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Ecological Intelligence Summary

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Ecological Intelligence Summary

The Hidden Impacts of What We Buy

The environmental effects play a pivotal role in our community, regardless of our expertise on the subject. Daniel picks an argument linked to Ecological Intelligence and transparently offers solutions.

Our book summary focuses on topics close to your field of knowledge, and in the meantime, presents info on the global issue that threatens our planet.

Who Should Read “Ecological Intelligence”? And Why?

To sum up, we highly recommend “Ecological Intelligence” to all people out there, and we warmly advise you to take this classic seriously and offer your suggestions on the present concern. It’s easy-going, fact-filled, and informative masterpiece, same as his previous books, in which Daniel advocates for transparency and increased responsibility.

About Daniel Goleman

Daniel GolemanDaniel Goleman is an internationally recognized individual born on March 7th, 1946. As the author of several best-sellers, he surely has the credibility to talk about different niches, sharing his views. Daniel wrote Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Primal Leadership, etc.

“Ecological Intelligence Summary”

In the digital age, the technology is taking over the world. The companies using cutting-edge machinery produce an abundance of luxurious items, and commodities but at the cost of environmental pollution and human health. We neglect the call of nature, and we pay the price for such ignorant behavior.

Daniel Goleman, an intelligence expert, unceasingly tries to awake the people, and enforce laws which will prevent the spreading of this disaster.

Ready for more, stay with us:

By all means, the planet is dying. Don’t be fooled by the notion that the world doesn’t offer ecologically acceptable products or choices, and in order to satisfy our needs we need to purchase these hazardous commodities. First and foremost, every transformation starts from within. The worst-case scenario is currently unfolding – referring to individuals who say – How can I affect the world?

If freedom is what you want, and you wish to live in a healthy, harmless environment, you have to make your contribution to Mother Nature. According to Goleman’s prognosis, if the population starts using eco products, and we become eco-conscious consumers, this will automatically trigger a change and increase the planet’s lifespan.

For more, we await your contribution to Ecological Intelligence:

Obviously, corporations wouldn’t go along with this, because they fear that these modifications will come at the expense of their profits. However, this is an entirely false claim, because Goodman believes that these changes will not merely stabilize the economy but boost corporate profits as well.

Lots of skeptics disagree with this noble statement, due to various reasons which are not relevant to the discussion. In today’s topic, we stick to things which can compel people to understand that we only have one planet, it’s our humble home.  

Generally speaking, the main goal is to apply these ideas in practice and work hard until we create an environment worth living.  

“Ecological intelligence” is a life-altering book which entices us to reconsider our behavior. Over the years, we’ve forgotten that this planet offers shelter, and we must act as guests, not as hosts. Respect other’s privacy, it’s not such a hard thing to do, or is it? We behave as if we have thousands of planets available. The world around us, the wars, anger, hatred only illustrate or reflect what have we done with the place.

For the sake of our community, and for your well-being, it’s beneficial to learn how certain products and technologies affect” the “biosphere,” the “geosphere and the “sociosphere,”  

When intelligence provokes an inner shift leading to a healthy environment, the corporation would have no other choice than to follow consumers’ footsteps. Ecological Intelligence doesn’t refer only to pollution as one may assume, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways in which we harm ourselves and the ones we love by living without a sense of social responsibility.

As you can see, these things create and suffocate the planet. We lack compassion, awareness, and sense of knowingness to return the favor to Mother Nature.

Extensive research and discoveries indicate that many customers or individuals – are willing to pay a higher price for a certain product if they are sure that the production is ongoing ethically.

How is that possible?

Of course, rural areas are more price-sensitive, but this is not always the case. In many occasions, people fight for freedom of speech, civil rights, movement, and thereby we gradually become more socially responsible and compassionate about each other. Such attitude can make you reject some product if that same commodity is being produced by the tears of unhappy workers.  

Key Lessons from “Ecological Intelligence”

1.      It’s tough to implement these methods on companies but not impossible
2.      Corporations’ priority
3.      Don’t be afraid to go all the way

It’s tough to implement these methods on companies but not impossible

As far corporations are concerned, building ecological intelligence is a bit harder. However, Daniel Goleman presents top-notch techniques for businesses and expects that in the near future they’ll apply these strategies for making profits while being socially responsible.  

Corporations’ priority

A large portion of the people is not concerned at all how their favorite products are made. In general, companies are too profit-oriented, and we need government officials to regulate these business empires. The manufacturers are pursuing their paycheck, probably even worrying about the working-atmosphere in the company.

Don’t be afraid to go all the way

Once a person dives into the unknown of ecological intelligence, it’s more likely that it will prefer different kinds of products. Such responsible behavior occurs as a result of increased awareness which enables you to grows spiritually as well.

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“Ecological Intelligence” Quotes

Everything connects to everything. Click To Tweet Ecologically intelligent companies will be proactive: businesses will want to...know about epigenetic data, collaborate with suppliers to make shifts, see the marketplace feedback as actionable information and perceive the change as… Click To Tweet No one told food companies they had to stop using trans fat. The crucial shift was in the information available to consumers. Click To Tweet Our brain excels at handling threats in the moment but falters at managing those...in some indefinite future. Click To Tweet Radical transparency means tracking every substantial impact of an item from manufacture to disposal...and summarizing those impacts for shoppers as they are deciding what to purchase. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

What is the best thing about a book? – is it applicable in real life? “Ecological Intelligence” comes out on top in this category, and thrives on trustworthiness and transparency. In other words, you won’t regret it, if you read this amazing masterpiece.

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