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The Natural Anti-Aging Plan Summary

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The Natural Anti-Aging Plan SummaryStay Younger Longer

Aging is a process we all go through, and we cannot escape it in no way possible. However, saying that it is a universal human process, does not mean that it cannot be slowed down. Not only you can postpone aging, but sometimes you can even stop it for a while, or reverse it to a certain degree.

Who Should Read “The Natural Anti-Aging Plan”? And Why?

The Natural Anti-Aging Plan” is a short course in aging, filled with tips on how to prevent it, or at least, slow it down a bit. Dr.Kyriazis simplifies the explanations of complex biological processes and makes this book understandable for everyone.

He lists the specifics that readers need to know to be able to start living a longer, and much more importantly – happier life. Younger people may not be that much interested in this book. However, it is an excellent read for stressed people, with fast lifestyles, and for people that feel much older than they indeed are.

About Dr. Marios Kyriazis

Dr. Marios KyriazisDr. Marios Kyriazis is a prolific and accomplished medical writer and a certified member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He holds a degree in Geriatric Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians of London.

His resume includes experience in supplements, anti-aging drugs, and nutrition. He founded the British Longevity Society and is considered a leading longevity expert by media in the United Kingdom.

“The Natural Anti-Aging Plan Summary”

You can, indeed, age slow and well. Naturally, you can expect results only if you take proper action and make meaningful lifestyle choices.

The desire to stay young and avoid aging has been present ever since ancient times. Society created myths about a legendary fountain and theories about some geographical regions. Ancient people believed that our predecessors lived hundreds of years.

These notions are also present in The Bible: Noah and Adam were supposedly more than 900 years old. Furthermore, in biblical times, people thought that youthfulness is contagious. They believed that if there are enough young individuals around you, they could pass on their youth and vigor to you.

The ancient Chinese, on the other hand, though that the answer to eternal life lies in one’s harmony with nature.

In any case, the fascination that this world had for youthfulness has always existed and will most probably continue to do so. In modern times, scientists are finally able to understand how and why aging occurs, and how one’s lifestyle can slow the process down.

Having found answers to most common illnesses related to age, they argue that biologically, the maximum lifespan is around 120 years. This number shows up not only in theory but also in practice. Some documented cases include people that lived up to or surpassed this figure.

Some of the researchers speculate that the advances made in medicine will extend human life and healthspan in the near future.

The US is the cradle of biological gerontology – a branch of science that deals with the reasons and mechanisms of aging. Some researchers of this problem also work in Britain, Australia, Canada and a few other countries.

The conducted research results in many theories that attempt to find the answers and explain why aging happens. Although none of them is conclusive, scientists agree on two points. First, people age because of genes, random damage, chemicals or toxic metabolism-byproducts, which are all damaging factors.

And second, people age due to the weak immune system, hormonal deficiencies and lack of energy, which prevents the proper reparation of damages.

Understanding your body and the reasons why it’s prone to aging, puts you in a better position to fight it. Contrary to what many people believe – that aging and diseases are connected, many scientists argue that aging is merely a stage of human development.

It is true that people get more vulnerable to certain illnesses in later life, but they are not inevitable. People can fight them by improving their nutrition and lifestyle choices, as well as trying to be as stress-free as possible. If you look at the statistics, you will find that the most common killers are strokes, cancer, and heart disease.  

Age is not a direct cause for any of them, on the contrary, life choices are their main problem.

Don’t feed your mind and body with negative thoughts. Don’t let worrying about getting old make you feel older than you are. Researchers all agree that optimism and happiness will ultimately lead you to a healthier and longer life.

Key Lessons from “The Anti-Aging Plan”

1.      The secrets of anti-aging
2.      Anti-aging secrets for men
3.      Anti-aging secrets for women

The secrets of anti-aging

Focus on preventing illnesses instead of curing them. Theoretically, you can avoid most kind of strokes and heart problems, as well as other issues which are stress induced. Scientists argue that the mere prevention of these diseases can elongate human’s life by 10 to 30 years. In this way, premature dying would no longer be such a big problem.

An interesting fact is that all of our bodies are “carrying” two kinds of age: biological and chronological, which are not the same. Biological age is a reflection of the actual condition of our bodies. You can do a handful of tests and use specific questionnaires to determine this age.

You can attend to your body and try to live longer by increasing your physical activities, try out anti-aging foods and eat some supplements.

Anti-Aging Secrets for Men

Men aged from 25 to 40 should exercise at least a few times a week, avoid smoking and alcohol. Take health supplements and vitamins, and get involved in safe, frequent sexual activities. From 41 to 55 you should take more care of your skin and start doing brain and abdominal exercises.

From 56 to 70 you should put all your effort into stopping social-aging. Don’t let retirement make you feel like you have nothing to do and you are no longer useful. Do easy exercises, go for walks, train the brain, and take some calcium.

From then on, put more attention on your diet and do all of the above. Don’t forget to move and to do brain-exercises. Stay active and happy.

Anti-Aging Secrets for Women

From age 25 to 40 exercise vigorously and take care of your skin by using moisturizers and anti-aging creams. Avoid the sun, take some vitamins and eat a healthy diet.

Avoid diets, but keep a healthy weight. From 41 to 55 start doing facial muscle exercises, drink plenty of water, and address any menopausal problems that might occur.

From 56 to 65 choose softer activities and avoid extreme and dangerous sports that might harm your muscles or bones. Keep taking supplements and moisturizing your skin. From then on, try to get more social and avoid loneliness. Keep a healthy lifestyle, do regular check-ups and don’t forget just to be happy.

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“The Natural Anti-Aging Plan” Quotes

Anti-aging nutrition works better if it is part of a general plan including suitable physical and mental exercises. Click To Tweet Researchers believe that overweight men who consume large amounts of food are twice as likely to develop prostate cancer than men who are not overweight. Click To Tweet Modern science can do a great deal to banish the most common age-related illnesses. Click To Tweet Research evidence also suggests that a boring environment can accelerate the loss of connections between brain cells and reduce the formation of new ones. Click To Tweet While you were reading these last few paragraphs, you probably lost several dozen brains cells. Click To Tweet

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