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Category: Poetry

Tao Te Ching Quotes

Tao Te Ching Quotes

The Tao Te Ching – also known as Daode Jing – is an ancient Chinese text purportedly written by Laozi, aka Lao Tzu, a mystical 6th century philosopher and sage. Even though rather brief – merely 81 chapters – and, […]

Rumi Quotes & Poetry

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi was 13th century, poet, mystic and theologian who managed to conquer the world with his heart. Born in modern-day Afghanistan, he was under the guiding hand of his father and other renowned mystics and Sufis at […]

milk and honey summary

milk and honey summary

Yesterday was Rupi Kaur’s 26th birthday. (Happy birthday, Rupi!) To honor her – as well as show our appreciation for her work – we decided to make her two books (milk and honey and the sun and her flowers) the […]