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Start growing!

Boost your life and career with the best book summaries.

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Everything I Know Summary

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Everything I Know SummaryThe Basics of Creating a Learning and Problem-Solving Culture

If you want to learn how you can be your own boss – and still achieve stellar heights – it’s good to know a guy like Paul Jarvis. Because he wants to share his entire knowledge with you and teach you everything he knows.

And our “Everything I Know” summary is everything we know about his book.

Who Should Read “Everything I Know”? And Why?

“Everything I Know” reads like a host of haphazard advice taken out from personal experience. Consequently, it’s flexible and adaptable, or, in other words, different parts of it would appeal to different categories of people.

The creative type would certainly benefit most. But even entrepreneurs will be able to find something for them here. Just as people with great ideas and/or products, who have failed to monetize them.

About Paul Jarvis

Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis has spent most of his professional life in the online tech world. He is the strategist and designer behind some of the world’s most successful online businesses. His clients include Microsoft, Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz, Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, The High Line and many more.

In addition to “Everything I Know,” he has authored three more books: “The Good Creative,” “Company of One” and “Be Awesome at Online Business.”

“Everything I Know Summary”

So, you want advice on how to write your masterpiece? Or how to invent the product which will disrupt the market and make you the next Steve Jobs? Or, maybe, you just want to learn how to win a million dollars?

Then, “Everything I Know” is probably not for you.

Because Paul Jarvis doesn’t believe in easy solutions or “one-size-fits-all advice”! On the contrary, he’s all about uniqueness and fluidity. And, though, paradoxically, that means that his book sometimes tends to incline towards clichés and common knowledge, it’s still a great read!

After all, some phrases have become truisms and sayings because they often proved to be correct; not because people are uninventive.

Paul Jarvis’ first advice is twofold: use two guidelines to find your path.

First of all, align your life mission with your values. Although, this is something obvious in itself, the real reason for it may be a little less apparent.

Intrinsic motivation.

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