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Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas Quotes

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Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas QuotesA Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream

“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” is a novel with a catchy title, catchy style, catchy plot, and even catchier origins.

The story’s roots find their way all their way back to the two trips the author Hunter S. Thompson made to las vegas.

At the time Thomson was covering a story about the Mexican-American tv journalists, that the LA County Sheriff’s Department had killed and was using Acosta, a Mexican-American attorney, and as they passed some time together they realized that it is quite tricky for a brown-skinned Mexican like Acosta to speak openly with a white journalist in LA.

The atmosphere there was tense when it came to racial questions, so needing some time and space for themselves so that they can discuss all matters freely.

This trip became central to the story Thompson first started out as a 2500 word manuscript. But then, he developed it into a novel-length story.

In order to fill up the story, he and Acosta went on a second trip to Las Vegas where they tried to find experiences that would allow them to feel the American Dream, which Thompson imagined to be the topic of the second part of the book.

The results from these trips were first published in the Rolling Stone magazine, and the hardcover edition follows next year.

The story basically starts out the same: journalist Raoul Duke and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo go to Las Vegas to cover a motorcycle race for a magazine.

However, the purpose for which they are there is continuously blurred by different recreational drugs. The list of drugs is long, and it includes ether, cocaine, LSD, alcohol, cannabis, and mescaline.

Spending so much time under influence, their days become bizarre, and they experience a series of hallucinogenic events.

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