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21 Days to a Big Idea Summary

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21 Days to a Big Idea SummaryCreating Breakthrough Business Concepts

Don’t try to save the world!

In this book summary, we reveal some great ways to cash-in your passion and more.

Who Should Read “21 Days to a Big Idea”? And Why?

Years and years of advancement has put the humankind in a position, where we can say – is this it? How far can we go? In fact, there is no ending point in evolution, and that’s the ultimate truth.

21 Days to a Big Idea” is perfect for those understanding this trilogy. If you have a bit of self-esteem left, don’t hesitate to put your expertise to the test.

About Bryan Mattimore

Bryan MattimoreBryan Mattimore is an author and innovation expert. He is also the creator and founder of Growth Engine – company, located in Connecticut.

Mattimore through brainstorming sessions has fostered ingenuity, and improved productiveness at many top-notch brands such as Ford, and Pepsi.

“21 Days to a Big Idea Summary”

It’s not a big secret that some of the world’s greatest minds, used the effects of brainstorming, to expand their ideas globally. Thomas Edison as one of the leaders in such regards shared the same conviction and methods.

An essential asset in Edison’s pursuit of glory was the discipline, which pushed him to write everything that rolled into his mind – a record that dates back to January 3rd, 1888. This piece of paper contains a huge list of over 100 ideas, which technically marked the beginning of an extraordinary career.

Even though plenty of them remained only “in the air,” the goal was to narrow down the list and find one idea that distinguishes itself from the rest. His brilliant mind even came across various plans such as electric piano, artificial silk, etc.

Are you familiar with the saying – Solve people’s problems, and you’ll get rich!? Indeed, if one thing the world isn’t missing that’s trouble and issues at different scales. So, before embarking on a journey, your job is to locate a single one that can give you the edge.

Start with yourself, and the things that make you nervous. There’s got to be something out there that gets you angry and displeased. You don’t have to go into details, start with something conventional such as, carrying groceries or a new toothbrush.

After you examine these, you can begin your narrowing process – same as Edison.  

In general, we have a habit of saying – I’m just an ordinary person, I’m not some kind of genius who can alter the world. According to you, which is more convenient?

  • To go with an existing one, only upgraded.

There’s no reason for feeling uncomfortable while utilizing the benefits from an established concept. The basis often comes from previous inventions, and that’s only natural and normal.

In today’s world, the technology can help you in your endeavors and provide a solid foundation for future inventions. Dreaming is also a crucial part of making an impact.

An excellent way to start is by selecting a technology that is already applicable. Afterward, you should think of a new style that applies to the same methodology, in manners that can be both impressive and unique. Take all cons and pros into consideration and then make your move.  

The formula for success in the realm of inventions is often described as a mix of critical-thinking skills, and technical capabilities. If you decide to put your words into action, synchronization between these two is vital for future progress.

As soon as you are able to digest this connection, all else will flow naturally – as it should. Perhaps the greatest mystery is how to ignite that fire? – That’s not explainable and never will be, but there are some key aspects that you ought to take into account.

Make your mind explore, don’t take away its essence by thinking that you know it all. It’s almost absurd that we should remind you – Keep thinking!!

For instance, what are your thoughts on endless web-surfing? The emphasis mainly falls on, do you consider it productive or not? Perhaps, you are doing it out of habit or because you’ve got nothing more interesting to do at the moment.

How about, turning that energy into something more profound, and utilize the pull from the Internet. Nothing stands between you and your idea, other than inefficiency. A dynamic source of information can be of great help if used properly.

Last but not least, it’s of vital importance that you think about mindfulness and its effects. The personal and professional growth are intertwined with the shred of evidence that you possess about the trends and your funding ideas. Ultimately, you’ll be able to devise a long-term plan for your project.

Key Lessons from “21 Days to a Big Idea

1.      The real conflict
2.      Productivity at its best
3.      The limited world

The real conflict

Once you’ve got your mind unsettled, and you are ready to go toe to toe with your “inner devils” – success is within reach. Don’t forget to investigate the trends, by following simple ground rules and principles – who, what, when, where, why and how?!

Productivity at its best

If you want to beat the odds, in a race against time – one must be willing to undergo various reforms. Increasing productivity is not a mind-game, but a process that is forever ongoing! Assumingly, you don’t want to give up your daily routine, that’s fine also.

The limited world

In the adult world, there is little room for imagination, because we’ve grown-up and became too rational. However, if you manage to rediscover your childish innate nature, you’ll once again rekindle that eagerness and passion.

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Our Critical Review

Think about your first invention as a kid, an indoor house, or a ski sled. You felt like being at the top of the world. This book ignites that same feeling and puts you in a position to dream again.

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