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8 Hour Bestseller Summary

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How to Write Your Bestselling Book in Record Time

Ever wanted to write a non-fiction bestseller? Start sharpening your imagination: your book’s idea is waiting on your brain’s porch! Just waiting for you to find the key and open the door. In 8 Hour Bestseller, Tim Castleman explains how to do just that.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I even won a prize for amateur writers. I wanted to continue, to publish more. I stopped. Why? After so many years, I finally know the answer: lack of courage.

How did I find myself in this business again? After a heavy shock in my private life, I used writing as therapy. Every day I filled blank documents with my thoughts.

We always find our way back to where we belong, no matter how winding our route.


If I am not excited about or wouldn’t enjoy writing about the subject, no amount of motivation will fix that.

“8 Hour Bestseller PDF Summary”

Tim Castleman’s 8 Hour Bestseller is a gift to those who want to learn how to write fast and clear. It has everything you need to create a successful book. Starting from how to find ideas on how to market the final product, every angle’s covered.

It’s aimed at writing non-fiction, but there are plenty of ideas you can take away from it even if you’re interested in writing something else.

My goal is to create enough of a hook or a reason why for people to purchase my book over or in addition to others.

I would say Tim Castleman is an entrepreneur rather than a writer. But it’s hard to imagine it would be possible to achieve such success without talent.

He is a prolific author. The majority of his books are based on his personal experience as an entrepreneur in book publishing. His web page is an extremely simple, but efficient, up-to-date platform.

What’s the secret to his huge success? After reading this book, I would say resilience and the capacity to organize his work. And keeping agreements made with both himself and others.

Is it indeed so simple to create? What roadblocks can occur for an artist when he creates?

If we want to be cynical, we can say that success is 90% work and 10% talent. In my view, it has to be much more for someone to succeed. And it seems talent must also be controlled.

In 8 Hour Bestseller, we get exactly what we wouldn’t expect: rules and regulations, how to organize your work. For an artist, these are usually the last things he thinks about when he creates.

8 Hour Bestseller Summary

Although the book’s style is simple, don’t let it fool you. It’s bursting with knowledge of writing, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Almost every single aspect of book creation is covered.

You’ll need maximum focus; it’s a condensed book. Every single word has meaning. In some cases the language is very straightforward and honest, some would say too honest.

Would you like some insights from Castleman? Let’s see:

  • Strategy – how you unfold the book’s theme – is crucial.
  • Writing is like math: we have formulas, checklists, techniques.
  • We must find a powerful writing routine but try new approaches too.
  • Ask for help if needed, from professionals, or outsource tasks to them.
  • Plan every aspect of your book carefully, delivering high-quality material.
  • Read carefully through it and pay attention to every detail.

You can use the solutions presented in the book at any time. They won’t necessarily apply to you 100%, but they might give you ideas. Using Castleman’s methods you can bring your ideas out of their hiding places.

Everything is done for your public’s delight. There are tips on how to do this, too.

Successful products are made in optimal conditions. These can be external or internal. You have to pay attention to distracting factors, like fatigue, illness or personal issues.

Also, conditions must be kept under control and checked every time you start to write (things like silence, focus, phone, family). These are important aspects, and affect the level of product we expect from ourselves.

Being organized when working can help your focus. Rebalance your thoughts, if they’re wandering.

Another trick to force the hand of inspiration is to have a sort of ritual at every single writing session.

Tips and advice aren’t enough to capture the attention of the reader. You must wrap it in the shiny paper too, to attract the attention of the public. The same applies to chapter or part titles too, they can say a lot about the content. Here are some examples from Castleman:

  • Why You Should Use the 8 Hour Bestseller System
  • The Creativity Checklist: This Changes Everything
  • The Non-fiction Writing Formula
  • The Secret Sauce
  • An Unfair Advantage
  • Kindle Triangulation
  • How to Build a Rapid and Rabid Following
  • The Book Launch Formula (How to Force Your Way Into Amazon’s Bestseller’s List)

An important question arises from the book’s pages. How many shy or anxious-of-criticism, yet talented people pass unnoticed? They generally fear the public’s opinion and don’t have the courage to promote themselves. These aspects mustn’t frighten you, you must keep trying.

8 Hour Bestseller PDF

Some sentences are flamboyant, to keep the reader’s curiosity and urge him to act. Castleman encourages us to try the “recipe”.

He also launches a call to action; don’t be a simple bystander. How can you do that? By rewarding yourself after you’ve finished writing. The “carrot” increases our motivational level and boosts our efficiency.

You’ve finished your book. What next? How do you publish?

Castleman’s 8 Hour Bestseller doesn’t ignore this part of the process. You have some marketing tips too, how to convince readers to buy and make your book a resounding success.

Castleman shares these, and many other “how to” tips. But if you want to be the proud author of a published book you must read his book thoroughly.

I’m curious to know if Thomas Mann or Leo Tolstoy would read a book on writing tips. Tim Castleman believes writing a book is very much like a well-oiled machine. It needs oil to run properly. Would other successful authors agree on that? Or maybe they have tricks too, only kept their secrets to themselves.

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I think 8 Hour Bestseller by Tim Castleman is a great read for anyone wishing to explore their non-fiction (and even fiction) writing talent.

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Improve Your Reading Habits in 28 days

Explore key insights and ideas from 2500+ titles in audio and text

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