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Believe It to Achieve It Summary

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Believe It to Achieve It PDFIt sounds logical, doesn’t it?

Not even a pile of overwhelming evidence is enough for some people to take action.

Their laziness and lethargic attitude obstructs every process and undermines all chances of a possible clean sweep.

Who Should Read “Believe It to Achieve It”? And Why?

We don’t want to spend any more words than we have to on this one.

Believe It to Achieve it is without any question suitable for the wider audience, especially for people who lack determination and have low self-esteem.

About Bryan Tracy & Christina Stein

Bryan TracyBrian Tracy is the author of many bestselling books, and of the of most celebrated motivators in the digital era. His best works are: Eat That Frog, No Excuses, Maximum Achievement, Get Smart, etc.

Christina Stein is an author, speaker, and psychotherapist who holds a master degree in clinical psychology.

“Believe It to Achieve It PDF Summary”

We live in a world without words, where everything changes in a heartbeat. You don’t need anyone to tell you that stress is all around us. Settling scores with the society is anything but beneficial. So, what should you do?

Following a clear and concise step-by-step program developed by Brian Tracy and Christina Stein can be a start. Cast doubt on your patterns and challenge your ideas!

CHAPTER ONE: Why People Get Stuck

Each and every one can recall a situation that brought you suffering such as: losing a job or ending up heartbroken. Why do you need this simple exercise?

A person who thrives on challenges can generally overcome this insecurity and develop into a self-conscious individual. If you can look back without a judgemental attitude, you’ll not be pulled in the circle of endless suffering.

CHAPTER TWO: What Holds You Back

You don’t need maneuvering to get everything you desire and crave for. Many people have risen to the occasion just because they were aware of their craftiness.

No one can take away your talent, not even you. Nonetheless, sometimes we give it away so easily, walk out on it, and reject the possibility that one day we could live our dreams. In reality, there is virtually nothing impossible if you are willing to put a lot of effort and energy.  

If you lack the stomach to follow your dreams, no one can do it on your behalf.

CHAPTER THREE: Letting Go of the Past

Whatever affects your decision-making can be modified to serve a higher purpose. Ascertain the cause of your defeats, before you draw any conclusion. That way, you will be one step ahead of any trauma, and thus you’ll take over the driver’s seat.

CHAPTER FOUR: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

This step is easy to digest because it promotes a message that is pretty straightforward. Why a positive thinking head prevails over a negative one? Underachievers are those people who lack the efficiency and determination to get things done.

Having the upper hand is sometimes harder than it seems because we don’t dare to run the show. We are satisfied with second place, a position that is merely a reflection of fear and insecurity.

CHAPTER FIVE: Become a Master of Change

The human body, nature, society are prone to evolution; everything changes with each breath. If you don’t embrace a flexible attitude, the world will crash down on your shoulders. Be more open-minded and prepared for anything.

Expecting a change is a step that must be taken into account. Changes are inevitable; an aspect of our lives that cannot be sidestepped. With this in mind, it’s better if you adjust to changes, rather than opposing their impact and staying rigid.

CHAPTER SIX: The People in Your Life

Everyone carries mental baggage that is filled with depression, anxiety and moments to forget. Despite these painful memories, Brian warns you of the danger to put the blame on others and shift the responsibility. You are the only one who should be held accountable for your life.

These individuals who left a mark in your life, shouldn’t be taken too seriously, because at the end of the day, it all relies on your readiness to show glimpses of your full capabilities.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Get On with It!

In this chapter, you’ll get the hand of 7 critical steps that one must take in order to exploit its mental and intellectual potential fully.

  1. Values: It’s needless to say that happy people, don’t bargain with happiness. They stand firmly behind their decisions, because their values are out in the open.
  2. VisionThe minute you define your values, you can then begin to visualize and put yourself in a position you would like to be in the foreseeable future.
  3. Mission: Find your mission before you do anything else. Question your agenda, personality, goals, vision and choose a field that requires your prowess as a specialist.
  4. Purpose: What is your purpose on this planet? Do you want to be yet another undiscovered gem, or join the mediocre mindset prevailing in the community?
  5. Goals: Define your goals before making a move. It’s a lot easier to succeed once you have a clear direction where you should be heading.
  6. Priorities: It may seem obvious, but many people misjudge their capabilities because they don’t heed the warnings.
  7. Actions: Once you execute all the steps, you can then proceed to put your plan, vision, values, and goals into action. The perfect mix of discipline and willpower can take you anywhere.

CONCLUSION: Seven Truths About You

You are a thoroughly good and excellent person. There is no single evidence out there that can crumble your inner value because your potential and talent are beyond “ifs” and “buts”!

You are important, in many, many ways. We are all beautiful creations, deriving from the same place. Don’t cast doubt on your uniqueness and value as a human being.

You have unlimited potential. Who can be the master of your destiny other than you? It’s about time you harness the power of vision and emotional stability.

You create your world in every respect. You don’t need us telling you, whatever you think; you become. Change your life, by changing your mindset.

You are always free to choose. This existence grants us the privilege of choosing life in manners that suits us. Don’t lose your grip on your happiness and bliss.

You were put on this earth with a great destiny. There’s not a single person out there who shares the same abilities and skills as you do. Don’t underestimate your capacity.

There are no limits to what you can do, be, or have. It is scary for some people to hear and witness the dreaded truth – There are no limits nor restrictions in the universe!

Key Lessons from “Believe It to Achieve It”

1.      Embrace uncertainty and uniqueness
2.      Create your future at once
3.      Adopt an “I Can Do It” attitude

Embrace uncertainty and uniqueness

Not even twins are comparable, so quotes I can’t hold a candle to “someone” are not advisable.

Stick to your oneness, and don’t fall in the pitfall of identification and comparison.

Create your future at once

It’s about time you steer your mind and life, and use your authority to fix things up. Sometimes, we tend to put our faith in the hands of other individuals.

Such mentality is a one-way ticket to an emotional breakdown. Evaluate your decisions and take one step at the time.

Adopt an “I Can Do It” attitude

We cannot emphasize enough of how important it is for you to be fully equipped with the right behavior.

Whiners and underachievers have one thing in common – They can’t do it! Don’t fall for that, follow in the footsteps of those who advocate for success and transparency.

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“Believe It to Achieve It Quotes”

The first cause of negative emotions is justification. Negative emotions cannot exist unless you can explain to yourself and others why you are entitled to feel how you do about this person or situation. Click To Tweet Fear, doubt, and worry arise when the child is continually criticized whenever she makes a mistake of any kind. Click To Tweet Big life changes such as a new job, moving, the birth of a child, and the end of a relationship can all result in short periods of feeling overwhelmed and irrational. Click To Tweet Peace of mind is the highest human good. Click To Tweet Perhaps the most important principle of success and happiness is contained in the law of forgiveness. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

Perhaps not everyone wishes to hear this, but there are hardly any limits!

This book presents a guideline made of certain protocols and standards that you should embrace if you wish to count yourself among victors.

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