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Sales Talk Summary

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Sales Talk SummaryHow to Power Up Sales through Verbal Mastery

Do you think you are a good salesperson? What if we tell you that you can become better?

In our summary of “Sales Talk,” we present you Len Sarafino’s advice that will help you swim in the waters of sales more successfully and will keep you from sinking in hard times.

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Who Should Read “Sales Talk”? and Why?

Most books on the topic of sales are written by people who have not sold anything in their life, except their sales courses and books.

Only a few authors have excessive selling experience in their own life. Len Sarafino is one of them.

The author writes “Sales Talk” to present sales techniques to people who need to work on their selling process. “Sales Talk” is simple and filled with useful anecdotes, and we recommend it to beginning salespeople, corporate communicators, and even veterans who notice declining sale figures.

About Len Serafino

Len SerafinoLen Serafino is a salesman and sales trainer with over a decade of experience in selling medical supplies to hospitals, doctors, and HMO’s. He was a buyer of health care services as well. Toastmaster Magazine and HomeCare Magazine have published his articles.

“Sales Talk Summary”

Let us tell you a story.

It has taken you weeks to secure a business meeting with the managing partner at an organization where you believe you can sign a six-figure contract. All through the process, you have kept your supervisor, who is the national accounts manager, apprised.

She chooses to tag along.

Now, you have worked in the industry for a decade, pitching items to these sorts of accounts for a long time. You know everything there is to know about it, and you know how to make an impactful presentation to this high potential customer, including all the features and benefits.

You have prepared, practiced and got mentally ready for the person that you are about to persuade.

In spite of the fact that your supervisor has a general idea of the market, she has no specific insight in the whereabouts of this client. She dispatches a non-specific exchange about industry issues that overlooks the main problem and weakens your credibility.

Furthermore, she shows an extreme lack of knowledge about the customer’s organization and its needs. The customer’s non-verbal signs indicate that she is offended by your team’s low level of preparation and that she is too busy to listen to more from somebody who cannot bring improvements to her.

While you are still in her office, she turns up the radio and after that approaches her secretary and asks her for any calls.

What we just described is a situation based on a failure to communicate.

To avoid such unwanted and unpleasant outcomes, always know who will attend a business meeting, both from your client’s and your company. Create an agenda and decide who will talk and under what conditions.

On the off chance that your supervisor demands to go to the meeting or wants to include another sales representative, ensure they get prepared. Team selling requires colleagues with exceptional mastery to answer complex technical or administrative inquiries.

Below we list some advice you should keep in mind:

    • You know both the expert and your customer, so make sure they are a good match.
    • Meet in advance with your team and have them rehearse answering the questions you expect your client to ask.
    • Open the meeting by introducing the members of your team, and explaining why they are attending the meeting.
    • Leave time for questions after each presentation.
    • Establish time limits, but don’t rush the question and answer period.
  • If you have a team member who is a better facilitator than you are, let him, or she takes the lead.

Key Lessons from “Sales Talk”

1.      Improving Communication Skills: The Right Message
2.      Prepare for Sales Success
3.      Knowing when to ask for the Customer’s Business

Improving Communication Skills: The Right Message

Sales talk should never be a monologue, but a conversation. So, you need to grow your business skills continually. Here’s how:

    • Assess your skills as a communicator
    • Take vocabulary tests
    • Write down your strengths and weaknesses
    • Check your skills
    • Read every day
    • Learn to tell stories and use analogies.
    • Watch how other people communicate with a critical eye
  • Record your speech on the phone or when rehearsing a sales presentation

Prepare for Sales Success

  • Try the product or service you offer before you sell it and while you are selling it to others. Notice whether the marketing claims match its performance.
  • Inquire your customers about your products. Gather opinions on what they like the most, and make special note of anecdotes you can use in your selling presentations.
  • Believe in your product.
  • Check the facts, numbers, and spelling before you use them.
  • Stand up when you speak on the phone to present a high energy level.
  • Avoid flashiness.
  • Keep your business card simple. When someone else gives you a card, look at it before you put it in your pocket.

Knowing when to ask for the Customer’s Business

    • Look for signals that the customer is ready to buy
    • Keep it simple and straightforward
    • Ask again, if you do not get the answer you want the first time
    • Don’t be cocky but be firm and confident
  • Shut up once you have made the sale

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“Sales Talk” Quotes

Truly successful salespeople will tell you that if you listen closely to your customers, they will tell you how to sell to them. Click To Tweet Stick to the basics, and if possible, refer to a current newsworthy event that demonstrates your organization’s vitality. Click To Tweet Contrary to the myth that a hearty handshake suggests you are a person of substance, all it does in our aging populations is trigger arthritis pain. Click To Tweet Knowing how your product is positioned in the customer’s mind allows you to tailor your presentation, reinforcing strong areas and addressing any perceived weak spots. Click To Tweet A high energy level can make up for a multitude of shortcomings. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Sales Talk” is a book that is useful for both novice salespeople and veterans. It has something to teach each one of its readers. The only problem is that it has taken into account many processes and it does not go into detail into all of them.

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