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Addicted to Outrage Summary

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Addicted to Outrage PDF Summary

How Thinking Like a Recovering Addict Can Heal the Country

If America resembles a drug addict or any other form of an abuser, that might be a bit disturbing for most Americans.

Nonetheless, it portrays an accurate profile of the political impasse that seeps into everyday life.

The idea of solving this is through the help of recovery programs that ought to bring the US back on its feet as a global superpower.

Who Should Read “Addicted to Outrage”? And Why?

The unpuzzling of the title is indeed a baffling challenge for most people. Even the word outrage can be put into so many different forms and rephrased at one’s preference.

In this connotation, it reveals the devastating effects of nurturing a mindset that prefers emotions over facts.

In addition, we feel urged to prompt every law-abiding American and protector of freedom of speech and thought, to give “Addicted to Outrage” a quick scan.

About Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a well-known political commentator, radio host and founder of “TheBlaze.” His supporters often praise him for his endless striving to limit government control, low taxes, promote freedom of speech and preserve American values.

On the left, he is often criticized for not being supportive of minority groups, among other things.

“Addicted to Outrage PDF Summary”

Glenn starts by explaining the problem of “not listening” to the other side. We nurture this little voice in our heads which points out the following “I am right, and he/she is wrong.”

It is a concept that not only undermines political progress but also puts the entire nation on standby. For instance, do you know that 20% of the Obama supporters which are evidently Democrats voted for Donald Trump in 2016?

Imagine your shock, but that’s the truth.

Demopublicans, as Glenn likes to refer to people who are prepared to listen, are not obliged to agree with any side, and draw out the positives from both.

One particular example most accurately depicts the stalemate and outrage that began cropping up with the arrival of Trump’s administration.

The border kids issue was heavily propagated and disseminated as soon as Trump took power. The truth is that under Obama, the problem also existed and what’s worse, the Democratic Party just didn’t pay any attention whatsoever to the victims of the organized human trafficking.

Drug cartels operating in Mexico realized that by smuggling kids over the border, they could then sold them to “relatives.” It was a process with very few if any legal ramifications. During the uncontrollable influx of refugees, Obama’s administration didn’t know what to do with the border issues, and the system simply crashed.

Glenn Beck, one of the few exclusive reporters there on the scene, recalls that the American public was not informed of this impasse.

As it turns out, any attempt to debunk the “horrors” committed under Trump will automatically transform you into a monster or Hitler.

If you look at the facts, you’ll see that 70% of Americans (both Republicans and Democrats) argue that children should not be separated from their parents at the border.

So, what’s the outrage?

Should we create a country with zero law-enforcement at the borders, and abandon the idea of regulating immigration? – No one is actually sure what the left is suggesting that must be done.

If a country is unable to balance out justice and mercy, the system will be abused, to say the least.

Glenn contends that the chaos instigated here is not going to solve itself, nor by embroiling in political squabbles. The media, on the other hand, should learn to present the real deal and avoid spreading misleading information that could only fire up the whole country.

The core of the solution is the idea of being able to separate refugees with valid papers from those with a criminal background.

How does the “recovery” idea fits into all of this?

Unlike the much-vaunted information about handling addicts, the modern-day addiction is not merely linked to intake of chemicals. It can also be used to describe any sort of attachment especially the one depicting the social stigmas linked to virtue-signaling.

The social acceptance, as a concept, is gaining momentum and it adds to the boiling atmosphere that is raging the American society.

Being under constant emotional fire, and outraged is praised as a way to encourage others to be morally “aware.”

This intellectual awareness is often perceived through the lens of criticism, as merely a hypocritical overview of the societal order.  

Let’s take a look at a practical example:

Each thumbs-up or like can induce a surge of dopamine. The same logic applies to surges of serotonin and oxytocin.

The restlessness is truly shocking especially if you take into account that Western Society has never been freer than nowadays. People are well fed, prompted into education, allowed to pursue better salary, share their viewpoints, express discontent, etc.

Despite all of this, the media often portrays an image of total anarchy designed to oppress the weak.

If that’s the case, then how come the U.S. population that falls under homeless and unsheltered is less than 0.1 percent – the lowest in history. How come the homicide rate continues to decline since the 1970s?

Hollywood also has been revolutionized, and this alteration is not linked to tyranny by any stretch of the imagination. The fatalities on campus have also declined in recent years, and have dropped by a staggering 75% in the past 40 years.

Which mainstream media outlet has ever broadcasted any of this? CNN, FOX? – I don’t think so.

Sometimes, being outrageous is totally justified, but most of the times, it’s merely a virtue-signaling doctrine. Glenn Beck even provides the readers with a real-life illustration of how pathetic the society has become:

We seem to be screaming about existential issues like whether Kylie Jenner is ignorant, racist, or both for braiding her hair into cornrows.

If this is our biggest concern, then how outrageous should some parts of the world be after being bullied, raped, murdered, unable to find a job, no access to fresh water, etc.

To that extent, we will also mention the case when a liberal sex-education instructor referred to genitals as male/female. It was seen as an attack on the gender neutrality, and she was forced to apologize for presuming a person’s gender based on the reproductive parts.

It’s simply ridiculous.

The stigma attached to Post-Modernism

Sadly, the American public is constantly bombarded with news of the world saturated with identity politics. As if the forefathers fought and died for nothing. No one seems to appreciate the freedom all people have to make their own life choices.

