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The Truth About Your Future Summary

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The Truth About Your Future PDFThe Money Guide You Need Now, Later, and Much Later

Work now, money later, right? Well, not quite! The future is not so predictable anymore.

The exponential concept is really threatening to destroy different mindsets and notions collected through the ages.

In this book summary, you’ll get introduced to a relatively new set of ideas that may shift your perception about the future.  

Who Should Read “The Truth About Your Future”? And Why?

Unless you are Bruce Almighty, predicting the future is not as easy as you might have thought. Nonetheless, not trying to anticipate possible outcomes can lead to unrecoverable consequences.

According to us, “The Truth About Your Future” is like a waiter that serves everyone an equally well-prepared meal. In other words, we prescribe it to all people who want to look deeper into the cave of wonders brought to you by forthcoming events.

About Ric Edelman

Ric EdelmanDespite being the author of several prominent books, Ric Edelman is the chairman of Edelman Financial Services.

His company offers financial consulting services to companies in need of guidance.

“The Truth About Your Future PDF Summary”

Nobody knows what the future has in store for us. The more we observe it, the more a sense of overwhelming fear takes over us. If you are serious in your intention to prosper perhaps, you need a few life-altering tips that can lend you a hand in the digital madness.

Nowadays changing careers is like changing your socks each day. The more you fight the frantic tempo, the more it sucks you in. The bottom line is – you can’t take a glimpse at your great “tomorrow” unless you agree to turn the switch button On!

9/10 people argue that progress is a steady process, without too many sudden shifts and unexpected turns. Such beliefs fly in the face of the age of rapid change, and the person adopting them risks further breakdowns.

Anyway, the goal is to endorse and fully embrace the “exponential” mindset. What does Exponentiality refer to? – Its purest growth signifies how each penny can be transformed into a $1 million. The growth curve could then reach a staggering 90 degrees trajectory.

Financial Cutting-Edge Technology

Let’s recall some innovative breakthroughs which contribute to a worldwide revolution like M-Pesa. These sites or companies which tend to serve lenders have changed the financial systems.

In the newly-established economy, individuals learned how to absorb incomes from various channels by utilizing the availability of resources. Such a lifestyle was interpreted with skepticism, but the sharing economy decided to take over and swept the world.

Is there a person who hasn’t heard anything regarding the cryptocurrency expansion? We highly doubt that! Bitcoin, as the most prestigious cryptocurrency – is developed on the grounds of blockchain technology. It all started in 2009 when these new assets were introduced to the market.

The governments didn’t interfere in trying to put these fluctuating means under control. In the shortest time-span, the blockchain technology broke into the financial systems and changed its course.

Transactions relying on authenticity started investing in these assets, making the growth unquestionable.

As you know, there are two sides to each story. The other one explains why cybercrime and internet fraud is gradually becoming the embodiment of a new era which also represents an opportunity for some groups to flourish.

The Internet can be labeled as the modern culprit for making these deceptions spiraling out of control.

Big brand such as Facebook, was accused of leaking information on 87 million users in April 2018. The main point is that keeping your data safe is proving to be a “backbreaking” work!

Privacy advocates find the availability of so much information very disturbing. To them I say, You’ve already lost the war.

The process of living a bit longer

Times have changed, for the better or the worst – you be the judge. Take into account your financial possibilities and settle somewhere. A significant portion of Americans chooses to live in natural surroundings, which helps them to accrue the benefits of retirement.

Out of those who do decide to take their marriage and life to the coastline, many retirees immediately experience the effects of living longer.

You are going to live not just another 20 or 40 years but perhaps 50 or 100 more.

Taking walks in the early mornings, and using self-driven cars are just a few of the advantages you should keep an eye on. On top of that, you should always be on the lookout for a cheaper solution!

Medical Care is taken over by Exponentiality

The exponentiality is taking over the medical world as well. Retirement facilities and nursing homes will no longer be in need, and people could eventually take care of themselves.

On the other end, financial professionals all around the world are still trying to revolutionize the car-insurance process. They strive for a long-term policy, which can carry much greater benefits than short-term mechanism.

Conduct Personal Finance and Investing Plans

Without a strategy, your exponential future is at stake. The main thing is trying to anticipate any possible threats that may befall you. Expect a longer lifespan and prepare a short medium and long-term plan!

Your job is to safeguard your interests and maintain stability on all fronts including finance, legal, identity, and others. Your plan should be comprehensive and encompass the future you wish to emerge, as well as your children’s financial balance and health care.

Key Lessons from “The Truth About Your Future”

1.      Play smart and don’t be afraid of defeat
2.      Evaluate your financial capabilities and then make up your mind
3.      New times, new measures

Play smart and don’t be afraid of defeat

Acting with caution can reduce the risk of being a victim of credit card theft or internet fraud. Don’t forget, oscillating digital currency prices also pose a threat to your capital and carry other dangers.

This enormous change in the financial world has left many experts worried about what’s to follow!

Evaluate your financial capabilities and then make up your mind

These communities and shared housing are proving to be an excellent opportunity for those intend to explore some other unorthodox methods.

By doing so, these tenants or residents split the costs, making life much more financially bearable.

New times, new measures

For those in need of change, Ric advises that opting for “hybrid policies” with fixed premiums can be of particular use to you.

These assets offer the best value by considering the impact of all factors including legal. Such an orientation can give you the edge in managing your finances.

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“The Truth About Your Future Quotes”

Any useful statement about the future should appear to be ridiculous. Click To Tweet By rejecting innovation, Luddites interfere with others’ lives. They delay access to improvements that can vastly enhance the individual experience, society at large and the planet as a whole. Click To Tweet If we can…select the sex of our baby, how long will it be before we…choose our baby’s height, weight, left or right-handedness, hair color, athleticism, intelligence and sexual orientation? Click To Tweet Exponential growth is how the 2016 iPad Mini was able to have 50,000 times more computing power than the 1986 space shuttle. Click To Tweet Workers must move from a focus of having a job that makes me money to having skills that make me money... we’re moving from ownership of jobs to access to jobs. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We have been waiting for a long time for someone to come along and tell us the future. Oh no, wait – that’s not the right way!

This is not a book with futuristic insights, but a guide to keep your financial future safe and sound.

Think about it!

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