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Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Summary

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Never Give a Sucker an Even Break SummaryW.C. Fields on Business

If you are a person that loves both business and fun – we have good news for you!

In “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break” you will not only collect business gems that can serve as excellent business advice, but you will also get them wrapped up in a story about W.C. Field’s life.

Read our summary below to find out exactly what you can expect from the book.

Who Should Read “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break”? and Why?

Ronald Fields, the grandson of W.C. Fields, uses his grandfather’s professional and personal biography to present primary business principles that just anyone can use. He talks about topics connected to innovation, creativity, delegation, leadership, managing change, communication, office politics, and budgeting.

You will especially love the pool of humorous sayings (by W.C. Field, of course) included at the end of the book. Some sentences and ideas are redundant and repeat themselves, but the book is nevertheless a fun and engaging read.

So if you like a business and like to laugh – pick it up and enjoy a few hours with it.

About of Ronald Fields and Shaun O’L. Higgins

Ronald FieldsRonald Fields is the writer of the bestseller  W.C. Fields by Himself. He is an Emmy winner for the screenplay for W.C. Fields Straight Up. He has taught creative writing at hundreds of universities and is currently the VP of artistic development at Hollywood-onAir.  

Shaun O’L. HigginsShaun O’L. Higgins is a writer and the chairman of Print Marketing Concepts, Inc. He uses movies to train new managers at Cowles Publishing Company and is currently the director of marketing and sales at The Spokesman-Review.

“Never Give a Sucker an Even Break Summary”

You, just like the rest of the world, have probably heard about W.C. Fields.

He has for quite some time now been viewed as an extraordinary comic virtuoso, known for his humor in silent films and early talkies.

He has additionally gained acclaim for his one line jokes, including the one after this book is named: “Never give a sucker an even break!”

He used to express his humor by creating various alter-egos, for example, Augustus Q. Winterbottom and Professor Eustace P. McGardle.

Where did get the joke ideas from?

Well, he claimed that he could find the humor in standard, everyday circumstances and events, for example, purchasing a stamp or playing golf. Additionally, he made fun of bureaucratic screwing up and difficult-to-deal-with individuals.

But what use can you make of knowing the ways he led his life?

As he transitioned in his career – from vaudeville through the silent films and early talkies, he was a walking presentation of some of the standards of good business. In addition to other things, his life demonstrates the significance of marketing and branding.

He additionally took an interest in product placement and mentions, through which he promoted Chase and Sanborn espresso and Chesterfield and Lucky Strike Cigarettes.

Furthermore, he used to be a great creative thinker, and always wrote down his ideas and thoughts so he would not overlook and forget them. He tried, polished and reworked his ideas to finish his acts.

He knew how to communicate and made good use of his talent for creating relationships. He composed many letters of different kinds, from letters of complaint to cards to say thanks to audition letters.

He knew that “timing is everything,” and realized that WHEN you say something is more vital than WHAT you say or HOW you say it.

He was known for his flexibility and adaptability to any given situation. For instance, he could turn his straight juggling act into a comic one, by utilizing his flubs. Indeed, W.C. Fields’ profession, truisms and motion picture plots hold some astounding business lessons.

And “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break” lists them all. We will cover some of them in the key lessons below.

Key Lessons from “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break”:

1.      A Lesson on Leadership
2.      A Lesson on Resourcefulness
3.      A Lesson on Creativity and Innovation

A Lesson on Leadership

The world knows three general types of books related to leadership. First, books on general leadership theory and practice. Second, books on principles of leadership in organizations. And third, books on personal leadership and celebrity role models.

All of these books advice following the same principles, like the desire to lead, creating a plan you care for and are passionate about, and hard work.

To succeed you also need thick skin, a good team, ability to accept feedback and flexibility that will serve you during a rebound from falls.

A Lesson on Resourcefulness

The field has created a career based on many skills, including his resourcefulness. He was expert at ad-libbing, which led him to funny and “profitable” results.

He knew where he stands and hence was able to build on his strengths and use even his shortcomings to his advantage.

A Lesson on Creativity and Innovation

Fields were pushed to learn to be innovative early in his life since he lacked the resources to buy tricks. Hence, he had to come up with his original act, which at the end led him to create many props.

He used language in imaginatively and gave interesting names to people, places and things using it.

As we already mentioned, he wrote all of his ideas down, so he would not forget them.

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“Never Give a Sucker an Even Break” Quotes

W.C. Fields knew that having an idea was not enough; an idea had to be polished, tested and reworked until it was perfected. Click To Tweet W.C. Fields never wasted an idea. If an idea wasn’t practical as a real invention, he would incorporate it into his comedy routines and films. Click To Tweet When individuals work alone they can be very creative, but when they work together and share ideas they can be even more creative. Click To Tweet Whatever your daily pursuit, if it’s becoming too easy, it’s time to move up a notch. Stretch that brain! Click To Tweet Even with extraordinary talent, the odds are against you if your team doesn’t come together. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

This book does not offer anything new – many of the ideas and advice it provides on success in business is familiar. However, putting them into the context of W.C. Fields’s life and career adds a fresh and compelling touch to them. The authors have adopted a breezy writing style which makes the book easy and enjoyable to read.

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