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Launch Summary – Jeff Walker

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Launch SummaryMicroSummary: “Launch” is a book focused on the individual entrepreneur who wants to start his business in the digital product market with few features or change the way his current business is going, to empower them. As Jeff Walker himself points out, the book is not a guide for anyone who wants to set up technology or software startups, but for a person who has mastered an area of knowledge and wants to transform their lifestyle by creating a community of contacts and customers interested in this experience. If you have this profile, the book is a must-have for transforming the way you deliver your knowledge to people. In the Launch Formula, Jeff reveals to you, how many entrepreneurs have turned their knowledge of various areas (from internet tennis lessons to knowledge about herbal medicines) into millions of dollars. According to Jeff, his Launch Formula method has already generated more than $ 500 million in revenue for his customers. 

An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

The Launch Formula is based on the principle that you need to leave the market so engaged with your product that your potential customers practically beg for you to sell to them even before the product launches.

“Launch Summary”


Like many of you, Jeff Walker never got into the corporate market. After some time working in a large corporation, he chose to stay at home taking care of his children while his wife worked to provide for the family.

Working from home with just one computer and his knowledge of the financial market, Jeff started making money through a newsletter focused on the investment market.

Realizing that his methods worked and could help many people, over the years, he developed a “recipe” to launch new products and generate more money in short time that changed his life and allowed him to have financial independence and eventually generate more than 20 million dollars only in sales of his method.


If you want to put into practice the principles of the Launch Formula, it is really necessary to create an email list. A responsive list ensures your ability to generate revenue on demand.

Email lists are much more powerful than social media or other forms of contacts because you have direct access to your subscriber’s inbox, you are allowed to contact them.

To generate a good list, you need to understand how to create squeeze pages (pages that offer a free incentive, in exchange for the visitor’s email) and to generate traffic to these pages.

To create a responsive list, you must always create interactions with your readers, solicit feedback, and share valuable content.

You can generate traffic to your squeeze pages and thus generate a stronger email list through partnerships, social networking and advertising in the most diverse online advertising tools.

The only thing more powerful than a list of emails interested in your knowledge is a list of customers. People who have already bought their products have high potential to buy again and generate even greater financial returns.


There are several mental triggers that make people want to buy your products and be influenced by your business. Know some of the main ones:

  • Authority: If someone perceives you as an authority in your area, they are interested in hearing your opinion. If you get authority, you’re halfway to being heard.
  • Trust: It’s not enough to know a lot about a subject and be an authority. You have to be trustworthy and honor your promises. Build trust if you want people to believe what they hear from you.
  • Reciprocity: If you offer something of value to someone, they feel the need to give you something in return. Using this “gratitude” is also a powerful trigger and people will feel the need to return their generosity.
  • Community: When you feel part of a group, people tend to follow decisions and opinions of that group. Creating a community is something powerful because everyone wants to feel owners, builders of something bigger.
  • Anticipation: When someone feels something is coming, they’re curious and anxious, and this ensures that you have your audience’s attention. Creating anticipation before a release is critical to success.
  • Conversation: Most people are more interested in what they say than in what other people say. So creating a conversation and “listening” to your audience will help you succeed and get away from the traditional monologue of traditional marketing where people receive business messages but are not heard.
  • Social Proof: People can respect you for your knowledge, but a powerful way to broaden your authority is to show social proof that you truly are an authority on the subject. Use customer testimonials and success stories to ensure you have your social proof. Take a ride on the credibility of others who believe in you.


The sales letter (or the sales page, in the digital world) has always been a traditional tool used by many sellers. It consists of great content (in some cases up to 10 pages) focused exclusively on convincing the reader to buy your product.

For pre-release content, Jeff Walker proposes that the new sales letter should be divided, distributed over time, gaining consent in stages.

You need to attract attention and give something of value to your potential customer instead of just “trying to close the sale”. Instead of thinking about ten pages, Jeff proposes to think of this content distributed in ten days, during the pre-launch.

Imagine that you divide this material into three different parts.

On the first day you would send the first part, on the third day the second part and on the seventh day, you send the third part, creating anticipation for the launch on the tenth day.

During this time, you are gradually persuading your reader to learn more about your product by offering interesting, free, and relevant content so that it is educated to buy naturally at launch.

In general, the first piece of content boils down to describing the opportunity for transformation. If you are teaching your reader to invest better, for example, the benefit to be communicated in this letter is that:

  • He will have more money;
  • She will have more control over his life;
  • He and his family will feel more secure;

In the second part of the content, the focus will be directed to your authority and the creation of a community.

