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The Wild Diet Summary

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The Wild Diet SummaryGo Beyond Paleo to Burn Fat, Beat Cravings, and Drop 20 Pounds in 40 Days

We know what you have heard.You cannot lose weight without making sacrifices. You will have to take your favorite foods out of your daily menu, and you will have to exercise at least three times per week.

We tell you something else:

40 days. 20 pounds. The easy way.

We present you a summary of everything you need to do to reach your body-weight goal once and for all.

Who Should Read “The Wild Diet”? and Why?

“The Wild Diet” shows you how you can continue eating whatever you want, limit exercise according to your schedule, and at the same time shed off those unwanted pounds.

We recommend this book to readers interested in dieting, those who have had enough of unpractical weight loss strategies, and those who are looking for a way to improve their health.

About Abel James

Abel JamesAbel James created the internationally successful podcast on a healthy lifestyle: The Fat-Burning Man.

“The Wild Diet Summary”

We have all been there, turning around in front of the mirror wanting to shed some weight.

We have inhabited this planet around 200,000 years ago.

In all of these years, the world has evolved many times. You would think that our bodies have changed too.

But guess what?

They have not.

People still need the greens, fruits, nuts, and beans that sustained our ancestors. These foods give our bodies the right kind of nutrients to keep us lean, and more importantly healthy. They trigger the activation of fat burning hormones, and the fibers keep us full for longer.

On the other hand, modern eating habits that revolve around sugary and starchy foods has an opposite effect. Even seemingly healthy foods like fruit juice or granola are full of excessive sugar. Pasta, bread, cereal, and potatoes are full of starch.

But why are sugary and starchy foods bad for us?

That is because they give our bodies more energy than they need, and they increase the insulin levels in our bloodstream. As a result, they prevent our organism from burning body fat.

So, the answer is clear, right?

Reduce the amount of starchy and sugary foods you eat, and your body will go back to being the fat-burning machine it initially is.

Replace these foods with lean protein.

Why is protein the go-to fat burning food?

Because even while digesting it, your body burns fat. Proteins in eggs and meat need three times the energy that the body uses to digest pasta or rice, so the body burns the stored fat to meet this energy need.

What this means is that when you consume protein, your body burns fat and builds muscle.

However, lately animals are often fed with antibiotics and corn to grow faster, so make sure you choose your meat thoroughly. If your budget allows, go for organic meat, if not, purchase offcuts such as heart, liver, or stewing meat, since they have the highest concentration of nutrients.

Another thing which is crucial is drinking plenty of water. Water enables our bodies to function correctly and especially helps the liver, which is our bodies’ primary fat-burning organ.

So how can you tell when your body needs hydration? Contrary to what you may believe thirst is not a very good indicator since thirst tells you that you have already dehydrated.

Hence, you need to prevent feeling thirsty by drinking water over the course of the whole day.

There is one exception to this rule. Avoid water while you are having a meal since it can dilute the digestive juices which you need to process the food. So, do not drink more than a glass of water while you are eating.

Finally, remember that water is the only thing that will give you proper hydration. Coffee, fruit juice, soft drinks and every other fluid will not cut it.

Key Lessons from “The Wild Diet”

1.      Do Not Drink Your Calories: Drink Only Water
2.      Exercise: Quality over Quantity
3.      High Protein Diet

Do Not Drink Your Calories: Drink Only Water

Do not go for sugary drinks like juices, lattes, sodas et cetera. They do not fill you up but add an insane amount of calories in your body.

Many times, we drink our calories. Because fluids do not satisfy our hunger, we may not notice how much calories enter our bodies this way.

So, why don’t you try drinking only water for a month? You might lose a ton of weight just by changing your drinking habits.

Try it! There’s nothing to lose (except those pounds).

Exercise: Quality over Quantity

Your success with exercise does not depend upon the longevity of it but upon the quality of it. By quality, we mean: how hard you push yourself.

Go for a high-intensity workout, and push your body to change. Studies show that exercising in explosive bursts releases testosterone and growth hormones, which, as you know, are responsible for burning fat and building muscle.

Opt for sprinting, pull-ups or squats. You can exercise for seven minutes each day and still burn fat!

High Protein Diet

As we already said, protein is the go-to food. It will keep you full longer, and keep your insulin levels low, which means you will not crave for unhealthy snacks.

Add more meat and eggs and cut on bread, sugar, rice, and pasta.

Doing this, along with a brief but intense exercise and a lot of water will shed those pounds once and for all.

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“The Wild Diet” Quotes

Grains are a starvation food – they provide cheap calories without the vital nutrients of meats, fruits, and vegetables. Click To Tweet When eaten the right way, according to the laws of nature, food is medicine. Click To Tweet Eat plenty of whole and naturally edible foods; and be skeptical of manipulated, processed, and invented food products. Click To Tweet While most nutritionists argue that we eat too much, I argue that we simply eat too often. Click To Tweet How do you fatten a cow? Feed it grains. How do you fatten a human? Feed it grains. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

A book that is easy to follow, filled with many good recipes.

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