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The Like Switch PDF Summary

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The Like Switch PDFMicroSummary: Written by a former FBI agent, the ‘The Like Switch‘ features several tools to start, maintain, and improve your ability to persuade people to do what you want. In it, Jack Shafer presents techniques to influence, attract and conquer people. Learn to find out if someone is lying to you, pass on the right messages to others and unravel the signs that people are trying to pass you unconsciously. Dr. Schafer explains how to make a good first impression and how to interpret verbal and nonverbal cues appropriately.

An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over

Our Summary will teach you how to pay attention to others and how to make people like you. Let’s get started?

“The Like Switch PDF Summary”

Discover The Blocks of Friendship

If you want to influence someone, you need to be able to understand how a relationship and friendships are formed.

You need to learn that there are 4 basic building blocks of friendship. They are proximity, frequency, duration, and intensity.

  • Proximity is when two people are in the same place and in the same space of time. People who spend time together, even when they do not talk at first, have a great chance of becoming close.
  • Frequency represents how many meetings two people have over a certain period of time.
  • Duration represents how long these meetings last. The amount of time people spend together is related to their influence on one another.
  • Intensity is related to the closeness and influence of one’s actions and words in relation to the physical and mental needs of the other. One kind of intensity that works very well is to show your curiosity about other people.

These four building blocks can be used to develop new relationships or evaluate existing relationships.

For example, couples who spend little time together are more likely to distance themselves. Analyze your closest relationships and see which of the 4 essential blocks are the strongest.

Another interesting way to use these building blocks is to move away from the other in cases of bad relationships.

If you gradually decrease the closeness, frequency, duration, and intensity of the relationship, it becomes easier to have a friendly separation.

Understand How Messages Are Received By The Brain

Our brains are constantly receiving messages from individuals around us.

At all times, we instantly receive brain signals that say things like “friend,” “neutral,” or even “enemy.” Unfortunately, some people send out enemy signals without even realizing it.

For example, facing a person is a nonverbal expression that sends an enemy signal to unknown individuals.

Many people learn this strategy to deal with stressful situations, functioning as a survival mechanism. You must know how to control it.

Young people today are no longer developing social skills because of new technologies.

They used to learn how to understand and send non-verbal signals, but now they no longer learn because they are always sending messages or using social networks.

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