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Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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The World Is Flat PDF Summary

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The World Is Flat PDFA Brief History of the Twenty-first Century

Let’s run through what is triggering the 21st-century thought of free society.

You have to think broader than merely moving your career into the fast lane. With this in mind, you have to strive to get the hang of the possibilities which are fueled by globalization.

It all boils down to 1k+ words, in which we’ll mix the author’s and our perspective on the topic.

Who Should Read “The World Is Flat”? And Why?

Well, when a book this progressive is written, we are left with both hands tied behind our back – which means that it’s pretty evident that “The World Is Flat” speaks to everyone.

We, think highly of Thomas Friedman, and putting a good word for his book, is a straightforward job to us.

As a matter of fact, we recommend this masterpiece, to all those troubled by the 21st-century mainstream agendas!

About Thomas Friedman

Thomas FriedmanThomas Friedman is an eminent, and highly appreciated American Journalist, and award-winning author, whose work has been featured on the New York Times – Magazine.

He is an expert in global affairs, foreign exchange, terrorism, international trade and so on. He also wrote Hot, Flat and Crowded.

“The World Is Flat PDF Summary”

The World is Flat is an out-of-the-box and historical masterpiece, whose conventional narrative is based on facts and personal viewpoints. All the anecdotes and tales go into detail and throw light upon the elements of a flattened-world!

So, why “Flat”? What will flatten the world?

We sincerely hope nothing, and these events would remain only remain in our memory because any further experiments will endanger the progress.

The ideal country in a flat world is the one with no natural resources because countries with no natural resources tend to dig inside themselves. They try to tap the energy, entrepreneurship, creativity, and intelligence of their own people-men and women-rather than drill an oil well.

The author covers a wide range of topics, from various cultures and industries, who are brought into line with the problems that plague the world. Tackling them down is easier said than done, and we must give some thought to solving it, from an unbiased perspective.

According to Friedman, globalization commenced long before the technological and digital era. It was all set off by Columbus and other significant military conquests, which marked the beginning of worldwide integration.

Jerry Rao, one of the people Thomas met up with, has an essential role in digging up information and evidence regarding the New World.

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