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Facebook Ads Manual Summary

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Facebook Ads Manual Summary

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

You want to become a social media star? And you’re pretty sure you got what it takes – the only thing is you can’t reach a wider audience no matter what you do?

Mojca Mars’ “Facebook Ads Manual” is here – with a step-by-step Facebook advertising blueprint!

Who Should Read “Facebook Ads Manual”? And Why?

Two years ago, a reviewer at Product Hunt quipped: “Mojca is THE expert on the topic. This book will print you money if you apply her advice with due diligence.”

And, really, the book is probably the best structured, most comprehensible and most up-to-date Facebook advertising manual.

If you’ve never tried Facebook Ads or have tried them but have never seen the results in terms of website visitors, engagement and especially, conversion – this book is the one you should read.

Especially if you’re a consultant or a freelancer.

About Mojca Mars

Mojca MarsMojca Mars is a Slovenian marketing mastermind and the founder of Super Spicy Media, a Facebook advertising agency.

She was fired from Mediamix, an advertising agency she worked for a year and a half, in 2014. Almost immediately, she started Super Spicy Media, and, by the end of the year, she was making twice more money than before.

She has worked with many big companies, speaking at events as diverse as MicroConf, BabelCamp, and Double Your Freelancing Conference.

“Facebook Ads Manual Summary”

Facebook marketing is not that difficult, right?

After all, there are books which have explained it before for 5-year-olds! So, what’s the point in having to read one more book on the subject?

Well, if everything is going well with your business, and you know your way around Facebook Advertising, then you don’t! And Mojca Mars is actually the first one to tell you this. She didn’t write the book for professionals. She wrote it for those who want to become ones.

And the best way to do this is to use her very own, experience-based and reality-proof GRAB2 model.

GRAB2 stands Goal, Results, Audience, Budget, Brand. And, as Mars says – “these 5 words are extracted from the 5 key questions you have to ask yourself before creating each new Facebook Ads Campaign.”

So, let’s go – one by one.

G stands for GOAL. The Question: What is my #1 goal?

Mars reminds you numerous times throughout the book that you can’t have a successful Facebook campaign if you don’t have a single, clearly defined and focused objective. It can be increasing traffic or purchases, increasing the number of app downloads, or creating awareness of your new product.

Either way – it needs to be one. Focusing on more than one goal severely limits your chances for success. On the contrary, directing all of your attention to say, increased signups, will result in many beneficial side effects.

R stands for RESULTS. The Question: What results do I have to achieve to be satisfied with the campaign?

If you’ve ever watched some sports event, you know that the appointing of a new manager is always related to expectations. You can’t expect miracles – so there are managers who are anticipated to win the league, and others who are merely required to build a good team for the future.

So, even before starting a Facebook campaign, write down which outcome should satisfy you.

A stands for AUDIENCE. The Question: Who is my target audience?

This one should be an obvious one. You don’t want an advertising campaign directed at the wrong audience, right? Just think how bad it would look like if you advert your meat products to a vegan!

Facebook has a large array of tools you can use to target the right audience. Be specific. Neither too broad, nor too narrow.

B stands for BUDGET. The Question: What’s my budget?

Of course, you should be realistic when it comes to money. Earning more than you invest is not something which will happen right away. Fortunately, Mars has the ultimate budgeting system – which goes by the name “20/30/50” – and you need no more than $20 to get it under way!

For our intents and purposes, we’ll suppose that you have $500 for your advertising campaign.

First, you start by investing 20% of it – so $100 – for the initial campaign. Of course, you need to have the ads developed beforehand.

Then, once that budget runs out, turn of the lower performing ads, and invest 30% of the initial budget ($150) in the other ones.

Finally, it’s time to narrow down your audience via Facebook powerful optimizing tools. Analyze the data and see where your ads got the best response. And spend the rest of your budget – 50% or, in our case, $250 – to fund the rest of the campaign.

No, we didn’t forget the 2 above GRAB. That’s one more B for you.

B stands for BRAND. The Question: What’s my brand voice?

This one’s for you to ponder. You can’t be successful if you’re like the rest: most of them fail. You have to be different.

And using the GRAB2 model will make you different than about 90% of the Facebook ad creators. And, very probably, more successful than as many.

Key Lessons from “Facebook Ads Manual”

1.      Setting Up a Facebook Ad Campaign? Try the GRAB2 Model!
2.      Budget Your Campaign Using the 20/30/50 Rule
3.      Don’t Be an Advertiser – Be a Friend

Setting Up a Facebook Ad Facebook Campaign? Try the GRAB2 Model!

Mojca Mars provides an easy step-by-step tutorial for everybody who has never tried – or hasn’t been successful in trying – Facebook Ads. It’s a 5-phase process called the GRAB2 Model.

The G stands for Goal – which is what you must have before doing anything (not just a Facebook Ad campaign). The R stands for Results – which are essential to have in mind from the start so that you know whether your campaign is successful or not.

Next, the A stands for Audience: target the right one. The first B stands for Budge – use the ultimate budgeting method explained in our second key lesson. Finally, the second B stands for Brand – build it, if you don’t want to be muffled by the noisy advertising world out there.

Budget Your Campaign Using the 20/30/50 Rule

Your budget will be vital to your campaign. That’s why – use it smartly. Mars’ strategy works great.

First, you invest 20% of your budget in the ad campaign you believe should work. After a while, you check the data and invest 30% of your initial budget only in the best-performing ads.

After that budget runs out as well, you analyze the response of the audience, and invest the rest of your money (50%) in advertising only for the most interested people.

Don’t Be an Advertiser – Be a Friend

But, how should your ads look like?

Well, have in mind that people don’t use Facebook to be bombarded with apps. They use it to catch up with friends and read interesting stuff. Use this to your benefit: make your ads look much more like friendly updates than product-pushing commercials.

Use videos (Facebook autoplays them) and faces (people are more attracted to them; after all – it is Facebook!). Finally, use Canva – it’s easy to learn and even easier to use.

And it will save you money – because you won’t need to pay someone to design an ad for you!

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“Facebook Ads Manual” Quotes

The guys with the big bucks don’t always win. The smart ones do, no matter the budget. Click To Tweet Your #1 goal could be anything from creating awareness for your new product, increasing traffic to your blog post, getting new subscribers, increasing purchases of your product or even increasing the number of app downloads. Click To Tweet Before creating every campaign, write down a specific outcome you would be satisfied with. That will enable you to track the course of the campaign and modify it a little bit to reach or surpass those results. Click To Tweet It’s a beautiful paradox: When you blend in, you actually stand out for your audience. Users don’t visit facebook.com to watch ads; they come to see what their friends are doing. Click To Tweet Here’s the harsh truth - the vast majority of Facebook Ads you see every day are too promotional and totally lack a unique brand voice. Click To Tweet

Our Critical Review

As its title neatly suggests, “Facebook Ads Manual” is about those who want to reach a wider audience via the most popular social networking site. You may think that it’s something you already know how to do it, but once you read this book, you’ll probably realize that you’ve been doing it wrong all the time.

Because like everything else in marketing, Facebook advertising is also based on having a well-thought-out strategy. So, read “Facebook Ads Manual” – and learn the most efficient one.

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