidance, or whatever name you find appropriate. Intuition is best described as a spiritual awareness or a useable reality and an understanding of existence. Everyone inherently unstable has a hard time finding this essential trait, but the truth is that some people can see more of it. Developing the knowledge to interpret intuition, is a tough task, highly reliable on previous preparations and mindset.

Wondering why?

Our brain has two contradictory sides: The first force is often known as the analytical part or the voice of reason. The other one represents the creative, emotional and spiritual component of one’s whole being.  

David G. Myers sums up the whole practical teaching into several exercises which facilitate the entering into a blissful state:   

    • Trusting the life-flow or the going with it – Lie down and let the universe do its part. You can also put a little bit of instrumental – Zen kind of music for a couple of minutes, and to really get in that place of comfort and total relaxation without being troubled by thoughts.
    • Recall those positive memories – It’s advisable if you can experience once again those moments when you felt uplifted and blessed. Things like, making love, playing sports, being with the person you care and love, etc.  
  • Creating your karma – We bet you have a half an hour each day to focus on expressing yourself through writing, art, or any other activity. This will grant you the opportunity to take a quick scan of your inner circle.

Key Lessons from “Intuition”

1.       The right attitude for the job
2.       Let greater forces guide you on your journey
3.       The gate of happiness

The right attitude for the job

Make sure you’ve got the proper behavior for this endeavor since living by the “spiritual” rules or laws takes courage and most importantly practice. Let’s get things clear!! The practical part only refers to expanding your views and beliefs to the extent that allows you to 100% rely on intuition.

Let greater forces guide you on your journey

If you’ve ever heard phrases like “Follow the stream” or flow, you understand what it means to float instead of swim. This metaphor tends to give importance to intuition, and universal energy as entities which take full responsibility for your reality.

The gate of happiness

Gaining access to “intuition” relies on the support of various internal elements and factors. This classic offers a set of tools, relatively new to the public, and lots of alternative notions which can take you to the next level.

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“Intuition” Quotes

We look for wonders and the unseen reality-the hand of God- in things extraordinary when more often his presence is to be found in the unheralded, familiar, everyday events of which life is woven. Click To Tweet Although history may, therefore, seem like a series of inevitable events, the actual future is seldom foreseen. Click To Tweet You can actually shift the level of awareness and your state of mind by changing the rhythm of your breathing. Click To Tweet The paradox is this: While intuition can cut through the confusion of any dilemma and provide a usable answer, that answer will continue to grow and evolve as you do. Click To Tweet Now that computers are doing so much of our left-brain thinking for us - collecting data, storing it, organizing it, and retrieving it on command - we are free to pursue more right-brained information. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

It’s unquestionable that this is an easy-readable, fact-filled classic which explains the nature of our actions. However, presenting so many analyses done by other individuals indicates a shortage of research. Other than that, you’ll find this book quite amusing.

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