For a political organization that exerts itself in the attempt to enforce political correctness, it fails to give wide latitude to figures whose thoughts are not in tune with their agenda. We learn to neglect basic biology, neglect human laws, overlook the virtues of logic, and all but focus on emotions.

For everything wrong, blame the patriarchy and adopt a selfless attitude.

The Weinstein case depicts the struggle of a liberal professor at Evergreen State College who dared to challenge the system and as a result got a slap on the wrist.

His presence on campus became a burden, as a rally of infuriated students demanded his resignation. The stalemate reached a boiling point when the organizers requested that all “Whites” leave campus for “Day of Absence.”

He replied:

There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and underappreciated roles, and a group or coalition encouraging another group to go away.

He was bullied, nagged and labeled a racist and white supremacist. At one point, he was even held hostage by those who “value” freedom of speech.

The values that Bret Weinstein fought for, cross swords with the dominant rhetoric of the radical left which subdues free speech. The Bill of Rights act contains those principles which ought to be respected and cultivated.

We believe that this example serves the purpose of pinpointing the bloodbath that occurred in the 20th century.

Someone would claim that radical leftists demand justice, but as far as truth goes, they demand control.

The end of humanity

Renowned scientists and entrepreneurs fear that technology might be the cause of world destruction. Therefore, the likes of Elon Musk leave all possibilities on the table, even the craziest of all – to colonize Mars in years to come.

Millions are going to lose their jobs, as artificial intelligence is going to replace most of the workforce.

The breakdown in traditional structure leaves many on the verge of extinction. The confidence in the government is shaking, and the universal principles the world has stood by since the end of WW2 are put under scrutiny.

Glenn also reflects on the threads that resonate with the two types of Americans: active and asleep. Universities, media, and everything else under the sun is apparently being used as a tool for mass indoctrination and lie-spreading.

If you fall into the “sleep” category, then you’ll definitely be prone to collective thinking and identity politics. Moreover, politicians need an adversary, much like Hitler needed an arch enemy (the Jews) to facilitate his rise to power.

Then, they can point out the problem and put the blame on someone or something. For instance, the American people these days are led to believe that the problem with wages lies in Mexico and China.

iPhone production, case in point.

American market cannot compete with the “slave labor” offered in China and South America. Americans are not prepared to work under the same conditions that an average Chinese finds acceptable.

When slave labor is replaced by automation, you can bet your house on the theory that jobs will not be returning to the States. It’s straightforward for one to assess the economic difficulties a big company would face to do manufacturing in the US.

Glenn also holds in high regard the idea of contemplating before giving your opinion on something. Allowing someone to organize its thoughts before answering a question it’s truly the formula for productive discourse.

  • T – stands for truthful;
  • H – stands for helpful;
  • I – stands for inspiring;
  • N – stands for necessary;
  • K – stands for kind

The Ultimate Program

The “Glenn Beck Coming Together to Save America” Program consolidates pretty much everything we tried to include in this summary. It is also helped by the recovery programs which represent the fundamental basis for change. In addition, you are entitled to use whatever term you deem appropriate.

The program in itself is rigid, and one should not worry about making political alliances whatsoever. You can rely on your own agenda, and lean on policies which resonate with your values and those of your community.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  • Admit you have a problem
  • Understand and accept the potential consequences of taking no action
  • Find places of agreement
  • Take a moral inventory
  • Have faith that doing this will make a significant difference in your life and in the future of this country
  • Determine the facts and deal only with facts
  • Set realistic goals
  • Don’t label people
  • Open yourself to new possibilities
  • Be generous of spirit and share your discoveries with others

Key Lessons from “Addicted to Outrage”

1.                  The effects of ignoring basic biology
2.                  People are free to make their own choices
3.                  Systematic racism is a myth

The effects of ignoring basic biology

In as much as we all like to feel sympathy toward people who can’t seem to accept their biological gender, it is totally unacceptable to discard the biological implications.

As an illustration: such a move will give unlimited freedom to sex offenders to abuse the system by simply making a claim.

People are free to make their own choices

Today’s world gives you the opportunity to do whatever you deem fit, but you mustn’t dictate your terms to the rest of the world.

One must not use legislation to enforce dictated speech which threatens the core of the American Constitution.

Systematic racism is a myth

Most lefties want to capitalize on the feelings of minority groups by constantly reminding them of their “underdog status.”

By doing so, they manage to keep them obedient and dependent on the government.

It is a strategy that generates votes.

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“Addicted to Outrage Quotes”

Moral outrage is also effective as a shield from judgment. Being morally outraged seems to function very effectively as a mechanism to protect the purveyors of outrage against any evaluation of their actions, tactics, honesty, or… Click To Tweet Outrage is also an exceptional weapon that can pierce the armor of nearly any foe. It’s like a bow with three magically tipped arrows: shame, guilt, and fear. Click To Tweet Our “outrage” over the last three or four presidents is coming with a very high price. Click To Tweet The idea of rights belonging to the people was and still very much is a new and unique concept. It means that we are not only created equal but we cannot even create a body or a government that is more than equal to its life force, the… Click To Tweet If we are going to save this country, we have to make a commitment to respect other people. I’m not saying you have to agree with them, or even like them. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

In all honesty, we don’t feel like we possess the expertise nor the political experience to criticize the US establishment.

With that being said, we felt connected to the message conveyed through this book, and the idea of valuing freedom of expression.

Take notes, and take a critical overview of the whole situation.

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