Offer more valuable, informative, educational content and get the reader to participate in your community, leaving a comment, responding to your email, etc.

It is also important to create anticipation. The reader needs to know that something is coming, and this part of the letter should arouse his/her curiosity.

In the third part, the third contact is the moment where the tension shows up. The reader already respects his authority, feels part of his community and has great anticipation for what is to come.

That is a great time to use your social proof and testimonials to help convince the reader and create even more anticipation.

The role of this communication is to generate even more value and leave the reader so interested that by the time you launch it and open the shopping cart to accept orders, it is ready to buy immediately.

If you hit it right at your pre-launch and follow this recipe, you’ll be able to activate your tribe to make sure its launch is a success.


You’ve created an interesting product, made a successful pre-launch sequence and created a list of thousands of people interested in the product.

Now it’s time to get ready to start selling. Before launch, test your purchase page, your cart, make sure all the steps in your purchase process work.

Create an exclusive offer for a limited time (from 24 hours to 7 days), creating a sense of urgency for the buyer and ensuring that you can communicate with people via email within this time frame.

Prepare an email for your list that deals with anticipation, spell out the value proposition of your product, and create the immediate need through some limited time incentive.

During the launch, always follow the feedbacks, emails and, of course, the sales of your product.

Get ready for traffic spikes and make sure your servers are available. Before “cart closing” or the end of your exclusive offer for pre-launch followers, please email reminding them the offer ends at a set time.


To make a seed launch, you need to compile a small list of people very interested in something you master. Use social networks, your contacts, and other distribution channels to start this list, of course, with the permission of everyone.

Once you have a list of a few hundred people, engage with them and find out: What are their doubts? What are their passions?

Invite them to co-create the product with you. This initial set of people tend to be very much like you, so it’s even possible to be even closer to the language of your emails.

When making a seed launch, it is also necessary to prepare for future launches. That is the foundation of a long-term relationship with your customers so it is essential to think about how your current product will grow your list and generate more opportunities for future sales.


This release is a release for more experienced people, and Jeff Walker himself claims to have generated more than a million dollars in sales in a single hour using this technique.

A Joint Venture launch, or just JV, needs affiliate partners who are commissioned and fire their mailing lists for their landing page, helping you to generate more results.

It is very important to develop a list of partners who have listings of thousands of emails to maximize your launch results.


You have a special knowledge and want to share it with the world. The purpose of Jeff’s Formula is to help you get this idea out of the paper.

That’s why Jeff’s top advice to anyone who’s starting out is to understand the underlying motive of your business (as well as generating money).

Why do you need to set up this business and share it with the world? Without a purpose, genuine products, happy customers or great sales success are not created.

For Jeff, you need to have a real reason before you create a product so that you can attract customers that you enjoy working with and want to build long-term relationships and reputation in your market.

Another important advice is: become a perpetual student, developing your market and your authority, always maintaining a human touch.

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“Launch” Quotes

At its heart, Product Launch Formula is made up of sequences, stories, and triggers. Click To Tweet If you want to make your business and your marketing memorable, then your marketing needs to tell a story. Click To Tweet Making the right decisions around that opportunity cost is one of the biggest factors in the success of your business. Click To Tweet The world has changed, and the only true security is your ability to create value and get paid for that value. Click To Tweet Opening a dialogue with your potential clients is an example of what I call “the shot across the bow,” and it’s a great way to start your prelaunch campaign. Click To Tweet


For you to become a knowledge and entrepreneur through Launch Formula, simply follow some essential principles and have the passion for what you want to share with the world: Before you begin, know that:

  • There are great products on the market that have not had the deserved visibility for lack of a community and an efficient launch strategy;
  • Owning a responsive email list is like a license to print money. Have a tribe to communicate through email marketing;
  • A list of customers or people who have already bought something from you is even more valuable than a mailing list;
  • Build your community early, validate your ideas and start the conversation around your product before it even launches;
  • Develop your knowledge to create your community, be an expert and make people want to hear you; Offer value, give people something, before asking them to buy something. Do not be afraid to open some of your content for free to your potential customers;
  • A launch consists of the following steps: Pre Launch, cart opening, cart closing;
  • Do not just think about product launches, but rather business launches, using your customer base and contacts for long-term gains;
  • The seed launch is the ideal launch type for those starting out and does not yet have a consolidated mailing list;
  • The Joint Venture launch is excellent for those who already have more experience and partnerships considerably increase your product’s reach.

Good luck!

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