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An Era of Darkness PDF Summary

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An Era of Darkness PDFThe History of the British Empire in India

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of unanswered questions, regarding the Indo-British history.

Having the undistorted reality served on a silver platter is not a realistic scenario, due to an overload of false and forged documents.

Without further delay, find out what happened in the age of territorial expansion of the British Empire.

Who Should Read “An Era of Darkness”? And Why?

Well, it’s not just India, but the world has always been prone to violence and territorial expansionism. The battle for interest is a part of our subconscious mind, and many Empires such as the British one, took things too far by fully depriving the conquered people of its belongings and rights.

An Era of Darkness” reveals the horrors and atrocities committed by the British invaders, and how they managed to crush India from within.

About Shashi Tharoor

Shashi TharoorShashi Tharoor is the author of many bestsellers, diplomat, and a politician who strives to preserve India’s authority by expressing the details.

He has been featured in multiple magazines worldwide, and as a speaker tries to tell the real story behind India’s lack of functionality. Shashi is also a member of the parliament.  

“An Era of Darkness PDF Summary”

The British rule in India was followed by a series of bloody events and plunders. Indeed, India was an agricultural and industrially backward nation at the time. The British mainly used this as an incentive to subdue any urge for sovereignty, and thus, exportation of resources took place.

For over two centuries of exploitation and embezzlement, the once mighty Indian Empire was on the brink of collapse due to famine and poverty in large scales.

Nowadays, we bear witness to many Britishers who claim that India without its “Parent” nation would not have become the country it’s today. On the other end, Shashi Tharoor strongly rejects this notion and states that India was basically robbed and stripped of its resources during the British reign. No good came out of it!

The Beginning of the End

The plight of many Indians is not a topic to be so easily scanned through. For people of the outside world, in the 18th century, India was a “free marketplace” for the British who needed labor, jewelry, silk, valuable metals, you name it.

For those that don’t know, India participated in the world trading community with an astonishing 23% in the 18th century – making it the world’s most material rich nation. Nonetheless, the British conquest, backed by larger and superior British Force managed to defeat and overthrow Indian rulers who fought for self-government and freedom.

A throwback to an era before the British rose to power – tired of the ruling elite of the Mughal Empire, many provinces of India stepped aside and formed their own alliances. The British East India Company took advantage of the political instability at the time, and slowly one by one managed to conquer all regions through bribery, treachery, and mostly threat.

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