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America’s Secret War Summary

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America's Secret War Summary

Inside the Hidden Worldwide Struggle Between America

The hypocrisy of the world continues to spread like a disease due to various false claims, and unreliable sources of information that exist. Additionally, “America’s Secret War” tends to return to the basics – where it all started – the Iraq war’s, and deserters joining Al Qaeda.

After summarizing the main stories from this classic, we like to mention that nothing overshadows a memorable book like this.

Who Should Read “America’s Secret War”? And Why?

We accuse false promises, fake news, mind-games, for the present situation, and prompt you to take a turn a give this book a try. In other words, getting “backdoor” facts on the raging wars in the Middle East is a perfect opportunity to get a closer look at the modern-war history.

In reality, we really believe that any person is skilled enough to read this book, but above all, we put those individuals with passion about politics, and those who are eager to fight for justice, and equality.

About George Friedman

George FriedmanGeorge Friedman was born on February 1st, 1949 in Hungary to Jewish parents who mysteriously survived the Holocaust. Later on, he became a geopolitical forecaster and founded Stratfor – an intelligence organization operating under some level of secrecy.

George wrote several books including The Next 100 Years, The Intelligence Edge, The Future of War, The New American Century and others.

“America’s Secret War Summary”

There is not a single person who doesn’t recall the devastating, and most brutal terrorist attack on U.S. soil – September 11, 2001. According to experts this was the turning point in the American history, and gradually reshaped the U.S foreign policies.

Here’s the worst part:

Numerous factors initiated the “closed door” war, it wasn’t just the Al Qaeda threat, but the global terrorist issue.

The embodiment of this conflict was, in fact, the ideological, cultural, and overall view of the world. Although we’ve to some extent absorbed our differences, the extreme, and radical perspective in some people managed to influence large masses, becoming a threat to world peace.

Let’s cut right to the chase:

The so-called, or known “stateless” enemy, once again showed its sabotage power, and prove that not even the cutting-edge technology and surveillance programs can totally eradicate the danger of terrorism.

European countries were mostly concerned and still are about the fighters who return home after being engaged in a war in some remote locations. In reality, it’s hard to integrate these people into the society; not even a prison sentence has proven to be effective, it’s often counterproductive.

Stay with us for the worst-case scenario:

Undoubtedly, the 9/11, 2001 attacks set the alarm globally, as the evilest plot to harm civilians and other financial, political centerpieces in America, ever planned. The terrorist aggression gave a warning signal to G8 countries that not even cooperation can enforce total security and stability.

In a race against time, Al Qaeda members tried to instill fear in the U.S. intelligence system, and create a diversion in order to carry out their plans. The main reason for their success was – Al Qaeda is not a legitimate country nor institution.  

Some military-political models were subjected to discussion and ultimately dissolved. In general, American institutions had to design new structures, because the war demanded it. Al Qaeda had a fierce reputation, and the plan was to engage global offensive strategy, where several countries would involve in endangering their growth and position.

Read on, to learn more about this secret war:

“America’s Secret War” written by author George Friedman argues that the world took this threat very lightly, and thus risk the lives of millions of people.

With all this catchy info in mind, we can begin analyzing the source of that information and digested the “hard copy” presentation. His expertise serves as a guarantee that we are enticed to enjoy and offer our thoughts on this global geopolitical and military story.

Fight for freedom, for media liberation, for civil rights, but this conquest starts at your gates, test your methods. The advantage of America’s Secret War is because it shares a whole lot of information on topics that were shut down by some government officials.

Islamic empire:

It all began with a vision or idea to reestablish a caliphate which existed as a model for state governance 12 centuries ago, and build a cold, independent Islamic nation – Afghanistan. Don’t get this the wrong way; the goal was not Afghanistan or Iraq, the main objective is for all Muslims to pledge allegiance to this caliphate despite their current location.

Key Lessons from “America’s Secret War”

1.      Broken friendship
2.      Ineffective policies and strategies
3.      A new ideology

Broken friendship

After the collapse of the U.S.S.R, and the fall of communism in Europe, Islamic fighters, especially Afghans claimed credit for defeating, and forcing the Soviets to retreat. The U.S. turned its head to other pressing matters and concerns, allowing these so-called “freedom-fighters” to continue with their daily lives, hoping that they can maintain collaboration with them as informal allies. However, these guerilla warriors, maddened by Islamic Fundamentalism, continued their war, endangering the peace all around the world.  

Ineffective policies and strategies

Through the madness of Cold War, countries sensing conflicts began to increased their nuclear potential in case of disaster. Such tensions escalated into many wars, and even after their end, the threat of terrorism remained.  

A new ideology

Al Qaeda and the Taliban, driven by hate or revenge started spreading “the new” version of Islam, an ideology which threatened the democratic way of life and oppressed the rights of almost every living thing on their soil. This radical heavily-armed militia organization established a government and started recruiting Muslims to join the cause.

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“America’s Secret War” Quotes

The problem was that the American media and public could never quite distinguish between the lie and the truth. Click To Tweet War is a game played with most of the pieces on the table most of the time. Click To Tweet The essence of terrorism is this: In a society with many unguarded targets, a group with courage and explosives is extraordinarily difficult to stop. Click To Tweet The decision to invade Iraq was not a good one and very few in the administration thought it was. Click To Tweet Nothing can be understood about Al Qaeda today if we don't understand the crucible of Afghanistan. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Most definitely, “America’s Secret War” deserves your attention because it offers you the front seat from where you can fully understand and perceive conflicts. Not many books can give you such unbiased analyzes and remain impartial for the rest of the story.

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