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The Triangle of Truth Summary

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The Triangle of Truth SummaryThe Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Large and Small

Lisa Earle McLeod bravely embarks on a journey, and without hesitation insists on you getting the picture of “The Triangle of Truth”.

In this book, we summarize some personal stories linked to unique personalities. All these tales or anecdotes reveal the bitter truth that nowadays we fail to identify the influences that harm our organizations.

Who Should Read “The Triangle of Truth”? And Why?

Keeping faith in something inspire us to go through life, and refuse to submit to its cruelty. Adopt a patient approach, and stick to aspects that you trust almost blindly. This easy-going book presents peace-keeping ideas and suggests that every person deserves to have success in all aspects of life.

No wonder why it’s prescribed to all people. A guarantee for unity, it connects all beings from this world and thereby leading to the rise of a happier and fearless Earth.

About Lisa Earle McLeod

Lisa Earle McLeodLisa Earle McLeod is a renowned business consultant, author, sales leadership expert and motivational speaker who inspires thousands of people with her methods and tips. She researched the market fluctuations, and present it to the business community, which ultimately brought her international fame. Her most famous book is Selling with Noble Purpose – a bestseller.

“The Triangle of Truth Summary”

Here are the opening remarks by Lisa Earle McLeod on the seven basic principles, or methodologies that can transform the workplace into a supportive environment. If you’ve ever had an urge to deal with a client, colleague, or boss, with whom you weren’t on the same frequency “The Triangle of Truth,” displays some problem-solving techniques without any vague concepts.

The structure of a company is designed to overcome obstacles in the competitive marketplace, which subtly also relates to our personal growth. First and foremost, the strongest tool at your disposal is your morality and concepts by which you operate.

Rash decisions and conclusions aside let’s digest this guidebook slowly:

This book stimulates unlimited liability for any risk that may endanger the existence of your firm. The key to prevent this unwanted attention to leave your company defenseless lies within your principles. We discuss these essential aspects, from a different standpoint and present them in a nutshell.

Stay tuned for more on the principles:

A person willing to undergo a drastic inner reform is the best candidate for being able to distinguish between facts and fantasy. We take on prominent figures, which implement these elements into their lives and leave a mark in the business world. As simple as it may seem, it’s actually quite challenging because we’ve been taught otherwise.

Here’s the situation:

Sometimes deliberately, more often unintentionally we are a threat to ourselves by being unaware or not giving importance to the triangle solution. The cravings for success act as a link between different worlds, but an evaluation of the effectiveness of these intuitive methods is crucial. Develop an approach that can get all your principal objectives within reach. Follow this positive guidance, and put words into actions!

The Triangle technique serves best as a mediator between two “warring parties,” by explaining that’s not essential who’s right or wrong. The essence is to find a solution, not to continue arguing about topics which obstruct the progress. There is no my truth, or yours it’s quite frankly the same, leave your stubborn ideas aside, and support a compromise agreement.

Are you prepared to see with the eyes of truth:

By all means, Lisa Earle McLeod is a person of focus, an individual with the perfect traits for promoting this vision.

Most people see this world as lots of yeses/noes. In reality, the judgemental behavior doesn’t allow us to see the big picture from where it all started. Not everything can be categorized as good or bad, acceptable or not, right or wrong, smart or dumb.

The ignorant attitude is destined to failure:

We must abandon this shallow perspective, and turn our heads towards more practical theories. The Triangle adds the “And, or May” possibility, which promotes a sense of duality in various circumstances.

Why should you follow your intuition?

Collective behavior is not always the right one, adopt a fearless attitude and get credit for your bravery. It sounds a bit old-fashioned but actually is the recipe to defend the truth vigorously. Remember that truth is rarely the problem, our belief in certain false theories trouble our minds.

Key Lessons from “The Triangle of Truth”

1.      The power of principles
2.      Expose yourself to danger
3.      Abandoning the extremes

The power of principles

Generally speaking, even if you transform your mindset, some of your associates, superiors or clients are not willing to do the same – what now? The Triangle doesn’t need support from the other side to function. Don’t be afraid to stand-up alone, when utilizing “The Triangle of Truth” methods.

Expose yourself to danger

Big-time players are risk-takers, winners aren’t afraid of defeat, all their earnings, investments and decisions are at stake. A controversial and yet highly motivational attitude which illustrates The Triangle of Truth practices.

Abandoning the extremes

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as “my truth” and “your truth,” dead-end solutions don’t serve your interests. An inspiring Triangle solution is much more efficient than any one-sided conclusion. Kill two birds with one stone, and implement these ideas to reach the top. Climbing the corporate ladder is never easy, in fact, it’s very demanding – it requires your reconciliation with other members.

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“The Triangle of Truth” Quotes

It’s not our truths that cause the problems, it’s our belief in their exclusivity. Click To Tweet When we make judgments about someone’s suggested solutions, we lose the ability to influence their thinking. Click To Tweet We don’t have to choose between holding ground or the middle ground; we can decide to co-create a path to the high ground. Click To Tweet Love is what enables people to put aside their own ego on behalf of something bigger than themselves. Click To Tweet When you try to bend the world to your will, people and circumstances tend to resist. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Even though this book has a lot to offer, is often criticized for its straightforward terminology, and repetitiveness that prevails. Nevertheless, it’s an instant-read, filled with interesting facts that can help you on your route to prosperity.  

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