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Bloodlands Summary

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Bloodlands SummaryEurope Between Hitler and Stalin

Are you a history lover, or just eager to learn the dark forces that almost brought the world to its knees in the 40s?!

Bloodlands” presents an unbiased and meticulous side of history, with little room for error and inaccuracy.

About Timothy Snyder

Timothy SnyderTimothy Snyder is a professor at Yale University. He is a polyglot who speaks five different languages.

“Bloodlands Summary”

World War II deserves the epithet of the most ruthless, and bloodiest conflict in the history of humankind.

The end result – more than 50 million dead or missing, so what actually happened during those days.

Before the operation “Barbarossa” Hitler and Stalin devised a plan to conquer Poland and divide its territory.

Stalin’s purges in the 30s were only the beginning of what is depicted as the Dark Age that brought suffering to the people of Europe and Asia.

Approximately 3 million civilians portrayed as traitors were killed under the orders of the Soviet Regime, which escalated after the signing of the non-aggression pact between two hostile governments – the Nazis – and the Communists.

The Soviet people had little knowledge about the collapse of the 5-year-plans designed to speed up the industrialization of the Soviet Union.

The famine in the Union of Social Republics was caused by the collectivization of the farms and refusing to allow the peasants to keep at least 1/10 of their harvest.

The Kulak resistance faced Stalin’s Secret Police – the NKVD, and a large number of them were sent to concentration camps.

The result was devastating; before 1935 more than 5 million Soviets starved to death, and even more, ended up in the Gulag.

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