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Where She Went

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Where She Went PDFSometimes, it feels like an impossible assignment to rekindle the love, hope and determination in your relationship.

Unlucky accidents can make our love story go downwards or upside the hill.

It’s your emotional readiness that will decide the victor.

Who Should Read “Where She Went”? And Why?

If you don’t fall into the category of fiction book lovers, we believe that this adult story is not suited for you.

That aside, you’ll certainly be intrigued and uplifted by the message conveyed through the signs of love.

Where She Went” is best suited for souls that are passionate about love, and commitment, and prepared to make compromises.

Gayle Forman Biography

Gayle FormanGayle Forman was born on June 5th, 1970 In Los Angeles. As a fiction writer, she is best known for her immense ability to connect the reader to the actual story.

Her main topics circle around the difficulty of love, and all the features that go with it.

Gayle Forman is the author of a handful of novels including If I Stay, Leave Me, I Was Here, Just One Year, You Can’t Get There from Here, etc.

Book Summary

Gayle Forman, inspired by her imagination has no intentions of stopping and shares a magnificent story which actually is the part 2 of “If I Stay”.

If you missed  “If I Stay ” but want to continue with “Where she left”, (alert: SPOILER!), the essence is a story where Mia finds herself in a terrible car accident with her family and struggles to take the decision between life and death. One of the most significant reason to fight for her life, is her boyfriend, Adam, who gave her a promise she couldn’t resist.

This adult novel puts in the spotlight the main two characters Adam Wilde and Mia Hall once more.

As it is with pretty much all novels, the characters face deception, sacrifice, family intrigues, sex, love problems, and anger.

Adam maintains the same attitude, and from his point of view, it’s best to avoid inflicting pain on anyone in order to remain sharp and sober.

However, let’s take it slowly and plunge into discovering what happened.

In the beginning, the readers are introduced to Adam’s big dreams, which are illustrated by his endless devotion to his rock band – named Shooting Star.

As one of the best bands in the world, they intend to embark on a worldly tour and perform for their loyal fan base.

As you probably assumed, Adam is the start of the show and the key member of one of the best bands out there.

It’s fair to say – Although the band got off to a flying start, Adam struggles to cope with his mental instability, triggered by fear and love loss.

His bandmates notice the shift in Adam’s behavior and his intentions to quarantine himself.

The tense situation is sustained by the increasing use of drugs and alcohol in between concerts and during the shows.

The group doesn’t endorse Adam’s isolation, and they have a hard time working as one.

The worst part is that the media is more interested in Adam’s single endeavors than those of the band. Such a situation leads to many quarrels and misunderstandings from the members of Shooting Star.

Keeping the band together and maintaining a harmonious environment seems like an impossible task from such a standpoint.

Although Adam immersed in his work, the increased dosage of drugs and alcohol damages his charisma and creativity.  

Before we get the big picture of why the band could no longer ham it up for the audience, it’s vital that we understand where this pain is coming from.

Adam’s melancholy was set off by his high school sweetheart and girlfriend Mia Hall.

A series of unfortunate events reflect on her career as a successful and renowned professional musician–cellist.

Sadly, she was in the car with her parents and younger brother when they had a horrible accident.

All of them died, but not Mia. She underwent lengthy and painful treatments and finally got out of the hospital.

Without any warning, she flees over to Juilliard School of Music. After Mia walked out on Adam, he felt discouraged and weak because she promised that they would always stay together.

As a matter of fact, the raising of the curtain occurs at this point. Adam was disheartened due to the fact that his girlfriend left him, without even explaining herself.  

In an unusual turn of events, the night right before Adam’s tour is set in motion, he finds out that Mia is having a show somewhere nearby in the city. He immediately hits the road and attends her mini-concert.

Although he tries to remain hidden in the crowd, Mia notices him and invites Adam to join her backstage.

They are both glad to see each other and spend the night talking, sharing their emotions ideas and sorrows.

At first, all those questions revolving around their separation are sidestepped, but after some time Mia reveals the reasons behind her decision about breaking up with him.

During the long talks, Mia feels emotionally bound to explain her actions and reasons for deciding to put an end to the relationship.

While she was struggling to come out of the coma, she heard Adam’s cry for help. He begged and prayed that Mia would finally wake up and continue with her life.

He went a step further by promising that he would let her go if Mia would open her eyes.

Such promise was, in fact, the turning point in their relationship, and she was angry at him for not allowing her to rest alongside those that she loved the most.

Rather than thanking him, Mia took that as a sign that Adam is partly responsible for her unhappiness and grief. To avoid further confrontations, she simply left him.

Where She Went Epilogue

The novel ends in an unusual fashion, and Mia now with a cool head expresses her gratitude and love towards Adam, and they bury the invisible hatchet.

You must acknowledge the fact that most love stories are equivalent to bumpy rides. If you keep trying to make things right, sooner or later you’ll come out on top.

Adam and Mia restored harmony in their relationship and continued exploring the world side by side.

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“Where She Went Quotes”

Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes choices make you. Click To Tweet Love, it never dies. It never goes away, it never fades, so long as you hang on to it. Love can make you immortal. Click To Tweet I needed to hate someone, and you’re the one I love the most, so it fell on you. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Where She Went has received many positive criticisms from renowned experts, and it’s highly recommended to young adults passionate about fiction.

One for the record: while reading this novel, we were literally dragged into the events of the book, as if we were personally involved.

The author, sure knows how to keep its readers engaged and amazed.

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