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Born To Win Summary

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Born To Win PDFTransactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments

You don’t need to have a Master’s Degree in Psychology to be interested in some fundamental aspects of it.

This book provides the readers with lots of insightful and mind-blowing information regarding the human urges to behave as they do.

Stay tuned, and find out more.

Who Should Read “Born To Win”? And Why?

Our actions merely reflect our inner state, and that’s the only truth. The bottom line is – if you are armed with self-knowledge and psychological expertise you are drastically increasing your chances of staying on the top.

Born to Win” is a life-altering masterpiece that calls into question our decision-making and mindset.

About Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward

Muriel JamesDespite being an author, Muriel James, Ed.D. is also a marriage counselor and an expert in psychology. As the former president of the International Transactional Analysis Association, she certainly has a lot to offer.

Dorothy Jongeward works as a management consultant.

“Born To Win PDF Summary”

Transactional analysis (TA) along with gestalt therapy drills down to the core of human conduct in given situations. Understanding why we behave in a certain manner, and how those changes affect our mood is a psychological paradigm that is subjected to heated debates.

Dr. Eric Berne is the father-figure of this research bomb, which puts transactional analysis at the very center of understanding the nature of our actions. When it comes to gestalt therapy experiments, Dr. Frederick Perls can be labeled as the architect of this concept.

Helping people to unify or integrate their conflicting traits is Frederick’s primary concern. A significant chunk of the human population is still on the verge of an emotional breakdown because of the negative influences that spread equally “deadly” vibes in the environment.

In the light of these two processes brought together, it’s fair to say that people can plunge into new insightful breakthroughs.  

Unlike other methodologies, TA and gestalt therapy take under their wing the individuals who are in desperate need of guidance. This new form of aid represents the turning point in the lives of many. To put it differently, the mindset you nurture and cultivate can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Living a responsible, caring, creative, spontaneous and fulfilled life is at the receiving end of this procedure. Whipped up to take concrete actions and weed out the concepts that stopped you from seeing the light, is another way of saying that you require a mind-alteration.

Tackle the harmful tendencies

Gestalt therapy is still an unfamiliar discipline for most people. You might want to slow down the pace to see what triggers your scatterbrained attitude. Becoming an organized person with well-defined goals and plans can only be sustained by the right mindset.

In a more scientific connotation, Gestalt therapy mainly addresses neuroticism, which according to Perls represents the inability to achieve full integration.

Turn a new leaf

Let’s take a hypothetical situation: A person who can’t seem to find a job or can’t seem to make new friends is feeling desperate. His current position is the “hot-seat” which is empty of genuine intentions and ideas.

He calls for help and decides to tackle these different personalities. His projections are not needed, and he must turn his head over to more significant tendencies.

To find out the nature of this hostility, perhaps the person needs to switch the chair. Although the individual claims that uncertainty troubles his mind more than anything, it’s vital to see his position while addressing others.

In addition, let’s take a look at the four chairs and understand the bitter side:

    • Hot seat – “I have little clue what to do now. If you ask me I am always polite to people.”
    • Other chair – “You are prepared to see why you’re here, and why you can’t prosper in personal and professional life.”
    • Hot seat – “I simply can’t seem to digest these tendencies. I am always behaving friendly.”
  • Other chair – “You are getting nowhere, and you are basically on the fence between making a big deal out of everything or wanting to show people that you do care.”

Losers hate to be branded or marked as underachievers or whiners. Their main priority is to conceal their fearful mindset, on the condition that they’ll leave a better impression. The persons struggling to pluck up their courage wants to portray themselves as macho.

They love to beat around the bush and do pretty much everything that will keep the focus away from their flaws.

They prefer to fly under the radar to blow off some steam and prevent others from disclosing their insecurity.

On the other end, winners love to emphasize their imperfections and work on them. They want logic to prevail over fear and have an unquenchable thirst for self-knowingness.

The personality “cult” derives from the egoic form of consciousness, and this is the superficial state of one’s self.

Key Lessons from “Born To Win”

1.      Define your purpose
2.      Change your perception
3.      Understand the whole story

Define your purpose

Unaware of their genuine motives and intentions, many individuals roam around the world purposelessly.

Staying in the shadows is one way of feeling safe and secure. For precisely the same reason, they sometimes bite more than they can chew.

Change your perception

People who are not afraid to raise the bar and come out on top can see the big picture and become aware of their feelings, emotions, urges, etc.

Finding the key to your mind is a door that opens up undiscovered treasures.

Understand the whole story

To cut a long story short, Perls wants to create a perceptive society which is aware of its disintegrated personalities. These dimensions create a new way of fixing a torn apart and fragile society.

Productivity also depends upon the process of unifying these fragments, so individuals can no longer get distracted so easily on a daily basis.

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“Born To Win Quotes”

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; Each man in his time plays many parts. Click To Tweet One way people can get in touch with the old feelings that they keep reinforcing is to become aware of feelings that seem inappropriate in the situation. Click To Tweet Transactional analysis is a tool you can use to know yourself, to know how you relate to others and to discover the dramatic course your life is taking. Click To Tweet For better or for worse, parents serve as models and are imprinted on the brains of their children. Click To Tweet Being discounted is always painful. Between parents and children, it leads to personality pathology – creating losers. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

We can’t say much other than – this book deserves to be on your reading list. Find a place on your bookshelf and start inquiring.

If you need any extra tip, make sure to drill down to the fundamental concepts of this topic and satisfy your appetite for knowledge.

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